7 Girls Bedroom Ideas In Pink That Keep It Subtle

by Khushi Sehra | January 4, 2024 | 6 mins read

Pink girl bedroom design ideas for your home

Want to add pink to your daughter’s bedroom without going overboard? We’ve put together the best girls pink bedroom ideas

Although a girl’s pink bedroom and blue for boys may seem cliche, there’s no denying the fact that many children love some pink in their bedrooms. The colour feels dreamy and magical. And thanks to all the Disney movies we’ve seen over the years, it instantly makes you feel as if you’ve stepped into a princess or Barbie’s room. Most people think twice and thrice before adding pink to their bedrooms lest it looks too bright, saccharine or overwhelming. However, if you want to give your little one’s bedroom the magical look and feel that pink brings, we’ve got you covered. This blog explores some stunning girls’ bedroom ideas in pink that you can take inspiration from. These designs are proof that you can use this colour without going overboard with it. 

A Pink Girl Bedroom Design Works Well When Matched With Grey And White

Creating a pink bedroom doesn’t mean that everything has to be pink — and this twin girl’s pink bedroom design is a perfect example. It uses a soft shade of pink to create an accent wall behind the bed. It also features the same tone on the furniture in the rest of the room, adding some colour and excitement to the otherwise grey, white and neutral palette. You, too, can play around with soft shades of pink so it isn’t too much on the eyes and create a bedroom that’s soothing and classy.

A combination of grey and pink girl bedroom ideas with soft shades creates an accent wall behind the bed
Add some pink to an overall neutral colour palette

Girl Bedroom Ideas With Pink Dashes To Break The Monotony

If the bedroom is nearing an all-white scheme, pink can be the perfect colour to break the monotony and add some zing. In fact, pink and white is a colour combination that never goes out of style. Here, we’ve used pink in patches across the room which retains the overall white scheme while adding a pop of colour. The study area in this room is a lively space that will motivate your kid to catch up on school work. You can complete a bedroom like this to perfection with some pink-coloured blinds, scatter cushions, artwork, quotes and showpieces that complement the pink-white scheme.

White girl's bedroom ideas with pink dashes are the perfect colour to break the monotony
Use patches of pink in an all-white bedroom
Want to know what kind of bedroom designs suits you

How Not To Go Overboard With The Colour For A Girls Pink Bedroom

This pink girl bedroom design shows that you can use this colour and fulfil your daughter’s wishes while still keeping things elegant. It features a pink-coloured headboard and uses the same shade and a lighter tone for the wardrobe. But undoubtedly, the highlight of the room is the window side. The window seat itself is a huge attraction and makes for a cosy nook in the room, but the bright pink-coloured frame is what immediately catches the eye.

Girl's pink bedroom features a pink-coloured headboard and wardrobe with window seating
The right amount of pink can uplift a room

Corals Is A Great Choice For Girls Bedroom Ideas In Pink

The good thing about pink is that it comes in various shades. So, even if you’re not a fan of bright pink, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to abandon your little girl’s dream of a pink bedroom. You can almost always find a shade that will leave your daughter in awe while suiting your needs — and coral pink is one such option worth considering. A subtle and soothing colour, coral pink can instantly infuse life into a room and amp up its aesthetic appeal. The colour of the wall in this bedroom is undoubtedly attractive, but the tasteful use of patterns on the table lamp shade and chair also contribute to making the room look modern.

Coral pink bedroom ideas for little girls infuse life into a room and amp up its aesthetic appeal
Coral pink adds warmth to spaces

Who Said A Girls Pink Bedroom Should Have Only One Colour?

Instead of using just one colour in your kid’s bedroom, you can get a little creative and use more. This way, you’ll create a playful yet smart-looking bedroom which is sure to attract everyone. Here, we used a blush pink colour for the wall, but instead of going for the same colour or other basic ones, we used white and a beautiful pastel green for the wardrobe. And the result — a classy bedroom with soothing colours.

Girl's pink bedroom with white and pastel green wardrobe creates a playful yet smart-looking bedroom
Complement light pink with pastel shades

Make A Pink Girl Bedroom Design Stand Out With An Accent Wall

This classy pink girl bedroom design is neither too cutesy nor too mature, making it a perfect choice for young princesses. The best part is that it doesn’t go all out with pink or use it everywhere. All we’ve done here is create a pink accent wall to provide the perfect colour block and balance the room’s white and brown palette. For a room like this, you can even choose to keep the decor minimum since the room looks complete in itself. All in all, this design can help you fulfil your daughter’s wish for a pink bedroom while creating a room she’ll not grow out of in just a few years.

A pink girl bedroom designed with a pink accent wall balances the room’s white and brown palette
This bedroom is a perfect mix of fun and elegance
Turn your bedroom into your personal theatre

Keep A Girls Pink Bedroom Minimalistic By Adding Just A Few Pops

Pink walls, cabinets, headboards, window panes — they’re all great. But if you’re someone who wants to add just a tiny dose of pink to your child’s bedroom, then this grey-and-pink bedroom design is for you. The bedroom, on the whole, has a grey colour palette. But thanks to the skilful use of pink in the pendant lights, pillows and decor, the grey doesn’t overpower or give the room a dull and gloomy feel. The final result is a stylish-looking bedroom that is sure to excite your child when she’s young and continue being relevant as she grows up.

Grey and pink girl bedroom idea with a tiny dose of pink on pillow and bedsheet
Pink and grey is a smart colour combination

These 7 girls’ bedroom ideas in pink prove that you can incorporate pink into your daughter’s room without the colour overwhelming or putting you off. That said, using pink in bedrooms is tricky and can quickly go wrong — which is why we recommend taking an expert’s help. Book a call with our designers today so you can bring the best vision of your child’s room to life!

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