Your Guide To Selecting The Right Curtain Colour For Pink Walls

by Henna Achhpal | January 26, 2024 | 4 mins read

Curtains for pink walls

The tricky affair of picking curtains for pink walls of different shades made easy

Curtains can do more than just their functional use of keeping the light out in the day and prying eyes out at night. When selected right, curtains are as much a part of the decor of a room as any other designer accessory. Apart from the type of material for curtains, you also have to decide the colour. In large part, the colour of your curtains will depend on the colour you have on the walls. Picking curtains for pink walls can be tricky at times since pink is a statement colour with a bold personality. So, here’s a guide to choosing the right curtain colour for the pink walls in your home.

Matching Curtains For Pink Walls To Blend In

When you have a beautiful accent wall with a statement-making shade of pink like this bubblegum pink colour, you wouldn’t want to take attention away from the fancy wall. In such a case, it will be best for you to go for matching curtains for pink walls. Match the shade of your curtains to the wall to give the overall room a neat and cohesive look.

Matching curtains for pink walls to blend in for textured fabric
Go for textured fabric if you’re matching the curtains

Create Drama With A Contrast Curtain Colour For Pink Walls

The sheer curtains in light blue sit in contrast to the bright pink walls of this living room. The opposing effect of the colours lends a dramatic look and feel to the space. It’s also a good idea to go for a sheer fabric and light curtain colour for dark pink walls like these. This way, the wall remains the room’s focal point.

Create drama with a contrast curtains for light pink walls
Light curtain colours match well with dark pink walls

A Soothing Ambience With Pastel Curtains For Light Pink Walls

If you have light pink colour paint on the walls, you were probably aiming to achieve a soothing environment for your room. Pastel curtains for light pink walls is a good way to continue the theme you were going for. This room has curtains in a lighter shade of pink than on the walls, paired with cream coloured curtains.

A soothing ambience with pastel curtain color for pink walls
Cream and pastel pink is a calming combination

Making It Work With Light Pink Curtains For Light Pink Walls

The walls in this living room have alternate paint colours of white and peachy pink giving it an elegant and sophisticated look. On the wall with white paint, sheer curtains in a light pink adorn the windows and keep the decor uniform. This is a great hack to make it work when you want light pink curtains for light pink walls.

Making it work with light pink curtains for pink colour wall
Alternate wall paint shades need matching curtains

Subtle Touch With Pale Curtains For Pink Walls In Neon

With a bold neon pink on the walls like this, it’s best to stick with a subtle and pale colour for the curtains so that they blend into the room. Everything else in this living room too — from the door to the sofa, armchair and table lamp — sit on the edges of the colour palette to allow the neon pink wall to stand out.

Subtle touch with pale curtains for pink walls in neon
Balance neon pink walls with pale colour curtains

These pictures will help you get an idea of which colour curtains for pink walls look the best based on the shade of pink you have on the walls in your home. Light coloured, pastel and cream curtains for light pink walls are usually the best combination and so are matching curtains for pink walls. Consider getting a sheer curtain colour for dark pink walls so that the room doesn’t look too busy. The point to remember is that curtains for pink walls should complement the shade on the walls instead of grabbing all the attention.

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