Kids’ Bedroom Furniture Buying Guide: 6 Useful Tips For Parents

by Pallabi Bose | January 23, 2024 | 5 mins read

Kids’ Bedroom Furniture Buying Guide

Here’s everything you need to know about selecting furniture for your kid’s bedroom.

Decorating a kid’s bedroom is every parent’s dream project. Whether you are decorating the nursery while waiting for your baby to be born or renovating the room for your toddler or pre-teen, decorating a kid’s room is a whole new ball game. For the interior design of an adult’s room, the sky is the limit. You can experiment with any type of furniture, traditional, risqué, or a refreshing mix of old and modern. However, choosing kids’ room furniture often leaves many parents in a stupor.

Keep in mind these four thumb rules while decorating your little one’s abode.

Rules for kids bedroom furniture

Check out these six tips to make you an expert at selecting kiddie furniture.

Consider The Height While Selecting Kids’ Bedroom Furniture

Imagine struggling to take your clothes out of your cupboard as a three-footer. That’s what your kids feel if the height of the furniture is adult-sized. Therefore, while shopping for furniture for kids, you must select the ones that would be easy for your little ones to reach and access daily. Avoid mounting shelves very high. The chest of drawers should be selected based on the user’s height. And chairs should be age appropriate.

Kids bedroom furniture height
The furniture’s height must be kid-friendly

Prefer Multifunctional Furniture For Your Kids’ Room

If space is a luxury for you, multifunctional furniture is your saviour. This applies to your kids’ room especially. For instance, if a piece of furniture can double up as a wardrobe and study table, imagine how much floor space you can save! And in the kids’ room, floor space is essential for them to play comfortably. Hence, opt for kids’ designer bedroom furniture that is modular. You can also consider beds that have built-in storage or bookshelves with hidden storage. Take a cue from the bedroom shown below.

Multifunctional Kids room furniture
Save floor space with multifunctional furniture

Customise Kids’ Room Furniture To Include Activities

Activities are important for your kid’s holistic growth. But amid the day full of class, tuition, and extra-curricular classes, your kid perhaps can carve out half an hour to one hour to go to a park and play. So, if you can customise your kids’ bedroom furniture to include some activity that would be heaven for them! For instance, in the bedroom shown in the image below, we have built a bed that doubles as a rock climbing wall. Or you can convert a boring blank wall into a rock climbing wall cost-effectively by drilling in some holds.

Customise kids’ room furniture
Bedroom furniture that boosts your kids’ growth

Choose Furniture Designs That Can Last Years

They say when you have kids, time flies. Rightfully so. Kids grow up very quickly and outgrow any baby furniture, clothes, or toys you may have bought. So, it’s a good idea to invest in items that can last years. Yes, durability is important, as well as the aesthetics of the furniture. Instead of investing a ton in colourful furniture in animated designs that your baby will outgrow, select items in neutral tones and teen-friendly design. 

For inspiration, look at the image below. The bed, the side table, and the bookshelf-cum-chest of the drawer all are adult-friendly designs and neutral colours like white, blue, and burnt red. This way, when your kids grow up and their taste changes, you can just invest minimally in the bedding and soft furnishing.

Choose kids furniture designs that last years
Invest in neutral designs and colours
Plan a fun kids bedroom design with our complete home interiors

Ensure The Safety Of Your Newborn With High-Rail Wooden Furniture

You can arrange the nursery for your baby in any style you choose, but remember, it is ultimately just another room in your home. So, it should blend in with the rest of the aesthetics and décor. The crib, baby rocker, changing tables, everything should have guard rails. At the same time, it should also be a pleasant space for adults to spend time in. Opt for a comfy lounge chair or a rocking chair for nursing and ample storage to keep everything in order and within reach. 

High-rail wooden furniture for kids to ensure safety
Safety is paramount for kids’ bedroom furniture

Space-Saving Bedroom Furniture For Your Twins

When you have twins, most parents go for either the same old metal bunk beds or two single beds. But, have you given any thought to your twin’s personality while designing their bedroom? They can be twins with completely opposite personalities and likes! Their spaces should also reflect that. But not everyone can indeed afford to have two separate bedrooms for twins.

That’s where customised modular kids’ bedroom furniture comes in handy. If you have high ceilings, you can use the height to your advantage and build a customised bunk bed with ample space for them to personalise. Guardrails on the top bunk ensure your kid is safe up there. A bookshelf with a hidden compartment and a pull-out study desk saves valuable floor space and ensures there are separate shelves for each of them. It can be tucked away when not in use. To add more storage space, you can consider adding drawers below the bed for your twins to store their personal belongings.

Space-saving bedroom furniture for your twins
When you have twins but only one room, get creative

Designing a kids’ bedroom is a challenging task. So, why not rope in the professionals to eliminate confusion? Book a free consultation with DesignCafe’s team of expert designers and ensure that every detail of your children’s bedroom suits their unique needs and likings. For more kids furniture ideas, check out our blog section.

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