Mahesh Juttiyavar’s Modern Eclectic 2.5 BHK Weekend Home In Dombivli

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 22, 2024 | 6 mins read

2.5bhk eclectic style home interior designer in dombivil mumbai

Let’s take a tour of this eclectic 2.5BHK holiday home of Mahesh Juttiyavar. Design Cafe executed the ideas of the family to create their perfect abode.

Weekends are for fun, family and friends. And that’s exactly what our client, Mahesh Juttiyavar feels. Instead of struggling to have a chill time at fancy weekend getaway destinations, Mahesh and his family wanted a weekend home to take a break from their busy weekly schedule. They wanted their 2.5BHK home in Lodha Palava Urbano, located in the suburbs of Dombivli, to reflect a cheerful, modern home suitable for Mr and Mrs Juttiyavar as well as their 10-year-old son, Shuban. They wanted their weekend home to be the perfect vacation place where all three of them can enjoy family time. Therefore, the Design Cafe’s team came up with concepts for their home’s interiors to imbibe fun without compromising on comfort.

With holiday time as the epicentre of the design concept our team of designers designed their home to look like a home-resort. They incorporated modern furniture choices and uncluttered layout for their home.

Let’s see how the Design Cafe team transformed Mahesh’s 2.5BHK holiday home into a dreamy weekend escape that the family always wanted.

An Uber-Cool Comfortable Living Room

Here’s a sleek living room design that is perfect to relax and enjoy some family time. This airy brown and beige living room comes with a brown leatherette recliner sofa for three. It is a perfect choice seating where Mahesh, his wife and son can sit comfortably together and watch their favourite movie. The living room’s highlight has to be the wall-length floating TV unit with handleless white laminate storage cabinets. The modular but stylish TV unit mounts on a marble wall that amps up the aesthetics of the living room. The other wall in the room has been designed with brick cladding for a feel of the outdoors. The living area opens to a beautiful balcony setup that lends an organic flavour to the space. While the balcony contributes to the room’s natural brightness it is also designed with elegant ceiling light fixtures and a chandelier that keeps the place bright and glazing even in the evenings. To break the monotony of brown and beige the other end of the living room opens up to a bright and peppy foyer area with a comfortable sofa in black. This area also has a compact foyer unit with a pop of blue and yellow and ample storage to showcase artefacts and books. Overall, this living room imbues warm and friendly interiors where you can sit back, relax or even entertain guests and hosts house parties!

Modern eclectic style living room design in in dombivil mumbai with a TV unit, sofa, brick cladding and ceiling light looks elegant.

A Traditional Rustic Kitchen Design

The kitchen is one of the most important aspects of home interiors, especially when you love cooking your own food. Therefore, for the Juttiyavar family, we thought of coming up with a modern, clean design kitchen where they can prepare their meals and enjoy their weekends. Mahesh’s family loves rustic design ideas, so, we thought of amalgamating a rustic look with some modern functional design solutions that are perfect for this millennial family. Thus the traditional rustic kitchen interiors are intersected with modern twists to build a combination of textured and high gloss laminate kitchen setup. One of the highlights of this kitchen design is the slider unit on the wall above the granite platform that adds more storage in this compact kitchen. It also gives a contemporary edge to the entire setup. The kitchen exhibits the perfect balance of glossy matt finishes and pure granite top that are easy to clean and hence work great for kitchen interiors.

Parallel kitchen designed in dombivil mumbai with minimal style and high gloss laminate looks rustic home interior designer in Mumbai.

A Peppy Bedroom Design For The Kid’s Bedroom

Mahesh and his wife were pretty clear about their kid’s bedroom design. They wanted a comfortable and peppy bedroom for their son where he can study and indulge in his hobbies. Also, their son always wanted a bunk bed. Therefore, our designers took the mission in their hands to create the perfect, dreamy bedroom for Shuban with the most comfortable bunk bed ever! The room, therefore, has a spunky bunk bed designed with a ladder. To add a personal touch to the bedroom our team of designers used the kid’s name on a nameplate on the bunk bed. The bunk bed makes good use of space and our designers planned a big-sized study table that fits right below the bunk bed. The study table comes with storage on both the sides so when required the parents can also use it as a home office. This bedroom also comes with a sleek wardrobe with large storage drawers to house all the toys and sports kits to keep the space uncluttered and spacious. The bedroom design emphasises on arranging the bed and table setup in such a way so that the place gets the maximum supply of sunlight.

The small kid's bedroom has a bunk bed with a study table in minimal design in dombivil mumbai

An Overall Quirky Home Design

On the whole, Mahesh’s 2.5BHK holiday home is nothing but an exemplar of a modern, quirky and vibrant home with a relaxing vibe to the family. It is created to meet the needs and lifestyle of the family while incorporating innovative design elements to surprise them. The place echoes a contemporary, cutting-edge design setup that plays with the right colour palette to give the place a mix of leisure and elegance for an ideal holiday home. It’s one of a kind of a place where you get to relax and bond with your family, away from hustle and bustle of a metropolitan city. So, keeping the family at the centre, Design Cafe redefined holidaying at home with this 2.5BHK abode with extra scoops of love, care and hopefulness. The Juttiyavar family have the best weekends at home.

If you want us to create a similar fun and warm holiday home for you too, get in touch with us today!

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