Top 10 Types Of Italian Marble for your home?

by Noopur Lidbide | August 28, 2023 | 6 mins read

Types of italian marble for your home

Explore Italian marble design options for your home

What Is Italian Marble? What Makes It Special?

Italy is world-famous for the marble it extracts and produces, and it has deep associations with works of greats like Michelangelo and Donatello. Italy is the first nation to have perfectly decoded the quarrying and refining process that comes into play. Their skilled artisans produce marble as no other place does, and this makes Italian marble special.

Why Should You Pick Italian Marble For Your Home?

Italian marble is considered to be of superior quality due to the value of production put behind it. The marble is beautiful, pure and highly durable, and many heritage structures in Italy are a testament to the fact.

Italian marble stones, whether you use them for the flooring, wall cladding or surface tops, are durable and add a touch of luxury to your home. Plus, each marble slab is unique since it carries elements of its geographical aspects in its design.

Italian Marble Vs Indian Marble

The critical differences between Italian and Indian marble are due to three factors:

  • Appearance: Italian marble has a distinct lustrous sheen, whereas Indian marble has comparatively less lustre.
  • Durability: Indian marble slabs are thicker than Italian marble slabs, and they are harder in comparison. An Italian marble slab may develop hairline cracks over a period of time due to its relative softness, although it entirely depends upon how you are using it.
  • Installation And Cost: Italian marble tends to cost more than Indian marble since it’s imported and of superior quality. The installation work also needs to be done by skilled craftsmen.

Now, here’s a collection of the top 10 most stunning types of Italian marble available in India.

Black Marquina Looks Great For The Kitchen Counter

The top-notch quality of coloured marble among different types of Italian marble, the Black Marquina usually comes with white veins. It looks rich and velvety and has many applications in flooring  — most commonly used for the kitchen and living rooms in India.

The Black Marquina costs approximately  ₹320 per square foot.

Italian marble named black marquina looks great for kitchen counter
Luxurious Italian marble options for your home, served on a platter
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Botticino Classic Is The Type Of Italian Marble That Looks Great For Flooring

Botticino derives its name from a town of the same name where the marble is quarried. This beautiful beige marble with natural brown veins is a classic choice for flooring or even wall cladding.

Botticino classic is the type of italian marble that looks great for flooring
A classic beige Botticino is great for common areas in your home

The Botticino Classic costs approximately between ₹380 and ₹425 per square foot.

The Dark Emperador Has A Unique And Interesting Pattern

The Dark Emperador variety of Italian marble has a distinct brown colour (which itself makes it quite interesting!). The versatile type of Italian marble is perfect for bathroom flooring and wall design. The marble slabs have really fun patterns, which adds another dimension to any interior space where the marble goes in.

The dark emperador marble has a unique and interesting pattern
The Dark Emperador marble is unique from the word go

The Dark Emperador costs approximately ₹300 per square foot.

Grey William Type Of Italian Marble Is For Sophisticated Spaces

Grey William is made for modern spaces that are subtle in their sophistication. The grey coloured variety of Italian marble is perfect for use in the living room or foyer floors and walls.

Grey William Italian marble for sophisticated spaces
You can use Grey William marble for a living room in the neutral colour palette

The Grey William costs approximately ₹450 per square foot.

We Love Light Emperador For The Bedroom Floor

The Light Emperador variety of Italian marble has a light and sophisticated brown base colour with beige veins. It is mainly used for flooring in home interiors. We particularly love how this type of Italian marble brings a sense of personalisation to a space like a bedroom.

Light emperador for the bedroom floor
Italian marble with a depth of design, the Light Emperador is an excellent choice for flooring

The Light Emperador costs approximately ₹170 per square foot.

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Rosso Verona For The Living Room Feels Like Old Wine In A New Bottle

A type of red Italian marble with brown veins, the Rosso Verona reminds us of homely houses from the early ’90s. A preferred choice for indoor flooring, you can also use this variety of marble for wall cladding, bathroom flooring and walls, etc.

Rosso verona, italian marble for the living room
This living room feels warm and welcoming with the red marble flooring

The Rosse Verona costs approximately between ₹180 and ₹700 per square foot.

Royal Diana Marble Tiles Are Apt For The Bedroom Floor

The name itself speaks of luxury. We like the sheer premium feel of the Royal Diana among different types of Italian marble. It is most suited for flooring applications. This splendid master bedroom design looks even more luxurious thanks to the marble flooring.

Italian marble called Royal Diana are apt for the bedroom floor
A luxury bedroom deserves luxury flooring like the Royal Diana marble tiling

The Royal Diana costs approximately between ₹200 and ₹800 per square foot.

The Silver Portoro Is Stunningly Galactic

Don’t you love the sophistication that black-coloured marble brings in interior design? The Silver Portoro reminds us of a galaxy far away. It has a significant effect when applied as wall cladding, and the silver veins add a beautiful touch to your space.

Italian marble silver portoro is stunningly galactic
Minimal isn’t boring with the Silver Portoro Italian marble

The Silver Portoro costs approximately, starting at ₹180 per square foot.

It Doesn’t Get More Luxurious Than The Statuario Marble

A beautiful white type of Italian marble with grey veins, the Statuario is one of the most expensive and sought-after varieties. This luxurious bathroom with Statuario walls makes us want to indulge in a relaxing bath right away!

Statuario Italian Marble that adds luxurious look
The pristine Statuario marble is the epitome of luxury

The Statuario costs approximately between ₹500 and ₹3,000  per square foot.

Keep It Minimal With Travertine Marble For The Floor

Travertine for the living room floor is a cost-effective option if you want luxury on a budget. The colour and texture of this type of Italian marble help in creating a look of understated sophistication.

Travertine italian marble for the floor
Travertine makes this simple living room design look classy!

The Travertine costs approximately between ₹250 – ₹500  per square foot.

If you are going for marble elements in your house, you better get the real deal! Choose from the different types of Italian marble available in India for your home!

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