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Kitchen Hacks And Ideas! Small Kitchen Organisation On a Budget

How to organize small kitchen on a budget

Want some seriously brilliant kitchen organisation ideas to maximise space and improve efficiency? These ideas will make your life clutter free

Nothing is more frustrating than turning an entire kitchen upside down to find one small item. We have all been there and tried to rustle up a meal amidst constant chaos! The best part of organising a small kitchen is you don’t have to shell out loads of money. And even if you do not have a large kitchen keeping it organised is easy if you follow the right processes and hacks. With these small kitchen organisation tips you can get your kitchen spick and span on a budget in no time.

Backsplash Magic To Reduce Clutter

Pots, lids and pans are the items that cause most clutter. Not only are they big and bulky, but are used frequently. This means they need a place of their own if you want your kitchen to stay tidy. The easiest way to keep them organised is to drill a hook onto your backsplash and hang all your pots, towels, spatulas, and cooking spoons. Why waste an empty wall? Use it smartly with this storage hack and see how your kitchen goes from messy to neat in seconds!

Small kitchen organisation with backsplash to reduce clutter
Another alternative way is to buy magnetic strips to stick metal utensils or cutlery

Floating Shelves To The Rescue

If you have wall space but not enough room for cabinetry then floating shelves are the next best storage option. Add a pair of floating shelves like in this image here. Open shelves bring in additional storage space and lets you keep items at easy access. All your frequently used jars and crockery are now visible and you won’t have to open and close cabinets to find things in a hurry. This idea is perfect for busy working professionals who have rushed mornings.

Small kitchen organisation with floating shelves in the kitchen to display
Add multiple floating shelves in the kitchen to display your collection of dishware or other cookware
Looking for Modular Kitchen Interiors

Invest In A Multi-Purpose Rack

Investing in a rack is a good idea as it can save you tons of space. If you have an empty wall in your kitchen but no pantry then this is the ideal solution for you. Racks and open shelving provide a great design bringing in much needed functionality. It looks stylish and you can keep many utensils and condiments here. Huge pots can go at the bottom, display your chinaware and other cooking pots on the open shelves. And the best part is you don’t have to deal with sliding doors or any obstruction of any kind.

Small kitchen organization ideas with a multi-purpose rack
You can pull out your go-to frying pan for your morning breakfast without any obstacle with a multipurpose rack

Pullout Pantry For Easy Access And Storage

Pullout pantry is great space savers and is perfect for organising small kitchens. Many feel pullout pantries are old fashioned and impractical, however, this is not the case. But the truth is, you can give your pantry a modern makeover. Here is where you can store your spices, dry food items, oils and sauces. It keeps all the essentials tucked away neatly but at easy reach.

How to organize small kitchen, pullout pantry is great space savers and perfect for organising small kitchens
Make it more interesting by adding a chalkboard so you can write the items you need or jot down the day’s menu

Bi-Fold Lift Up Shutter

A bi-fold lift up shutter is in vogue these days. It saves space and is also great for small kitchens or busy households when mornings are rushed. This design ensures there is no bumping or hurting as multiple people work in the kitchen. Here is where you can store your pretty chinaware, cups and bowls. A bi-fold shutter can help you declutter and is also a perfect place to hide away daily use plates. The image shows us you can organise your stuff better so your space looks clean and sophisticated.

Bi fold lift up  shutter will help to organise small kitchen
A bi fold lift up shutter will help organise your kitchen and make it clutter free

Give Those Corners Some Love

Corner cabinets are a great way to store pots and pans. An S-carousel as we see in this image here is ideal if you have a small kitchen. This helps you access dead spaces that are otherwise difficult to reach. Store  your utensils, small or big, here so it is away from your countertop.

Small kitchen organisation ideas with s carousel corner cabinets
S-Carousel keeps things away from dust and lets you access dead spaces in your kitchen

We hope you loved the idea on how you to organise your kitchen on a small budget. You do not have to spend a tremendous amount of cash to make it functional and neat. These tips should get your started in the right direction.

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