Small Kitchen Organisation Ideas: Say Goodbye To Clutter With These Smart Solutions

by Pooja Dara | February 19, 2024 | 5 mins read

Small kitchen organization ideas and tips on budget

Even the smallest kitchen can be organised in a space-saving way such that it is both stylish and functional. Read our small kitchen storage ideas to get inspired. 

When you have limited space in the kitchen, you may often struggle to find what you need at the right time, thereby creating unnecessary chaos at the time of cooking. Hence, you need to make optimal use of every inch of the kitchen so that you can work efficiently and hassle-free.

Trust us, once you check out our smart small kitchen design and storage ideas like the small kitchen shelf organiser and small kitchen storage racks, you’ll know all about making your kitchen feel twice as big and keeping it spick-and-span. 

small kitchen storage ideas and How to organise a small kitchen

So, let’s dive into our small kitchen storage ideas and see which ones inspire you for your next kitchen makeover project.

Small Kitchen Storage Solution With Open And Closed Units

This small kitchen storage idea is a creative mix of open and closed storage units. The open shelves let you keep frequently-used items within arm’s reach like jams, sauces and spices. Precious China plates, dishes and mugs are stacked in a closed cabinet with a bi-fold lift-up shutter so that they are nearly invisible when not in use. It gives a streamlined and sophisticated feel to the kitchen. The pull-out storage trays help you utilise the awkward corners of the kitchen efficiently by helping you store bulkier items like appliances and pots/pans.

small kitchen storage ideas with open and closed units offers an easy-to-use experience
A pull-down table offers extra workspace
Up your kitchen organisation game with our storage ideas

A Tall Glass Pantry Is A Great Storage Idea For Small Kitchens

An integrated tall pantry with a transparent folding door is perfect for organising a small kitchen. It is quite practical because the shelves are placed at different heights to accommodate differently-sized pots, mugs and non-perishable food items. Give your kitchen a modern makeover by integrating appliances such as the oven and the microwave into your kitchen cabinet panel so that they look like a single and complete unit. Install accent lighting in the small kitchen storage cupboard so that you can clearly view the placement of the kitchen items.

How to organize a small kitchen with a tall glass pantry
Add some greenery with potted plants

Optimise Available Space In A Small Kitchen With A Side Cabinet

Doesn’t this tall cabinet on the side look unique? The interesting part of this kitchen storage cabinet is that it looks aesthetically appealing and part of the structure when the door is closed but magical and highly functional when it is opened. You can either display plates and soup bowls in there or store bottles, juice tetra packs and perishable knick-knacks. The combination of lavender and beige in the kitchen theme adds a subtle charm to the space.

small kitchen storage ideas to optimize the available space with a side cabinet
Enhance the kitchen’s beauty with a piece of art

Baskets Are A Handy Storage Solution For Small Kitchens

When organised well, designated kitchen storage units inject an element of style and elegance into the kitchen. A pair of rattan baskets are perfect for small kitchen storage. They come in handy to store produce like fresh fruits and vegetables so that they are constantly ventilated. You can easily access cooking items like spices and condiments from the open corner cabinets above, thereby saving you ample time. A small kitchen island and a ceiling-mounted glass holder will also be quite the stunner.

Small space kitchen organization with baskets are handy storage solutions
Group kitchen items into clusters for easy access

Storage Shelves With Sliding Doors In A Small Kitchen

This small kitchen storage idea of customised shelves with sliding doors does wonders for your kitchen. It does not disturb your kitchen workspace as compared to closed cabinets with pull-open doors, and also adds visual depth to the space. Transfer all your dried foods, cereals, nuts, sugar, pulses, flours, etc. into labelled transparent containers as it will make it much easier to locate what you need and you’ll also be able to see when the kitchen essentials are running low.

Small kitchen organization storage shelves with sliding doors
Follow ‘first in, first out’ method to avoid clutter
Designcafe offers home interiors with 0% gst

Kitchen Storage Idea For Small Kitchens With A Spice Rack

The easiest way to display the frequently-used kitchen spices and condiments for cooking is by using a compact spice rack or shelves set. Stacking them randomly in a cupboard without any logical order will only lead to confusion and chaos. So, this is where printed labels come to the rescue. Designate a specific shelf for specific kinds of cooking-related items for better and more effective organisation like all the oils on one shelf, tea and coffee ingredients on another shelf.

Small kitchen storage ideas with spice racks is the easiest way to display the frequently-used stuff
Use a wall-mounted holder for cooking spoons

We hope these small kitchen storage ideas will help you organise your cooking space in no time and within a reasonable budget. Contact DesignCafe if you want our expert team’s guidance to maximise space in your small kitchen. Good luck!

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