Kitchen Spice Rack Ideas For An Organised Kitchen

by Noopur Lidbide | January 29, 2024 | 4 mins read

Kitchen spice rack ideas for organized kitchen

Smart options to store your spice jars where they are handy in the kitchen

The chemistry of spices is what makes food delectable! Homeowners who run the kitchen will agree that the spices in the kitchen must be in their designated order at all times. Grabbing the jar of salt or reaching out for some more chilli powder happens mechanically, and for that one needs the spice jars to be organised and in the right place. We have found out a bunch of ways in which you can organize your secret spice weaponry in the kitchen – check it out!

Wall Mounted Kitchen Spice Rack

Some of us need our spices to be right where you can see them and access them at any point while cooking. A wall mounted stainless steel kitchen spice rack can be mounted right near the platform. These come in custom sizes and options as per your requirement. The entire wall mounted rack is dedicated to the spice bottles that are within easy access when you’re cooking.

Wall mounted kitchen spice rack dedicated to the spice bottles

Kitchen Spice Rack Stand

This is a rather easy and doable option for all you master chefs out there who want the spice bottles at an arm’s length. Now if you are one that refrains from mounting a spice rack on the wall then this one’s for you. A spice rack stand in stainless steel comes in various shapes and sizes to fit all your spices and condiments collection on the kitchen platform.

Kitchen spice rack stand in stainless steel comes in various shapes and sizes

Spice Rack In Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchens can be equipped with specially designed pull out spice racks to keep your jars and bottles perfectly organized. Alternatively, you can make use of pull out drawers to neatly store all those aromatic spices.

Spice rack in modular kitchen to keep your jars and bottles perfectly organized
Up your kitchen organisation game with our storage ideas

Kitchen Shelf As Spice Rack

For those of you who do not wish to separately invest in a kitchen spice rack, an open kitchen shelf works perfectly fine too. If you clear out the requisite space, the open shelves offer a great platform to display your spice jars and bottles and have them handy as you cook.

Kitchen shelf as spice rack to display your spice jars and bottles

Floating Wooden Shelf As Spice Rack

The salt shaker, pepper tower, paprika jar and a lot more from your spice collection can fit perfectly well on floating wooden shelves acting as the perfect spice rack. These are easy to customize, fit and maintain, and can carry all of your spices and condiments with ease.

Kitchen spice rack design with floating wooden shelf

Drawers As Kitchen Spice Rack

The topmost rung of drawers in your modular kitchen are a perfect place to organise your spice collection. Here you can stow it away after use and have them at easy access.. Pull out drawers are commonly used in Indian homes to organise spice boxes. If you use separate jars and bottles for all of your spices, you can install compartmentalised drawers to make sure that organising spices is a cakewalk.

Kitchen spice rack ideas with pull out drawers, commonly used in indian homes to organise spice boxes

Rustic Wooden Kitchen Spice Rack

Wooden spice racks that are rustic and unique in design are as beautiful as the flavour of dishes when you add the right mix of spices! This wooden stand-alone spice rack is the perfect accessory to your spice bottles and jars.

Rustic wooden kitchen spice rack is the perfect accessory to your spice bottles and jars
Kitchen cabinet design to glam up your interiors

Kitchen spice rack ideas to keep your space organised are plenty! Depending upon your budget, you have multiple options to arrange your precious collection – right from customised arrangements in modular kitchens, separate stand-alone racks, wall-mounted racks, shelves, cabinets, kitchen drawers and what not! Whichever option you choose, we know how important it is to have your spice collection organised to the T!

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