7 Must-See Bedroom Before And After Transformations By DesignCafe

by Pallabi Bose | February 29, 2024 | 6 mins read

Spruce up your bedroom with these before and after makeover ideas

These makeover ideas from Design Cafe take bedrooms from shabby to chic

Your bedroom is where you are most comfortable. It is your personal space, which should reflect your style and interests. Often, it can be hard to envision something new when you are too accustomed to it. This commonly happens while redoing your bedroom. But some inspiration can go a long way. If you think your room lacks personality and intelligent storage space, it’s time to redo it. Channel the vibe of a chic bed and breakfast into your bedroom with our makeover ideas. Take a look at these 7 incredible drab to fab master bedroom makeovers before and after, and get inspired.

A Master Bedroom Makeover Before And After That Maximises Storage

A bed, a wardrobe, side tables and a mirror, preferably a dressing table — these furniture pieces are the staple in every bedroom. But sometimes, our home needs more than just staples. For instance, in this regular yellow coloured bedroom, the owner had just the bare minimum — a basic queen-size bed, a side table and a reading light. The only source of colour in the room was the indoor plant and the pastel pink curtains. The room distinctly lacked character and style. We remodelled the room by using beige floral wallpaper. An overall beige and white colour scheme was followed in the room — from heavy drape curtains to bed and side tables. We gave the owner a multipurpose bed with hidden storage compartments. On one side, the side table has been replaced with a sleek open bookshelf. The room now looks stylish and sophisticated.

Before master bedroom makeover before and after that maximises storage
Master bedroom makeover before and after that maximises storage
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Compact Bedroom Before And After With Modular TV Unit And Shelves

When one TV unit can aesthetically elevate a room and add more storage, then we say it’s a great idea. We added a massive wall-to-wall modular TV unit to give this boring dark grey master bedroom a facelift. We removed the blackout curtains and added heavy beige and white full-length drapes to heighten the room. We gave the room a hotel-like chic look by maintaining a colour theme in furnishing, furniture and wall paint alike. We replaced the old fan with a stylish chandelier and added definition to the space. Now, picture frames, decorative plants, books and vases have their own designated areas. Gaming consoles and various remotes can all be kept hidden, thus making the bedroom look neat and uncluttered.

Before compact bedroom before and after with modular tv unit and shelves
After_compact bedroom before and after with modular tv unit and shelves
before-compact-bedroom-before-and-after-with-modular-tv-unit-and-shelves (1)
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A Master Bedroom Remodel Before And After That Looks Regal And Bright

This master bedroom had a lot of potential. Spacious room, nice false ceiling, tiled floor — but it lacked character. The massive showpiece clock was capturing the focus and distracting attention away from other parts of the room. We breathed new life into the space by creating a gallery wall. The combination of alternatively placed wooden tiles and patterned silhouette instantly gives the bedroom a regal look. We repainted the room white, which made the room look bigger and brighter. We removed the massive cupboard and replaced it with an extended floating shelf with seamless drawers, making the room look more radiant and creating storage space. The wall-to-wall L-shaped cabinets offer additional storage space and also work as extra seating area. It’s a perfect space for a reading nook. The modular bed with storage makes room to store extra bedding and blankets.

Before a master bedroom remodel before and after that looks regal and bright
After a master bedroom remodel before and after that looks regal and bright
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A Master Bedroom Makeover Before And After Featuring Regal Crown Molding

The homeowner has more space in this bedroom than they know what to do with. But, awkwardly placed loose furniture was eating up the large expanse. The outdated built-in wardrobe was a permanent fixture of the room. Also, there was no floor space left due to the bean bag. We transformed this master suite into a cosy, intimate room layered with timeless textures all over. The major change was the DIY wall behind the bed, which we covered with wallpaper. We also switched the existing wardrobe for a modular cupboard with sliding shutters. A strategically placed mirror on the wardrobe shutter makes the room appear bigger. A custom-made modular bed with a high headboard replaced the queen-size bed. The new bed is in sync with the room’s colour scheme too. We replaced the black open side table with a sleek closed two-drawer one. Now books can be stored away safely. The chandelier replaced the boring old fan and instantly transformed the room.

Before_a master bedroom makeover before and after featuring regal crown molding
After_a master bedroom makeover before and after featuring regal crown molding
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A Master Bedroom Makeover Before And After That Rescues A Mismatched Mishap

While the room size is medium, the massive king-size bed eats up almost the entire space. The brown wardrobe and the old couch make the room more gloomy. This cramped bedroom has been begging for a complete makeover. We gave this once cramped bedroom a cohesive and modern makeover with crisp, clean finishes. We covered one whole wall with textured wallpaper. We replaced the built-in dark cupboard with a sleek, futuristic wardrobe which elevates the room aesthetically. It also features an open shelf for showcasing book collections and knick-knacks. The white modular queen-size bed does the job well and also has storage inside. But the highlight of this room is the massive floor lamp.

Before a master bedroom makeover before and after that rescues a mismatched mishap
After_a master bedroom makeover before and after that rescues a mismatched mishap
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A Classy Guest Bedroom Before And After Makeover Look

This guest bedroom was a blank canvas for us to transform. In terms of furniture, it had only a wrought iron queen bed with no storage. The cupboard was built-in. We gave this room a facelift by installing a bedroom unit with an accent wall, a floating side table and a queen-sized wooden bed with storage. It makes the room cosy, giving it a modern and sleek look. We also replaced the gaudy-looking curtains with two roller shades. Finally, we hung two elegant accent lights from the ceiling that work as reading lamps.

Before_a classy guest bedroom before and after makeover look
After a classy guest bedroom before and after makeover look
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A Master Bedroom Remodel Before And After With An Oversized Tufted Headboard

A massive bedroom with such expansive space like this needs an element that captures your attention instantly. Although before, the room was not shabby and had a lot of natural light coming in from the three big windows, it needed a touch of luxury. We used a grand ivory wallpaper all over the room that instantly gave this master bedroom a royal touch. To create a contrast, we used dark mauve drapes on one picture window and shades in similar ivory and white colour for the two smaller windows by the bed. But the main focal point of this room is the massive upholstered headboard that extends to the ceiling. We used the same dark mauve colour as well. The modular king-size bed has storage and a floating side table to make the room look bigger. We also hung two accent lights from the ceiling.

Before a master bedroom remodel before and after with an oversized tufted headboard
After_a master bedroom remodel before and after with an oversized tufted headboard
before-a-master-bedroom-remodel-before-and-after-with-an-oversized-tufted-headboard (1)
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How did you like these master bedroom makeover before and after ideas? If you are looking for more bedroom makeover inspiration, check here. And if you are inspired enough to give your bedroom an elegant and modern remodelling, talk to our design experts today!

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