8 Great Looking Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets For Your Home

by Noopur Lidbide | February 29, 2024 | 3 mins read

Contemporary kitchen cabinets for your home

Take a look at these eight contemporary kitchen cabinets for your new kitchen or remodel inspiration! 

Contemporary kitchen cabinets are synonymous with minimalist design, sleek features and subtle elegance. Usually done up in subtle colour palettes these are designed and made to remain relatable over the years. As possibly the most important part of any home, a kitchen and its cabinetry deserve a great amount of thought. As food for thought, we’ve picked out eight great contemporary kitchen cabinet designs for you.

Contemporary Classic Kitchen Cabinet

Wooden cabinetry never goes out of fashion!  Wood adds a touch of warmth to space. Here, the white brick backsplash works perfectly for the subtle modern kitchen cabinetry with metal accents. If you are planning to go for a classic combination, we highly recommend contemporary oak kitchen cabinets.

Contemporary kitchen cabinets with white brick backsplash works perfectly for the subtle kitchen

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Glossy Red Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

Modern design doesn’t always have to involve subtle colours. The glossy red cabinets work as a beautiful colour block with neutral grey and white kitchen cabinets. The combination of colours and the texture of the laminate give off a cool sleek look to the modular kitchen.

Glossy contemporary european kitchen cabinets with neutral grey and white kitchen cabinets
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Pastel Pop

While bright colours for the kitchen are always refreshing and recommended there is also the slight risk of going overboard with the brightness. A pastel colour scheme for contemporary kitchen cabinets is a great way to keep it bright and light.

Pastel pop contemporary kitchen cabinet pulls for your home

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinet Pulls

Doorknobs and handles are definitely not going out of fashion anytime soon, but they are definitely not your only options. This kitchen cabinetry design comes with a modern pull style that renders a stylish look. Some of the more sleek contemporary designs are devoid of any external pull features, making the cabinetry design look seamless.

Contemporary oak kitchen cabinets with a modern pull style and stylish look

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets With Metallic Accents

Contemporary kitchen cabinets are not just about sleek and minimal design, but also fresh colours and striking accents. This cabinetry has a unique colour palette, but it’s the bold metallic accents that bring it all together.

modern contemporary kitchen cabinet design with metallic accents

Wooden Laminate For Natural Warmth

Natural colours and textures are truly a boon for interiors  – they transform and slip easily into old as well as new kinds of design. The beautiful wooden laminate gives this kitchen delicate charm, but the design is out and out contemporary right down to the sleek metallic pulls!

Contemporary kitchen cabinet color which transforms and slip easily into old as well as new with natural warmth

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Bright White Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

Colour trends may come and go, the basics are always here to stay. These all white kitchen cabinets are in basic white but with their design they are anything but basic! The combination of pastel yellow backsplash along with white makes this kitchen look bright and fresh – exactly as a kitchen should be!

Bright white contemporary painted kitchen cabinets makes this kitchen look bright and fresh
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Large Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

There is nothing like large cabinets to make the most out of kitchen space! These full-length kitchen cabinets are a nice way to utilise a spare corner in your kitchen and use it to your maximum advantage! The stylish glass doors give it a distinct appeal.

Large contemporary kitchen cabinets stylish glass doors give it a distinct appeal

There is so much that can be done with contemporary kitchen cabinets! Apart from the multitude of options for external surfaces and appearances, there are ingenious modern ways to ensure the beauty of the outer design seeps inside too!

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