Home Interior Design Trends 2023: What Will Trend In Navi Mumbai?

by Sreya Dasgupta | February 29, 2024 | 5 mins read

Trendy home interior designs in Navi Mumbai

These home interior trends of 2023 for Navi Mumbai will turn your home into the paradise of your dreams!

Navi Mumbai has always been one of the most desired cities for most Indians. A city filled with opportunities and a lavish lifestyle, it attracts many people from different parts of the country, making it the melting pot of different cultures. That reflects in the lifestyle and home interiors of Navi Mumbaikars too. Though the apartments are comparatively compact thanks to the skyrocketing prices of real estate, Navi Mumbai interiors showcase a beautiful amalgamation of traditional nuances in space-saving modular home interiors as they are quite enthusiastic about accepting the changing trends without giving up on their roots.

So, here we bring you a list of 2023 home design trends in Navi Mumbai approved by Tasneem Arsiwala, our studio manager and expert designer at DesignCafe.

Modular Furniture With A Vintage Look

Modern homeowners are moving towards space-saving functional furniture to make their homes look spacious and clutter-free. This trend has been popular for a long time, especially in metro cities like Navi Mumbai. But this year, as per Tasneem’s prediction, modular furniture with a vintage look will be in trend. You can either bring in the vintage vibe through wall modules, carvings on the wall or decorous wallpapers, metal framed mirrors or opt for statement furniture like poster beds, winged chairs or a vintage sofa unit. The perfect balance of modern and traditional home interiors helps you enjoy the best of both worlds and thus will be quite trending, especially for Navi Mumbai home interiors in the coming year.

 Interior design trends with a vintage touch in Navi mumbai
Interior design trends of vintage furniture in Navi mumbai
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Semi-Open Layout To Create A Subtle Partition

Though open layout design lends a clean and spacious vibe, especially in compact apartments, we will see semi-open layouts with subtle partitions gain popularity this year. You can ace the look by adding jali partitions, curtains, and glass partitions to your home. Another popular trend you can follow is a wooden partition with a swivel TV unit and multiple shelves. This way, you can enjoy your TV shows from multiple parts of your home and utilise the shelves to display books, artefacts, and indoor plants. This piece of modular furniture not just adds to the aesthetics but elevates the functionality of your home too. Make sure to add this to your home interiors if you are thinking of getting a trendy makeover for your Navi Mumbai home.

Interior design trends with Semi-Open layout in Navi Mumbai
Interior design trends of creating partition in Navi Mumbai
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An Easy Breezy Work From Home Set Up

From working from home, most of us have moved to a hybrid mode of working. This has created a shift in home interiors as well. Last year, there was a high demand for an ergonomic home office, but this year the inclination would be more toward an easy breezy home office setup with lots of importance towards wellness and positive vibes. A home office on the balcony (if you are lucky enough to have one) or beside the window with lots of plants around where you can enjoy the outside view while taking your work calls will be one of the top trends of Navi Mumbai home interiors of 2023. A multifunctional workstation like a work cum entertainment zone or a wardrobe with a study pull-out will continue to be on trend, especially in small apartments of Navi Mumbai.

Interior design trends of WFH setup in Navi Mumbai
Interior design trends of  easy breezy WFH setup in Navi Mumbai
Interior design trends of home office setup in Navi Mumbai
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Sustainable Furniture Will Gain Momentum

Eco-friendly sustainable furniture is gaining momentum worldwide, and Navi Mumbai is no exception. A rattan sofa set with a bright cushion covering is an excellent way of amalgamating soothing notes with a pop of brightness. You can also add a coffee table made of upcycled wood to match your sustainable home interiors. Some DIY wall hangers, rattan lamp shades, and jute floor rugs can bring in an earthy vibe and complete the look of your sustainable home interiors. Small steps like avoiding artefacts made of plastic and replacing them with metal artefacts, and replacing artificial plants and flowers with natural indoor plants can go a long way in embracing sustainable living even for the future generation.  

Interior design trends of sustainable furniture in Navi Mumbai
Sustainable furniture for eco-friendly home interiors

Bright Tones And Bolder Colours Will Be The New Trend

With Viva Magenta being the Pantone colour of 2023, it is quite obvious that bold, bright colours will be trending this year. So this season, don’t shy away from bold colours and give your home and your life the vibrance and freshness it deserves. Bright pastel shades like yellow, green and blue will be quite a trendy colour palette for 2023. If you’re worried that too many bold shades will end up making your home look cluttered, you can always compensate for it with ample lights or introduce a pop of colour through cushion covers, curtains, throws and upholstery.

Interior design trends of Bright tones in Navi Mumbai
Interior design trends of bolder colours in Navi Mumbai
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Printed Upholstery And Decorous Accents Will Be In Trend 

As discussed previously, vibrant colours will be in trend this year. So, another innovative way of adding colours to your interiors, as per Tasneem, is through printed upholstery. This accentuates your home interiors and adds a colourful vibe instantly. Here, we have opted for a traditional Indian theme, but you can choose any print or pattern of your choice. This printed upholstery matches any interiors of your choice yet adds a decorous vibe to your home interiors.

Interior design trends of printed upholstery in Navi Mumbai
Printed upholstery lends a trendy vibe to your home

We hope this gives you an idea of what to expect in home interior design trends for Navi Mumbai in 2023. If you are thinking of redecorating your home this year, feel free to book a consultation with DesignCafe and our expert designers of Navi Mumbai will help you with personalised designs that suit your budget and lifestyle seamlessly. We hope to design your dream home soon.

The DesignCafe team wishes you a prosperous New Year! May this year fulfil all your dreams and fill your home with joy and happiness.

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