6 Remarkable Eclectic Bedroom Design Ideas For Your Home

by Pooja Dara | July 15, 2023 | 6 mins read

Eclectic style bedroom ideas for your home

Create an eclectic bedroom with different types of furnishing and accents acquired from numerous places. 

Eclectic bedroom designs are an ideal go-to option for those with a creative bent of mind. It is a combination of multiple design styles cohesively stitched together rather than one design style. An eclectic design helps you show off your personality by allowing you to add different layers to your bedroom over time without major effort. It is a fun and easy-going style with a common thread connecting the different elements together. In other words, this style is uninhibited to accommodate what you love, yet carefully curated to include what your bedroom needs. For more information on the different eclectic interior design styles, click here.

Here are some elements and accessories that define an eclectic bedroom design:

Patterned wallpaper: This is a great alternative to wall paint. You can choose asymmetrical shapes, plant prints or geometric patterns to give your bedroom an eclectic and vibrant feel. Choose a dark and bold wallpaper if you are using a single or neutral shade for bed linens and upholstery. If the bedroom decor is too vibrant then go for monotone patterned wallpaper. 

Wall paints: Choose one or two walls of the bedroom (not more than that) as accent walls. Opt for specific eclectic colours such as amber, blue, turquoise and yellow for the accent walls. You can go for neutral colours like cream, beige, off-shite, white or grey for the remaining walls. 

Throw pillows: Add as many throw pillows as you wish either on your bed or on a recliner chair in the room to bring warmth and comfort. Use colours like mint, orange, yellow and lilac to add a splash of colour. Alternatively, you can choose even textured or patterned throw pillows. 

Modern nightstands: A modern nightstand made of either wood or metal is an important accessory for the bedroom. It lets you conveniently keep all your essentials like a water bottle, phone and charger and your favourite book on it. Install a stylish night light on the side table to bring a moody vibe to the space.  

Area rugs: Place a reasonably-sized area rug on the bedroom floor — be it tiled, laminated or hardwood. They help to keep the space warm and inviting and create some visual drama. They are also available in different patterns and materials so you can choose one that perfectly complements your bedroom decor.

Mirrors: A medium to large-sized wall mirror or free-standing floor mirror with metal accents can add an eclectic theme to the bedroom and make it look bigger.

Artwork, posters and decor: You can add abstract paintings, vintage movie posters or even some custom art to your bedroom wall. You can also add some photo and book collections, stylish wall clocks, antiques and souvenirs or create a gallery wall with different frame styles.

Now let’s have a look at some of the most trending eclectic bedroom designs for your home. Get inspired and make the best pick. 

An Eclectic Master Bedroom With Designer Lights And Artwork

Turn your ordinary bedroom into an eclectic delight with some striking ceiling lights and a few abstract pieces of artwork. Use light-coloured wall paint(s) or pastel wallpaper so that the bedroom decor contrasts perfectly against it. This eclectic bedroom design also features a compact study table with a make-up corner which saves on the floor space.

An eclectic master bedroom with designer light and artwork
Bring nature into your bedroom with potted plants
Looking to upgrade your bedrooms interiors

A Smart Play Of Hues For A Colourful Eclectic Bedroom

This bedroom looks absolutely luxurious and glamorous with eclectic bedroom accents. The boldness of the dark colours like black and brown are softened out by the lighter colours such as white and beige. Add in a few colourful plush throw pillows, a fur rug, a light blue armchair and lively houseplants to make your room burst with personality.

A colorful eclectic bedroom in black and brown with a light blue armchair and lively houseplants makes the space dynamic
Mixed patterns make this bedroom feel dynamic

An Eclectic Bedroom Design With An Urban Theme

Immerse yourself into city vibes with this small eclectic bedroom design. One accent wall features a distressed plank-style pattern while the opposite white wall features a full-scale cityscape art canvas. The track lights highlight the room’s focal point while the pair of industrial pendant lamps act as the perfect task lights.

An eclectic bedroom design with an urban theme and bright accent colours adds freshness to the space
Bright accent colours add freshness to any space

A Mid-Century Eclectic Bedroom With Ornate Details

When it comes to working with an eclectic bedroom design idea, texture plays a significant role. This large and luxurious bedroom features classic black and white bed frame and bedding that elegantly stands out against the cream walls. Gold accents here and there in the form of textures, be it on the ceiling or on the mirrors, creates visual interest.

A mid-century eclectic bedroom features ornate details and the classic black and white bed frame and bedding
A medium rug on the floor unites the whole look

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A Stylish Eclectic Bedroom With A Stunning Accent Wall

This eclectic bedroom design is bold and beautiful. The 3D-geometric patterned wallpaper behind the bed gives the space some definition and character. The black and grey accents in this bedroom are creatively and perfectly balanced by the whites and off-whites. The large window in this small bedroom makes the area look bigger and brighter.

A stylish eclectic bedroom with a stunning accent wall
Infuse a dose of charisma with abstract wall art
Want to know what kind of bedroom designs suits you

An Eclectic Master Bedroom With Impressive Elements

The easiest way to create an eclectic bedroom design is to take a layered approach to textures, just like this one. The focal point of this bedroom is the brick-textured accent wall and the panel lights on the ceiling which create an element of excitement and amazement. Inviting and elegant, the combination of textures from the curtains to the upholstered, soft bed brings depth and personality to the space.

An eclectic master bedroom with a brick-textured accent wall and ceiling panel lights creates an element of excitement
An eclectic bedroom with a subtle colour palette

All in all, there are no fixed rules when it comes to choosing the right eclectic bedroom design idea. So, go on and start experimenting with the bedroom’s furniture, overall colour theme, wall paint, decor and more. However, make sure that everything seamlessly complements and nothing looks overdone or overwhelming. Get in touch with interior designers at Design Cafe if you need some expert guidance for your transformation project. Good Luck!

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