Wall Art Design Ideas For Your Bedroom

by Shreya Bilagi | January 29, 2024 | 5 mins read

Beautiful bedroom wall arts for your home
It’s time to get creative and bring that creativity to your bedroom. Read our latest blog on bedroom wall art and learn some fun and easy ways to pep up your bedroom. What’s a wall without some wall art? If you have observed a bedroom feels and looks more lively when there is some sort of wall art present. If the walls in your bedroom are plain or just textured without wall art, the room won’t be as welcoming as one with some funky fun pieces of wall art. So if your bedroom is lacking some quirkiness check out our latest blog on bedroom wall art. Read more to know more! 

Get Crafty With Clocks As Bedroom Wall Art

When you talk about bedroom wall art, it doesn’t always have to be wallpapers or paintings. It can be metal pieces or even clocks – anything that makes your wall stand out with decor. Take a look at this children’s bedroom wall art. It’s got three different clocks in the shape of a house in three different colours. Now that’s some fun, colourful bedroom art don’t you think?
Children's bedroom with three different clocks in the shape of a house in three different colours is bedroom wall art ideas.
A kids bedroom with a polka dot wall[aer a single cot and three wall clocks in a horizontal manner
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A Whimsical Withering Welcome

A bedroom is a place where you must feel welcome to relax and rejuvenate so it’s best to have some bedroom wall art paintings. Take a look at this bedroom with pretty wall art. Individual paintings come together to form this detailed piece of art on the wall forming an old tree from its roots to the tip in the background. Bright colours of orange, blue, yellow and green.
Master bedroom wall art paintings of an old tree in orange, blue, yellow and green colours are depicting nature's beauty.
A master bedroom with a lovely piece of art depicting nature’s beauty

A Woody Wall Art Designs For Your Bedroom

If you are a fan of abstract designs then this wall art design for your bedroom is a must-have. An abstract piece of art made from wood and painted so delicately in white stands out in this master bedroom as a piece of decor. This piece of wood art can be painted in the colour of your choice. You can add sparkles too if you like a glitter quotient.
Master bedroom wall art with an abstract white piece of art made from wood placed above the bed looks elegant.
A simple, sophisticated master bedroom with a piece of wall art made from wood placed elegantly above the bed
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Fantastic Bedroom Wall Art Stickers

Stickers are great fun! And kids enjoy sticking them on books, pencil cases, boxes and basically where there is space. Well, it’s time to give your child a fun task and their bedroom a new look. Take a look at this children’s bedroom with stickers of sheep. It’s easy to put up and looks great in a children’s room and adds to the wall art. So are you ready for a fun activity with your child?
Bedroom wall art stickers in sheep shaped on the white wall look great in this kids bedroom.
A children’s bedroom with super cool sheep stickers and a white knot pillow in a blue rocking chair
Bored of your bare walls? Its time to reinvest your space!

A Wall Art Made For Nature Lovers

This creative wall art for bedrooms is made for those who believe in nature’s magic and love the beauty of birds. This girls bedroom is decorated with a wall sticker of a tree, birds, and birdcages with photographs in them. This decor looks as if you were to walk down memory lane. Isn’t it beautiful?
Wall art designs for bedroom with a wall sticker of a tree, birds, and birdcages with photographs brings nature touch.
A girls bedroom with a pretty wall sticker and an indoor plant in the corner brings in a touch of nature indoors

Magnificent Mechanics Wall Art

Are you into mechanics? If your answer is yes, then we have the perfect bedroom wall art for you. This room has a grey theme to it with patches of yellow here and there to balance out the grey. If you take a closer look upon the above bed you will see an old motor chain painted in white that has been used as wall art. This whacky piece of wall art adds an edgy look to this bedroom.
Mechanic wall clock made of a motor piece and painted in white is creative wall art for the bedroom.
A bedroom with a grey theme and a false ceiling with recessed lighting

Simple And Sweet Wall Art

This room with a pink and white theme is more than perfect for your little princess. Adding to its decor is this simple yet sweet wall art of cats in a frame is the cherry on top. This is what we at Design Cafe think are some fun and easy bedroom wall art ideas for your home. We hope you enjoyed this read. Let us know what you think! Send us an email. Can’t wait to hear from you!
Pink and white theme bedroom wall art framed of cats on the wall above the bed is more than perfect for your little princess
Pretty pink and white bedroom with window ledge seating and open storage
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