10 Floating Bed Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

by Sneha Virmani | February 15, 2024 | 6 mins read

Floating bed design ideas for your bedroom

10 stunning floating bed frame ideas that will take your bedroom goals up a notch. Don’t believe us? Check out the blog for more. 

Bedrooms are the space where we spend most of our time. Many memories relate to the bedroom, waking up early in the morning, having evening tea, and reading the night lamp’s late-night book. Your bedroom would benefit greatly from the elegance and modernism of a floating bed frame. 

Its distinctive form creates the appearance of a bed suspended in mid-air, making it an eye-catching focal point. Several variations are available, whether you desire a rustic pallet bed frame or a minimalist platform.  

Look at 10 excellent floating bed designs that can make your bedroom into a chic retreat. 

Minimalist Floating Bed

The sleek, basic minimalist platform bed emphasises clean lines and a low-profile style. It creates the appearance of a bed floating above the floor thanks to hidden support. The muted vibe of the room ensures a calming effect on the mind.

Minimalist floating bed emphasises clean lines and a low-profile style
Check out this floating bed design for a contemporary, uncluttered look

Floating Pallet-Like Bed 

For a rustic, clean look, one can get a floating bed frame out of recycled wooden pallets. They can be assembled into a platform bed frame after being painted or stained to your preferred finish. You can also have attached side tables with matching lamps to lighten them. While pallet beds in themselves may not be as durable, creating a bed frame that mimics their appearance is the way to go for a more sturdy option.

 Floating pallet bed offers a rustic look to your bedroom
This floating pallet bed design gives your bedroom a hint of rustic elegance
Customise your bed and enjoy up to 25 year warranty

Mid-Century Modern Floating Bed Frame 

A striking focal point for your bedroom may be made by fusing the grace of mid-century modern design with the floating bed idea. Pick a platform bed frame with clean lines and tapering legs to achieve the desired aesthetic. Accessorise the room with other mid-century pieces to achieve a cohesive look.

Mid-century modern floating bed frame with clean lines and tapering legs, creating a focal point in the bedroom
Give the furniture a walnut or teak polish to enhance the old feel

Also, check out Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Design Ideas

Floating Bed with LED Lights 

Want to come back to a room that oozes cosy vibes? It’s surprisingly easy. All you need to do is add floating bed frame LED lights for a dash of modern, experimental flair. Warm yellow ambient lighting in your bedroom can calm the mind after a tiring day. These LED strips around the bed frame generate a mellow glow and are extremely easy to install. What’s not to love about this DIY idea?

Floating bed with led lights create a calming ambience
This is it for those who wish for a contemporary and futuristic feel!

Floating Bed for Kids

A floating bunk bed can be a practical and fashionable solution for people with limited space or for kids sharing a room. This design makes the most of the floor space while preserving a modern style using the suspension concept with a spacious play area.

Floating kids bunk beds can be a practical and fashionable solution for people with limited space
Imagine all the pillow fights your kids would have on this floating bed

Upholstered Floating Bed Frame 

An upholstered floating bed frame is a great choice if comfort is important to you. Select a padded and soft headboard that extends seamlessly to the sides to create the appearance of a bed positioned in mid-air.

Upholstered floating bed frame creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in the bedroom
This design gives an opulent touch with a cosy ambience to the bedroom

Sofa Cum Floating Bed Frame 

A floating bed frame that can be converted into a sofa is functional and stylish. This design is ideal for people who have space constraints and need multi-tasking furniture pieces. Push it back, or roll it out whenever you want.

Functional and stylish sofa cum floating bed frame
Is it a sofa? Is it a bed? Well, can’t this floating bed design be both?
Modern bedroom designs ideas that suit your taste and budget

Floating Platform Bed with Storage 

A floating platform bed with a shelf underneath is a great option if you need more storage. Small bedrooms or people who value organisation and minimalism will benefit most from this design.

Floating platform bed with self underneath is perfect for the space-conscious bedroom
This contemporary floating bed design is sturdy and built to last

Wooden Floating Bed Design 

This urban floating wooden bed design uses frames that are finished with dark stains for a grounded, earthy fee. The unprocessed look without varnish is possible for a more natural appearance or if you want a definite rustic appeal to your bedroom.

Floating wooden bed in soothing setting
The deep brown exudes a handcrafted and exotic allure

Modern Floating Bed Design 

This timeless floating bed, a design masterpiece, delivers great stability and will completely change your bedroom. Pair it with bright furnishing or a more muted colour tone to keep the vibe calm and chic- the choice is yours. Adding complementing wall colours will connect the furniture to the walls making the room appear larger and a delight to the senses.

Modern floating bed design includes a headboard with a convenient side table
The headboard with integrated side table complements this floating bed design

Choose the floating bed design that fits your bedroom size. Deciding upon the requirements of having a bedside table or a headboard beforehand is suggested by most experts. These frames allow for easy cleaning, making the under bed area accessible. Contact our experts at DesignCafe to explore various options for your home.

FAQs on Floating Bed Designs

1. Are there any special considerations when choosing bedding for a floating bed frame? 

There are a few things to consider while choosing bedding for a floating bed frame. First, it’s important to measure the dimensions precisely because the height of the bed frame may influence how long the bedding is. Additionally, choosing lighter bedding components can assist in retaining the appearance of a floating bed and reduce excessive bulkiness, such as more lightweight comforters or breathable textiles. 

2. What is the weight capacity of a typical floating bed frame? 

A standard floating bed frame’s weight capacity can differ based on its design, building materials, and manufacturer’s specifications. However, to ensure stability and durability for various users and mattress types, most floating bed frames are constructed to withstand weights ranging from 227 to 454 kilograms. For precise weight capacity information for a given floating bed frame model, refer to the individual product information or contact the manufacturer. 

3. Can a floating bed frame be disassembled for moving or storage? 

Yes, you can disassemble many floating bed frames for storage or relocation. They are often made with easily removable parts that may be pulled apart, making it possible to transport or store them as necessary. 

4. What materials are commonly used to make floating bed frames? 

Wood, metal, or a mix are used to create floating bed frames. Hardwoods like oak or walnut are common wood choices, whereas steel or aluminium are often used in metal frame construction due to their strength and longevity. 

5. Can a floating bed frame be customised to fit specific room dimensions? 

Yes, floating bed frames may frequently be altered to match room specifications. To ensure the bed frame fits precisely in your space, several manufacturers provide customisation options where you can request certain dimensions or alterations.

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