Functional And Stylish: 5 Daybed Designs Your Guests Will Love

by Pallabi Bose | January 21, 2024 | 4 mins read

Daybed design which is a multipurpose piece of furniture

Liven up your home with these five daydream-worthy daybed design ideas!

The daybed’s history goes way back in time! During the Roman and Victorian eras, they were preferred over bedrooms for afternoon naps and relaxation. A daybed design is the perfect amalgamation of couch and bed.

Now, in the era of compact homes for nuclear families, the daybed offers a much more practical, in-plain-sight functionality despite having innovative solutions like the fold-up Murphy bed and stowed-away trundle bed.

So, consider these five daybed designs for your home. They will come in handy when you have a guest staying overnight or when you need a space to curl up with a steaming hot cup of coffee and a book.

Indian-Style Daybed Design Ideas For The Living Room

You don’t need any more excuses to laze around and be a couch potato. This cosy yet sophisticated daybed has your name on it. The Indian-inspired pure Sheesham daybed design adds an underrated elegance to this living room. The best part of this daybed is it comes with storage underneath. So, you can easily store additional bedding or any other items here. The space is a perfect fusion of boho and Indian interior design.

Indian-style daybed design ideas for the living room
Solid wooden daybed for a traditional living room

Outdoor Daybed Designs for A Chill Sunbathing Session

A daybed is perfect for an outdoor hangout space in your home. You can have one large daybed instead of multiple lounge chairs. Cosy up with a loved one under the stars or hang out with friends over the weekend — a daybed is a great, cost-effective choice. Set up a dreamy outdoor unit on the terrace or porch with string lights, throws and cushions. Cane or bamboo are two fabulous materials for outdoor daybeds as they tend to be lightweight. So, if it starts pouring, you can quickly drag it inside.

A outdoor daybed designed in bamboo is ideal for an outdoor hangout
Bamboo outdoor daybed design for a rustic look
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Multipurpose Daybed With Storage For A Studio

This space-saving multipurpose daybed design is perfect for those living in a studio apartment. Despite being fitted into a compact space, the carefully chosen colour combination of white with emerald green makes the room look bigger and brighter. The daybed comes with a trundle, which can be used as additional storage space. We managed to add a hidden bookshelf as well. The handles and wall lights with golden accents add an effortless touch of grace.

Multipurpose designer daybed bedding with storage for a studio
Furniture that smartly utilises every inch of space

An Industrial-Style Room Designed With A Daybed

If you have a spare room that you aren’t too sure what to do with, we suggest giving it a purpose. Set up office space on one side and a daybed on the other. Add some colourful cushions and pretty throws to your daybed to make it look inviting. It is an excellent hack for a multipurpose room designed with a daybed. The navy daybed also gives the bright industrial-style room some much-needed contrast. 

An industrial-style room designed with a daybed
A daybed is an excellent addition to a study

Daybed Design Ideas For The Kids’ Bedroom

As a parent, baby furniture shopping may seem cute initially, but it may also create a lot of financial burdens. As kids grow up quickly, you may need to change the furniture multiple times. So, the safest option could be a daybed. If they’re teens, they may invite friends over so a daybed could come in handy and function as a couch. This daybed design is an excellent piece of furniture that you can use for many years.

A daybed design for the kids’ bedroom is an excellent piece of furniture
A modern space-saving daybed for kids’ bedrooms

Daybeds are extremely versatile furniture. They serve many purposes, such as a divider for the living and dining room, a couch, a bed, extra seating, additional storage space and more. If you want our help in designing a perfect daybed for your home, contact us. Our experts are here to talk to you. If you are done looking for daybed design ideas for your home, and want inspiration for other home interiors, check out our blog section!

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