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Vastu Colours For Your Kitchen To Bring In Good Health And Happiness

Vastu colours for kitchen

Your kitchen is a sacred space as it’s the heart of your home and the primary source of your nourishment and health, so it deserves to look healthy and happy. Read more to find out the best colours for the kitchen as per Vastu.

Vastu Shastra (the science of architecture) is an essential component of Indian interior designing projects. Why? Because we all know that energy flows and vibrations can directly affect the quality of your life and luckily this science helps you to enhance positive energies and reduce/eliminate negative energies in your living space.

There are many ways to incorporate Vastu Shastra principles in your home but the element that we’ll focus attention to in this blog is particularly Vastu colours for the kitchen. Giving your kitchen and its elements a splash of Vastu-approved colors guarantees an abundant, comfortable and harmonious life for you and your family members.

Colour therapy holds a lot of significance in this ancient science as they are powerful activators of peace and prosperity and apparently mood dictators as well. Creating the right balance of Vastu colours is known to cure Vastu defects in homes that are initially non-Vastu compliant, and also brings an optimum balance in our mind, body and spirit.

Now, let’s get into the crux of the matter. First and foremost, the ideal placement of the kitchen as per Vastu is the south-east direction as this direction represents the fire element or Agni and is also synonymous to the food cooking process with fire. So, by effect, vibrant and bright colors should be used to amplify the properties of Agni. 
Also, using different Vastu colors for different parts of the kitchen can also have a huge impact on your physical and mental well being. Some can be good for your digestion, some can be good for your metabolism and so on. To spare you the hassle of research, we’ve rounded up some specific kitchen colours as per Vastu that can be applied to walls, cabinets, countertops separately to produce desired effects. So, let’s begin.

Kitchen Wall Colours As Per Vastu

  • Light Brown/Chocolate Brown – Improves appetite | Brings stability and warmth in relationships | Improves satisfaction levels.
  • Yellow/Lemon Yellow – Improves health | Purifies the body | Brings positivity and cheerful vibes | Signifies openness and illumination.
  • Light Pink/Peach – Brings peace | Exudes warmth | Symbolizes love | Encourages social conversations.
  • White –  Signifies purity and sacredness | Reflects innocence | Indicates light and cleanliness.
  • Bright Red/Scarlet Red – Revives energy | Signifies bravery and passion | Enhances stimulation | Brings purity.
  • Saffron Orange – Helps you to work at your full potential | Signifies power and determination.
  • Brick Orange – Keeps you healthy | Brings more prosperity | Brings in optimism | Enhances stimulation.
Kitchen wall colours as per vastu for your home
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Vastu Colours For Kitchen Cabinets

  • Lemon Yellow – Improves health | Purifies the body | Brings cheerful and happy vibes.
  • Woody Green – Brings positivity | Exudes freshness | Signifies harmony, healing and nature.
  • Saffron Orange  – Helps you to work at your full potential | Signifies power and determination.
  • Brick Orange – Keeps you healthy | Brings more prosperity | Brings in optimism | Enhances stimulation.
  • Silver/White (Metallic Colors) –  Brings auspiciousness and peace | Reflects innocence.
Vastu colours for kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Granite Colours As Per Vastu

As per Vastu principles, Granite is considered as the most ideal and popular material for building kitchen countertops as they’re attractive and durable, the other options being quartz or any other natural stone. 

  • Light Orange – Keeps you healthy | Improves energy levels.
  • Light Yellow – Purifies the body | Gives you a positive outlook on life.
  • Light Green – Signifies refreshment and healing | Brings vitality and harmony in life | Improves digestion of food.
Kitchen granite colours as per vastu

Vastu Colours For Kitchen Flooring

Go in for marble or ceramic tiles in the kitchen for Vastu compliance. As for the ideal flooring colours, they are:

  • Light Brown/Beige – Brings stability and warmth in relationships | Improves satisfaction levels.
  • Silver/White (Metallic Colors) –  Brings auspiciousness and peace  | Reflects innocence.
Vastu colours for kitchen flooring
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BONUS: Tips And Tricks for A Vastu-Compliant Kitchen

  • Avoid using dark colours as they make the kitchen look smaller and may lead to depression and stress as well.
  • Even if you use bright and vibrant colours for the kitchen make sure you use them in moderation only (neither too much nor too less). Say, if you use red excessively then it can increase your blood pressure level when preparing food or make you feel more nervous than usual. You definitely don’t want that, right?
  • You can use a combination of at most three colours for your kitchen (including its parts) but not more than that as it might look overwhelming to the eye.
  • Always keep the kitchen ceilings white only to create balance.
  • Prefer to use natural colours over synthetic ones while painting your kitchen walls or any of its components.

Hope this blog has put you in a position to choose the correct colours for your kitchen as per Vastu. So, you can now make your kitchen look great and feel auspicious as well. If you have any more kitchen Vastu questions to be answered, feel free to book a consultation call with Design Cafe today. We’d be happy to help!

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