7 Modern Bathroom Tile Designs That Can Transform Your Bathroom

by Natasha Unger | January 13, 2024 | 5 mins read

Modern bathroom tiles for your home

Bathroom tiles are no longer accessories that were once used just because they were water-resistant, needed minimal maintenance and were durable. Currently, the modern bathroom is expected to be aesthetically appealing too.

Modern bathroom tiles for both walls and floors is something that should be chosen after a lot of thought. When you are conscious about how it looks, you should pick tiles that suit your needs perfectly.

While designs are aplenty and trends keep changing every day, here are a few ideas that can help you make the right choice.

Modern Bathroom Tiles With Graphic Patterns

Tiles with graphic patterns are all about your sense of style and decor. You have a choice to pick tiles that have stylish patterns on them. You can place them on all walls, only the floor or a single wall just to highlight it. Experts on modern bathroom tiles design ideas suggest that to lend a classy look, a single wall with tiles sporting graphic patterns is perfect. You can make it look trendy without spending much.

Modern bathroom tiles with graphic patterns on single wall
A single wall with graphic patterns and matching furnishings makes it look classy

Modern Bathroom Tiles With A Matte Finish

Glossy tiles have been around especially because they make the bathroom look spacious. But homeowners are increasingly gravitating towards modern bathroom tiles with a matte finish. They exude this simple look yet are elegant and sophisticated. When you have tiles with a matte finish, you don’t tend to see watermarks and stains. Whether it is for a large bathroom or a small one, tiles with a matte finish can be used for both walls and the floor. It’s just that you need to add in a lot of light to prevent dullness. 

Modern bathroom tiles designed in a matte finish make the bathroom look spacious
Black wall tiles with a matte finish can never go out of trend. They spell elegance all the time
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Pastel- Or Neutral-Coloured Modern Bathroom Wall Tiles

Since the bathroom is where you begin your day, you will always want a fresh mind after you are done using it. When you spend time in a room that has neutral colours, you tend to be peaceful and calm. With more and more people being concerned about their state of mind, such colours on the wall and floor are common in most homes. It doesn’t matter if there are minimal colours. It is what heals you and keeps you going no matter what the situation is.

Neutral modern bathroom wall tiles design can never go wrong
Being synonymous with peace and tranquillity, white tiles can never go wrong

Subway Tiles

While some describe it as old school, this style of placing tiles on the walls remains popular. Homeowners are quite attached to subway tiles not only because they make the room spacious but they also give an elegant look. The walls of the bathroom look great when subway tiles adorn them. Subway tiles may need regular maintenance, though, especially with the grout lines. 

Modern subway tiles bathroom incorporated with subtle colours
Subway tiles can never go wrong when you incorporate them with subtle colours and patterned floor tiles

Wood-Look Modern Bathroom Tiles Design For The Floor

Now, we aren’t talking about adding wooden planks to the bathroom floors unless you are ready to replace them frequently. With constant water splashes, they won’t last long. If you are someone who loves the texture, try wood-look tiles. This modern bathroom tiles design is a wood lookalike while being water-resistant and long-lasting. Contrasting them with other types of tiles can make your bathroom stand out without much effort, while you save on costs. 

Modern bathroom tile ideas for your home which is water-resistant and long-lasting
Wood-look tiles and a contrasting wall exude modernity

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Modern Bathroom Tiles With A Marble Finish

Marble has always been synonymous with luxury. Marble slabs are unique because of their patterns, veins and colour and choosing the one that suits you and your bathroom is what matters. While marble gives a smooth and cool finish, be careful with the material on the floor. You must avoid gloss. Marble modern bathroom tiles are an alternative. You get a marble look for a reasonable price. It is perfect for when you want to give your bathroom a makeover without spending much.

Modern bathroom tiles texture comes with a marble finish
Contrasting marble patterns for the floor and the walls exude luxury
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Large Modern Bathroom Tiles Design

There is no argument over the fact that large tiles save money, cover a lot of space and you need just a few compared to the smaller ones. Large tiles also give a spacious look to the bathroom effortlessly. It gets better when the colour is neutral. Most urban homes these days have small bathrooms and this is a trick that helps you make your bathroom look roomy. Large tiles need proper handling and installation that will last for a very long time.

Large modern classy bathroom tiles for your home
Remember to match large tiles with the walls and other accessories in the bathroom. That is how it will make it look spacious

Modern bathrooms are all about durability and aesthetics. When you have a great looking bathroom, you will be at peace with the knowledge that if you have to sell your home someday, it will fetch you good money.  

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