Smart Bathroom Shelving Ideas For Your Home

by Shreya Bilagi | January 13, 2024 | 4 mins read

Bathroom shelves designs for your home

Can you imagine a bathroom with no storage space! Yikes, we can’t even think of it. Here is a list of bathroom shelving ideas for your home! Check it out!

Most of us love keeping our toiletries and towels well arranged. And to do so, storage options are essential. Shelves have descended from the aumbry. Shelves were used as little cupboards in the backs of Christian churches that medieval scribes would store their sacred religious writings in.

Stack Up A Ladder Won’t You

No one ever said they don’t need a shelf in their bathroom. It goes without a say that shelves are essential. This bathroom is one of a kind, having a unique back wall made from brick and a large round copper mirror with beautiful marble flooring. Located next to an elegant ceramic tube is a simple yet different bathroom shelf design. This bathroom shelf makes storage convenient because it has the shape of a ladder. Ready to stack some towels?

Bathroom shelve in shape of a ladder makes storage convenient
A brick-walled bathroom with an oversized copper framed mirror and a ladder shelf

An Elegant Storage Style

This elegant antique-style bathroom takes us back to the days of Titanic. This bathroom is fitted with classic chandeliers and focus lights. The wall is unique with dark beige penny tiles that are neatly aligned. This bathroom allocates an overwhelming space for shelves and storage. A beautiful white sink cabinet with drawers with a tall unit made with shelves and cabinets tops this bathroom up.

Antique-style Bathroom wall shelves in white finish
A retro-style bathroom with a combination of dark beige penny tiles and vitrified tiles and dangling chandeliers

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White O’right Bathroom Shelves

“I stand tall overlooking the toilet and the white tiled floor.” This is one among the bathroom shelves that is a popular pick. This bathroom shelf is for those who like clutter-free storage space. A tall white laminate shelf is a perfect fit in any bathroom provided you have a high ceiling. This bathroom is equipped with everything in white from the jali door cabinet to the toilet to the decorative divider.

Tall modern bathroom shelves in white colour is a perfect fit in any bathroom
A modern white bathroom with a decorative weatherboard divider and a high ceiling shelf

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A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That!

A little bit of industrial, a little bit of modern and a spike of rustic. Phew, what a mix and match kind of bathroom. These bathroom racks or shelves are minimal and can be used to stack up miniature indoor plants or even shells and bath bars, and of course—toilet paper rolls.

Bathroom shelves ideas with racks in the mix and match kind of bathroom
A mix and match kind of bathroom makes for an interesting space

A Wooden Touch! Never Too Much!

Not many people like their bathrooms with rustic style interiors. For those who dare to do so will see that it’s not a bad choice after all. These wooden bathroom shelves hovering over the sink are great for the storage of toiletries and also cosmetics. Having a mirror to hide this shelf makes it look aesthetically better.

A wooden bathroom shelves mounted on the wall
Wooden bathroom shelves for rustic style bathroom interiors

A Floating Fairytale

This gorgeous white luxury bathroom with wooden flooring and an earthy pebble-based shower cubicle is a match made in heaven with white wooden floating shelves. These shelves are perfect for storing away your best collection of shower gels and soaps.

White bathroom floating shelves in the all-white luxury bathroom interior
Wishful white bathroom with timber flooring and pebble based shower cubicle

Black And White! Two Perfect Shades

This bathroom is perfect if you’re single and don’t like to mingle. This wall-mounted bathroom shelf is ideal for a bachelor, providing just enough space to keep your shampoo’s shaving lotions and aftershaves at bay.

Wall mounted bathroom shelves for two-toned bathroom design
A two-toned bathroom with dark textured tiles is a striking contrast

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