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Let Your Child Enjoy And Learn: Kids Playroom Ideas And Design Tips

Kids playroom design ideas for your home

Eat, game, sleep! Turn your kid’s bedroom into a magical escapade. A chosen theme can turn a playroom into a realm of fantasy for children.

Kids playroom designs have changed dramatically over the past decade. Today’s generation of interior designers and homeowners have both ditched the idea of  loud mismatched colours, solid wood furniture and the infestation of stuffed animals.

Kids bedrooms today are a mix of minimalistic style, thematic and purposeful decor. Children’s need to play and a playroom needs to be both functional and fun. An adequately designed playroom should be able to hold their attention and all of their toys without compromising on storage. Your kids will spend hours here – learning, playing and everything in between.

And designing a playroom can be an incredibly fun project. So let your imagination run wild with creative solutions. So here we have a list of creative playroom ideas and design tips.

A Gentle Affair With Toys

Take the affair with toys a bit more further. Stuffed toys and figurines on shelves and floor will add a playful element to your kid’s room. Place stuffed animals on shelves or spread on the floor for a fun and whimsical look. Playdates will be more enjoyable and there will always be a companion by your kid’s side as he fends off monsters under the bed.

Design Tip: Make sure you have adequate storage in the playroom like shelves, drawers and boxes to keep the toys away.

Kids play area design ideas with multicolored soft toys
Multicoloured soft toys rule this kid’s play area and make it fun to be in

An Enchanted Kids Playroom Design

Who doesn’t love slides? Who can blame kids when adults can’t resist the impulse to slip and slide away! Slides are usually meant for outdoor play areas but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring it indoors. A slide inside a playroom will make it a lot more cheerful, enjoyable and fun. Look at this playroom that’s designed to resemble an enchanted castle -Doesn’t this room look like it’s floating in the clouds. A castle built for a princess, a balcony to address her loyal toys and a slide for easy access to enter the bedroom.

Design Tip: You need a large bedroom to design an indoor slide but if you lack space then consider a tube slide as it saves space.

Kids playroom with an indoor slides from one area to another
Kids will have loads of fun sliding from one area to another

A Wall For The Adventurous Lot

Oh, you beautiful wall! When you are designing a playroom, use every nook and corner of the kids bedroom. Even if it is a small area, make sure you create different zones for designated activities. One way to get your kids moving from the outdoors and into the indoors is by installing a climbing wall. Kids love to climb, and this activity builds both self-esteem and strength. The wall in this playroom has been converted to a pint-size climbing wall and is complemented by soft neutral tones and is styled well too.

Design Tip: Make sure the climbing wall isn’t too high. Cover the floor with thick cushions and a colourful mattress just for safety.