6 Creative Ideas On How To Tile Your Small Urban Bathrooms

by Natasha Unger | January 26, 2024 | 6 mins read

Beautiful bathroom tile design ideas for small bathrooms

Confused about how to make your small bathroom look spacious? Here are a few bathroom tile design ideas for small bathrooms India that can change the way your bathroom looks. Read along for a quick idea 

Let’s all agree on the fact that most urban homes now have small bathrooms. This is common when you buy an existing living space unless you start building your home from scratch. While the fact can’t be changed, you can use multiple tricks and bathroom tile design ideas for small bathrooms to make it look spacious and attractive.

One of them is using the right tiles that can enhance the look of your bathroom to make it picture-perfect. Every decision needs careful planning. Here are a few bathroom tile design ideas for small bathrooms that can be helpful.

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Simple White Bathroom Tile Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Believe it or not, the colour white has the power to make a small area look spacious. It reflects the light perfectly. Using white-coloured tiles for your small bathroom can work wonders. When you paint the walls white, place white wall tiles and add a hint of black to the floor tiles, it gets to be a complete package. The colour white exudes beauty and when you add the right type of light either coming in naturally or artificially, your bathroom looks gorgeous without making you feel bad about owning a small bathroom.

All-white bathroom simple white tiles with a hint of black are the bathroom tile design idea for small bathroom India.
Even though the bathroom is small, white brightens it up and makes it roomy

Single-Coloured Large Bathroom Tile Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

When people say that small bathrooms should have small tiles, it isn’t correct all the time. The room tends to look crammed with multiple tiles coving the floor and walls. When you place large tiles both on the floor and the walls, it deceives the brain and you feel the room to be spacious. Now whether you want to place the same tiles both on the floor and the walls or opt for tiles on the floor and pick a wallpaper for the walls, it is completely up to you. Either way, experts on bathroom wall tiles design ideas for small bathrooms agree that both will make your bathroom look good as well as spacious.

Best bathroom tile design idea for small bathroom India with floor and walls have large single-colored brown tiles.
Large tiles whether dark or light-coloured make your bathroom look large

Dual-Coloured Bathroom Tile Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

If you still agree to the fact that large tiles trick you into making the bathroom look large, well here is something more for you. Dual-coloured tiles that are large can be great for your bathroom. Use one colour for the floor and the other for the walls. Mix and match and pick a suitable combination. There is nothing more you would want. Add the right lights to complement it and watch it make your bathroom look just incredible.

Brown and cream dual-colored big bathroom tile design idea for a small bathroom looks sleek.
Choosing common colour combinations makes for a great look for your small bathroom

Wood Lookalike Bathroom Tile Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

You may be a fan of wooden floors but this may disappoint you. You cannot have wooden floors in the bathroom unless you want to replace them frequently. Don’t be disappointed as we have a solution for you. There are bathroom tiles available that look just like wood due to the prints on them. How about installing them on the floor and complementing them with a bright yellow or red-coloured wallpaper? With natural light coming in during the day and bright lamps at night, your bathroom gets that look you always have wished for.

Bathroom floor tile design idea for small bathroom in wooden porcelain with red-colored wallpaper wall look bold.
A pretty little bathroom that allows you to show your love for wooden floors
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Pastel-Coloured Bathroom Tile Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Pastel shades are somewhat a substitute for white. They have a dash of colour to them but make your bathroom look spacious enough. While white-coloured tiles are classic, pastel-coloured tiles take away boredom. A pastel green or pink works wonders for the walls while you install white and black tiles on the floor. You could consider a contrasting wall colour and bright lights which can be a complete package that makes your bathroom look spacious.

Pastel green wall bathroom tile design idea for small bathroom with white floor tiles are classic.
Pastel colours can often be a substitute for white when you want to add colour

Glossy Wall Bathroom Tile Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

They say that when you have glossy wall tiles for the bathroom, light reflects well and the bathroom gets to look spacious. Now, this is just limited to the walls and not the floor. Glossy floors would lead to major accidents. The tiles could be of any colour depending on your choice or the decor of the bathroom.  Experts suggest using light-coloured ones as the brightness multiplies. Your bathroom looks great and lends a modern vibe.

Glossy bathroom wall tiles design idea for the small bathroom looks bright and lends a modern vibe.
Glossy walls are any day a hit when the right light complements them

FAQs On Tiling Small Bathrooms

It’s no sin to own a small bathroom as most urban homes are made in a way to make the most of the allotted space. You can always make use of multiple tricks and tweaks to make it look spacious.

What Is The Right Size?

While they say that small bathrooms should have small tiles installed, it isn’t applicable everywhere. When you have large tiles installed both on the walls and the floor, there are lesser grout lines making the room spacious. This isn’t the case with small tiles where the grout lines look like a grid making the room look smaller.

This doesn’t mean small tiles are bad. You can always mix and match with different sizes. This gives a quirky design without having to be partial with a single size.

What Should Be The Right Shade?

When you install tiles in light shades such as white, cream or pastel shades, the small bathroom tends to look wider. Now if you are inclined towards a particularly dark shade, you can play around and install it on a particular wall or a certain area such as around the washbasin or shower.

Bathroom tiles aren’t just available in a mono-coloured variety. You get different patterns and colours infused that can add to the grandeur that a tiled bathroom exudes.

Extra Shots

  • Paint the ceiling in a light shade and install bright lights. This will make the room look spacious.
  • Use porcelain or ceramic tiles as they aren’t porous.
  • Avoid patterned tiles for the walls. It doesn’t help with making the bathroom look spacious.
  • Tiles with a metallic or mother-of-pearl finish reflect more light.  

While most urban homes have small bathrooms, these ideas for sure will make you feel good and not boxed up when you freshen up or get ready for the day.

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