Double Vanity Bathroom Layout Ideas For Modern Urban Apartments

by Sreya Dasgupta | February 10, 2024 | 5 mins read

Double vanity unit bathroom ideas for your home

Double vanity bathroom designs are functional and stylish while adding an edge to your home interiors.

The bathroom is the most personalised space in any home. Yet, while thinking of doing the home interiors, we often tend to pay the least attention to the bathroom. Especially in today’s times when apartments are getting cramped up, we usually compromise with our bathroom spaces a lot. So, in this scenario, you might think, is a double vanity bathroom layout even possible or worth it? But to your surprise, double bathroom vanity designs can add a lot of storage space to your bathroom and make your space look clutter-free and spacious. So, our expert designers have come up with some unique double vanity bathroom designs that can fit in your bathroom irrespective of space constraints. Read on to find out how to add a luxurious vibe to your bathroom space and make it more functional and intelligent.

Double Basin Vanity Units For The Bathroom With A White Theme

This modern bathroom vanity with a double sink and storage area elevates the functionality of your space and lends a clean and clutter-free look. The double mirrors will make your bathroom look spacious and reflect the light beautifully. The bathroom has a small laundry unit where you can wash clothes. This is an excellent design for small apartments that don’t have a separate laundry room. The white colour scheme and marble flooring make the interior look lighter to the eye and lend a luxurious aura. You can also add a bathtub beside the window if space permits. 

Double basin vanity units for bathroom with a storage area elevates the functionality of the space
A multifunctional bathroom vanity with double sink

Vibrant And Modern Bathroom Double Vanity For Small Spaces

This bathroom designed in bold colours is perfect if you want some double vanity ideas for small bathrooms. The sleek double vanity comes with two sinks and a cabinet with drawers to store your toiletries in a clutter-free manner. The black and orange colour combination creates a striking contrast and is exceptionally eye-catchy. The small shower unit is separated from the vanity unit pot with a clear glass partition. This helps in keeping the bathroom clean and dry. When opting for dark colours like the one shown in the image, be mindful of using ample lights or else the space will look dark and gloomy. We have added some LED strip lights around the mirror and some spotlights for a well-illuminated washroom.

Orange modern bathroom double vanity creates a striking contrast
A bold and vibrant double vanity unit for the bathroom
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A Sleek Double Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity With Wooden Accents

Light wood accents are best for lending warmth to your interiors without making them look jazzy. If you like sleek designs and clean lines, you will fall in love with this design. You can add two bowl sinks and some cabinets and drawers to add functionality to the space. We have also added a laundry unit beneath the vanity unit to make it a multifunctional space. Use the floating shelves on the wall to place indoor plants and toiletries. The classic mirrors and pendant lights make the bathroom look elegant and spacious, while the grey tone adds an understated style to the entire area.

Wooden accent double bathroom vanities with tops
A stylish double vanity bathroom with smart storage

Luxurious Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Cabinets For Clutter-Free Arrangement 

This bathroom is designed in a subtle Scandinavian style and lends a luxurious vibe. The double sink bathroom vanity cabinets provide ample space for organising your toiletries and towels. The cove lights and spotlights highlight the area beautifully and add to the warmth of the space. A clean glass partition separates the shower area to keep the rest of the bathroom dry, while the bathtub helps you relax and enjoy your bathing time in peace and tranquillity. Add a floor rug in front of the vanity unit to avoid slippery floors and enhance the cosy quotient of your luxurious bathroom.

Double sink bathroom vanity cabinets in white laminate finish with ample storage space
A luxurious and modern double vanity bathroom layout

Industrial-Style Double Basin Vanity Units For The Bathroom

Industrial-style bathrooms are gaining popularity, especially with young urban couples, because of their bold yet minimalistic look and rugged feel. This black double vanity bathroom comes with two stylish round mirrors and two sinks with cabinets beneath. The stone bowl sink and brass fittings add an earthiness to the entire decor. We have added a glass shower cabin to organise the space better and make the cleaning process easy for you. You can use the area beneath the vanity to keep your laundry basket. Complete the look with some indoor plants and industrial-style lighting and accents. This bathroom design is sleek and will lend a posh look to your space.

Double sink bathroom vanity in industrial style bold yet minimalistic look
An industrial-style bathroom with earthy tones

We hope you enjoyed the unique double vanity bathroom layout ideas and will make an informed decision while incorporating them into your bathroom. If you need any further guidance or want an expert designer for your home interiors, do give us a call. Our designers will help you with personalised design solutions and provide end-to-end design solutions for a hassle-free makeover of your home. So, book a free consultation today! For more such interior design ideas, check out the rest of our blogs.

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