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5 Industrial Bathroom Ideas To Transform Your Space


Industrial-style bathrooms are a force to reckon with. Here are six design ideas that prove the same!

If you’re thinking of giving your bathroom a revamp, an industrial bathroom idea could be it for you. 

The industrial style has made a comeback in recent years, and it’s changing the interior design space for good. Characterised by exposed bricks, pipes, metalwork, and dark colours and raw materials, this style is inspired by the factories and warehouses that emerged after the Industrial Revolution in the West.

The interior design style has evolved over the years, and what we see currently is mostly a mix of modern and industrial. But it still works like a charm in giving an edgy but classy look to spaces.

The thought of an industrial bathroom itself sounds exciting and must have opened the doors of your imagination. Let’s explore how you can experiment with this style!

Get The Best Of Both Worlds With A Modern Industrial Bathroom 

A departure from the traditional industrial bathroom, this design is modern in every sense of the word. But it still gives off an industrial feel — given its dark colour scheme. 

Colours like grey, black, white and brown are the staples of the industrial style. And this bathroom skillfully uses a combination of white and grey — it features textured grey wall tiles while the floor tiles, fixtures and cabinets are all white. 

The indirect lighting further brings out the wall design and gives it a raw, rustic look. 

This bathroom design idea is ideal for you if you like darker shades or want a touch of the vintage in your bathroom while still keeping it modern. 

Industrial Bathroom Lighting Works Its Magic

This gorgeous bathroom design features soft grey tiles that give the space a calming and soothing feel right from the outset. The wooden flooring, dark grey cabinet and white bathroom fixtures perfectly add to the whole vibe of the space. 

But what lends this design an industrial look are the stunning pendant lights. Pendant lights are the distinguishing features of the industrial style. 

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Now, this bathroom could’ve looked pretty ordinary had it not been for the lights — they enhance its look and add a bit of extravagance to the space. The black framing around the mirror is another element inspired by the industrial style. 

All in all, a bathroom design idea like this is great if you’re someone who likes to keep things simple but would go for a statement piece in their bathroom — to bring some change and newness. 

A Sleek, Minimalistic Industrial Bathroom 

This bathroom design is again an excellent example of the modern industrial style. It has a new and contemporary feel to it, but if you look closely, many of its features are inspired by industrial designs.

The exposed plumbing, the large window with black panes and the black-framed mirror are some of those features. Moreover, the design is minimalistic and straightforward, which is a trademark of the industrial style. 

This design shows that you can choose industrial style features in your bathroom while keeping it modern. The result will be a never-before-seen and unique bathroom design that will leave everybody in awe. 

A Chic And Spacious Modern Industrial Bathroom

Here’s another stunning bathroom design that is sure to attract you. The double sink, the wooden cabinet, and especially the oval-shaped mirrors instantly catch the eye. 

Not to forget the wooden stool that acts as a fantastic addition to the bathroom design. It’s a great place to keep essentials and gives a unique touch to the room. 

But at the same time, the open space, the vastness of the washroom, the airy feel, and the use of dark colours — all give it an industrial edge. The taps also have an old-school vibe to them. Moreover, the bathroom also features an oversized window, another characteristic feature of the industrial style. 

Given how chic it looks, this bathroom design is perfect for young couples. Even if you live alone, you can recreate this design as per your needs. All in all, a room like this will totally uplift the look of your home and impress visitors. 

Use Dark Shades In Your Bathroom To Bring An Industrial Touch

In today’s time, people rarely give their rooms unfinished and raw looks or choose salvaged materials to create and decorate spaces — unless that’s their taste. 

But that doesn’t mean the industrial style is dead. In fact, that’s far from the truth. The style has only evolved and taken a slightly newer form. 

If you want to give your bathrooms an industrial touch, you can always opt for darker shades — without using all the elements of the style and giving your bathrooms an unfinished, retro look. 

Here, we see that the bathroom is, for the most part, on the modern side. But the dark-grey shower unit — besides providing an excellent contrast — gives off the same feel and vibe you would get from an industrial bathroom. There’s also a light-coloured, wooden door which again gives a raw touch to the space. 

These five chic and stunning bathroom design ideas are notable examples of how you can use the industrial style, or parts of it, to enhance your bathroom space and make it different from the ordinary.

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Everyone uses the same basic designs and colours in their bathrooms, but the industrial style will help you bring in an element of newness and oomph to your space. This idea is meant for you if you’re daring, experimental, and want to give your bathroom and home an exciting touch. 

And you need not worry. Our designers at Design Cafe can help you implement these design ideas and bring your love for the vintage to life. You can get in touch with our designers to take things forward today!

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