Editor’s Choice: Glass Centre Table Designs For A Glamourous Living Room

by Nikita Keshwani | January 12, 2024 | 5 mins read

Glass centre table for living room

A collection of glass-top centre table design ideas that will add a luxurious sheen to your living room and become the centre of attention!

Of all the decorative items you can add to your living room interiors, the centre table is definitely the most important. After all, your sofa and other seating arrangements are always focused towards the centre table. It’s not only aesthetically important for the living space but also functionally valuable.

If you’re trying to make a small living room appear more spacious or want to add an element of glam to a dull living space — a glass centre table is your best bet. It reflects light and brings a sense of openness to a busy space. Moreover, the sheen of a glass-top table will make your living room look swanky and stylish. 

How To Pick The Right Centre Table Shape For Your Living Room?

While most people instinctively choose a rectangular centre table, we suggest exploring other shapes to amp up the style quotient of your living room. For boxy sectional sofas, it’s best to go with a round glass centre table. They break the monotony of the sharp sofa structure and add smoothness to the living room. Plus, their soft edges make them absolutely safe for families with small children.

Rectangular centre tables look lovely with standard-sized sofas. On the other hand, a square centre table with a glass top fits well in living rooms with large sofas or when different types of seating arrangements are assembled together. A glass teapoy table, also known as a three-legged table which is often triangular, is ideal for a loveseat and adds a cosy inviting vibe. 

Now that we’ve looked at the common centre table shapes, let’s dive right into some of the most gorgeous glass centre table designs for the living room. They are practical, functional and perfect to elevate the visual appeal of your living room. Let’s go! 

Square Glass Centre Table For A Modern Living Room

Time to make your pretty living room look even prettier! With this trendy square centre table with a glass top, your living room would never look like it’s missing something. Its stylised free-form base in a matte brown makes it look like a showpiece by itself. We love the striking contrast it creates against the dark-coloured sectional sofa. The best part? Its rounded edges make it safe for busy households with small kids playing around.

Square centre table with glass top for modern living room
An artistic free-flowing glass centre table design
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Round Glass Centre Table With Gold Accents

Go one step ahead and add a touch of gold to your round centre table for an extra dose of charm and elegance. This round centre table design with a glass top and styled metal legs in gold is a classy addition to this visually busy living room bursting with colours and prints. It saves the room from seeming too cramped with its simple looks. The addition of a small side table in the exact same design keeps things subtle in this eclectic living room.

Glass top round center table with metal legs in gold colour
Simple glass-top round table for visually busy spaces

A Simple Wooden Centre Table With Glass Top

Did you know you can enhance the look of a basic wooden table by just layering it up with glass? Yes, it’s that easy! Check out how this wooden centre table goes from simple to stylish when topped up with glass. It opens up the living room by reflecting light and makes the table more functional too. You can use the gap between the glass layer and the table to stash your favourite books and magazines.

Simple wooden centre table with glass top for indian living room
A rectangular centre table for Indian living rooms

A Minimalistic Glass-Top Centre Table Design

For those who love a simple, uncluttered lifestyle, we recommend this clear glass centre table design. The small round glass top looks particularly classy when paired with the metal support structure in silver grey. The metal legs are cleverly matched to the sofa legs, which makes it a minimalist’s delight. Its neat design devoid of any bright features adds interest to this compact living room without overwhelming the space.

Minimalist glass top center table in modern and sleek furniture design
A sleek glass centre table for an uncluttered look

Glass Teapoy Table Design For Compact Living Rooms

This kaleidoscopic living room with a combination of neutral and bright colours has a glass teapoy table resting in the middle with a soft, lavish carpet beneath. Considering the living room is compact, the petite size of the glass-top table is a perfect addition for creating a warm and inviting nook. Influenced by urbanity, this teapoy glass centre table lends style to the living room without being in your face while also being a functional piece of furniture.

Glass teapoy table design for compact living room
Add a quirky element with a glass-top teapoy table
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An Eye-Catching Modern Black Glass Centre Table Design

You don’t need to limit yourself to just plain clear glass for your centre table. Various tinted glass options are available in different shades that can add eccentricity to your space. For instance, this modern living room has a rectangular black glass centre table with curved edges. Use it to place your hot cup of coffee as you sit back, relax and binge-watch your favourite shows after a long day’s work. The unmatched allure of black makes it a great choice for a centre table while the design is sure to catch your guests’ attention the minute they step into your living room.

Black glass center table for modern living room
A slick black glass centre table for modern homes

And with that, we’ve come to the end of this glass centre table design series. These centre table designs are practical and can make even a plain living room stand out. So take your pick and start decorating! For more information on how to find the best centre table for your space or to explore more designs, connect with our design experts today!

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