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This World Tourism Day, Get Going With These 6 Travel-Themed Decor Ideas

Travel wall decor ideas for your home

Simple tips to incorporate your love for travel into your lovely haven

Travel liberates our souls and gives us a chance to meet our authentic selves. It helps us know about the world around us and connect with the universe. It sets your mind free and rejuvenates your core. The experiences, feelings and memories stay with you for life and become your lifetime treasure. 

On the other hand, home is where our heart lies. It is the ultimate haven where you feel comfortable, uninhibited and free. 

Why not decorate your home with some unique travel-inspired home decor that will help reaffirm your love for travel in the comfort of your home?

So, if you find yourself caught in a nine-to-five job with no time for travel or if this pandemic has forced you to postpone your travel plans indefinitely, these travel-inspired home decor ideas are sure to make your life a little easier. These ideas will not just give your home an all-new makeover but also satisfy the vagabond in you. Read along to explore these breathtaking ideas.

Travel Wall Decor To Embrace Your Love For Wildlife

Ignite your love for jungle safaris with this forest-themed mural and some rustic decor elements in your living room. The mural showcasing wildlife will bring a serene and calming vibe to your living space and become the focal point of your home interiors. You can also add a solid wood coffee table with the form and shape of the log kept intact. This is an excellent idea to bring in some natural elements in their core form. This travel art wall decor not just elevates the look of your home by several notches but also helps transport your mind into the wild whenever you feel exhausted because of your busy schedule and want to spend some time in the lap of nature. 

Travel themed wall decor to embrace your love for wildlife
Go bold with jungle-themed travel wall decor

The World Map Is A Stunning Travel Wall Decor For The Living Room

Most travellers feel that they belong nowhere as the entire world belongs to them. Opt for a textured map on your living room’s accent wall if you connect with that feeling and want to lend a piece of your vagabond soul to your home interiors. This is an excellent way of showing off your love for travel and exploration while adding a statement to your home interiors. Add a sectional sofa and a hexagonal coffee table to infuse a comforting aura in your living room. We have added some floating shelves beside the entertainment unit where you can showcase your travel souvenirs and some knick knacks that you might have picked up while travelling around the world.

Travel themed wall decor that has a World map on it
Travel wall decor ideas that display your passion
Do you want a living room that is lively and livable

Create A Beautiful Photo Gallery To Relive Your Travel Memories

Let your walls speak your heart; now, you can transform your wall into a lively photo gallery, showcasing all your lifetime memories. This travel-inspired room decor is perfect for reliving your travel memories with friends and family. You can use trail lights and spotlights on the false ceiling to bring attention to your photo gallery. Add an accent chair, a camelback sofa and a faux fur floor rug where you can sit comfortably and gaze at those images and time travel to those fond memories with your friends and family. We recommend you go with a light pastel colour scheme for your living room and let your photo gallery take centre stage of your home interior design.

Travel themed wall decor that has a photo gallery of your travel memories
Relive fond memories with this travel art decor idea

A Beautiful Urban Jungle To Enjoy Some Cosy Time In The Lap Of Nature

Breathe in a tropical ambience in your travel-inspired decor and enjoy some fresh forest amidst the concrete jungle around you. The indoor plants fill your space with a lovely lush green and a splash of freshness. This backyard is excellent for spending some time with your favourite books, a cup of hot coffee and some fun catching up with your family and friends. Add a rattan sofa set with cushions for a comfortable seating arrangement. You can opt for a lift-up coffee table with storage beneath to keep your books in an organised manner — a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. You can also add a macrame wall hanger to elevate the look of the space. Opt for wooden or terracotta flooring. These are anti-slippery and match the decor theme seamlessly.

Travel themed decor ideas for your balcony
Cosy travel-themed decor ideas for your balcony

Travel Bedroom Decor To Lend A Chic Look To Your Space

This travel-inspired bedroom decor idea is stylish, chic and has a trendy playful vibe. It is perfect if you have a teenager at home or if you love easy-going, fun and simple decor ideas for your home. You can choose some travel quotes for the wallpaper, a city skyline, a landscape or a section of the world map where you love to go or dream of travelling. Accessorise the wall with some hooks to hang your bags, daily essentials or accessories. This adds layers to your travel-themed interiors while adding extra space to organise your stuff. We have placed a travel bag that adds to the travel theme while providing some additional storage. This travel wall decor idea is an intelligent way of adding storage space to your home while lending a subtle quirkiness to your bedroom interiors.

Travel themed decor for your bedroom that lend a chic look
A quirky travel-inspired decor idea for some fun

A Patio Bar Design To Lend A Holiday Vibe To Your Home

Miss the times when you would go for fun trips with your best friends and spend the whole day at the beach with a bottle of chilled beer? Now you can enjoy a beach or staycation vibe on your own patio with our travel theme decor ideas. This covered patio with a wooden ceiling is designed with an elaborate bar set-up for you to show off your wine collections and grab some beer, and chill on a lazy Sunday. The rattan furniture and two tall chairs beside the bar counter provide ample seating options for your guests. Place some tall plants to add to the tropical vibe of the space. Stick to simple, minimalistic decor for a serene yet luxurious vibe. 

Travel inspired decor that adds staycation vibe
Travel-inspired home decor ideas for a staycation vibe

We hope your search for holiday-themed decor ideas ends here. Now you can transform your home into a traveller’s paradise with these lovely travel-inspired home decor ideas. If you need any more assistance, want some guidance regarding home interiors or are keen to create more space in your home and lead a clutter-free life, our designers are here to help. Book a free consultation now to unveil exclusive offers, excellent design options and hassle-free services. And for more such exciting interior design ideas, check out our other blogs.

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