Top Bathroom Design Trends For 2023 That Are Making A Splash

by Sreya Dasgupta | June 30, 2023 | 8 mins read

Latest bathroom 2021 trends for your home

Bathroom is a space where you relax and rejuvenate, bring in a touch of luxury to the most personal space of yours with the latest bathroom designs of 2023.

Your bathroom is a space where you spend maximum time with yourself; a place to relax, rejuvenate and be your own self. Every one of us wants a bathroom that is luxurious, smart and above all comforting. We have curated a list of nine fabulous and trendy bathroom designs that are beautiful, functional, and can work well in small homes too. From chic trends to vintage styles, from pastel shades to an industrial look, these designs are trendy yet timeless. So if you are looking for bathroom trends for 2023 for small or big spaces these designs will inspire you to revamp this area immediately. Now that you know how the bathroom trends of 2022 are different from the bathroom trends of 2023.

All-Time Classic Trend: Black And White Is Always In Fashion

Black is a timeless beauty. It makes a bold statement yet is simple. In this bathroom, we see the elegant design, clean lines, intelligent use of space and ample storage all of which makes this bathroom design perfect for small homes. A glass partition between the shower unit and vanity helps keep your bathroom dry and clean. If you are looking for some trendy tile designs for your bathroom (and with anti-skid properties) then you must opt for those made from slate. They look stylish and create a striking contrast with white tiles.

Trending bathroom colors in white and black
Black and white colour scheme is timeless and makes a bold statement to your bathroom

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Trendy Bathroom Tiles To Give Your Bathroom Design A Chic Look

Looking for some trendy bathroom tiles? Try some stylish tile designs. You can choose slate tiles like we mentioned earlier or go with hexagonal tiles. The latter makes for an interesting geometric pattern and looks striking too. You can use it for the entire wall or just for the shower area and use marble in the remaining areas to balance it out. Marble adds grandeur to your bathroom and can make any space look serene. It also makes your bathroom look spacious and airy. White marble also gives your black hexagonal tiled wall a distinct look thereby making it the focal point of your bathroom.

Geometric pattern bathroom tile trends in 2023
Some trendy wall tiles that will make your bathroom look stylish and chic
Aesthetic bathroom designs that are low maintenance!

Bring In A Touch Of Nature To Your Bathroom

Why restrict nature to your balcony or garden when you can bring it right into your bathroom? Sounds fascinating? Well it is. Now just because we are staying indoors during the pandemic does not mean we cannot be close to nature. Bring a bit of nature home by using turfgrass or natural grass on the backsplash to make your bathroom feel and look as fresh as a garden. Throw in a few LED strip lights to illuminate the space beautifully. You can also add potted plants if you have extra space, like on a window sill, to add to the visual drama.

Bathroom 2023 trend inspired by nature
A splash of nature can beautify your bathroom and make it look trendy

Some Elegant Lighting Option To Jazz Up Your Bathroom

You just cannot leave out lighting when it comes to trendy bathroom decor. They play a pivotal role in the bathroom design trends for 2023. Chandlers or pendant lights make a stunning style statement and can never go wrong. They brighten up spaces beautifully and serve the purpose of functionality as well. A well lit bathroom is a must to prevent falls or accidents. You can also use spotlights on your false ceiling if you need additional lighting, especially if your bathroom is really big. Our design experts say that designer pendant lights are in vogue this season. And if you do choose to bring in statement fixtures then make sure to keep your interiors simple so they stand out.

Bathroom interior design trends in 2023 that points towards a elegant lighting
Luxe lighting is in vogue to enhance the look of your bathroom and make a statement

A Floating Vanity Unit Is Trendy And Functional

This year functionality mixed with dollops of aesthetics is trending the interior design charts. With apartment sizes getting smaller smart storage solutions are the need of the hour for a clutter-free space. If you want your bathroom to stay neat and tidy all year long then do add a floating vanity unit as part of its interior design. It provides ample space to organise your toiletries and personal care essentials. The area beneath frees up floor space making cleaning a hassle-free experience. You can also use this space to keep your laundry baskets, waste bins or bins to store extra linen. 

A bathroom with a blue floating vanity design
A floating vanity unit adds a stylish look to your bathroom and saves space too

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Checkered Floor Tiles Are Trending In 2023

Checkered floors look absolutely stylish on the bathroom floor. They break the monotony of space make a striking impression to anyone that used this area. Want more drama? Add a brick cladding wall to the space, a large mirror and some pendant lights in your bathroom’s interiors. Try contrasting colours for your walls and a small tiled backsplash like the one in this image here if you want to make a stylish and classy statement. The dark blue and white combination used in this bathroom here accentuates the look of the checkered floor tiles beautifully. All these elements together make this space look grand!

Bathroom trends with checkered pattern floor tiles
Checkered floor tiles make bathroom spaces look grand yet edgy

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Add A Touch Of Luxury With Gold Bathroom Fittings

While brass was the talk of the town last year this year gold is winning all the way when it comes to bathroom fittings. Gold has made a huge comeback with 2023 bathroom design trends. Gold fitting can make any space dazzle so why not make your bathroom the most luxurious space of them all? You can add some wall sconces in gold to blend with your expensive gold bathroom fittings. Try bold colours for your walls to accentuate the look and make those fitting stand out like no other. White flooring will make your bathroom look clean and add a nice luxe touch to blend in harmoniously with the rest of your bathroom’s interiors.

Bathroom decorating trend with gold bathroom fittings for luxury touch
A touch of gold to your bathroom will make it look lavish and luxurious

A Vibrant Colour To Give Your Bathroom A Lively Vibe

If you are thinking of experimenting with latest master bathroom trends we have an attractive bathroom interior design for you. This one will definitely catch your eye. With vibrant colours in fashion this year a yellow tiled wall is an excellent choice. It will bring a happy and playful vibe to your bathroom. Add a wooden framed round mirror to highlight the yellow accent wall. You can also try adding Moroccan tiles on the other side to strike a perfect balance. Simple decor elements and nice lighting fixtures will stitch the look together. This bathroom looks chic and more!

Discover the hottest bathroom color trend for 2023 - a stylish combination of yellow and white
A vibrant yellow and white bathroom will lift up your mood instantly

Wooden Accents Have Made A Comeback This Year And Are Here To Stay

Embrace the warmth of wood into your bathroom with wooden shelves, wall cabinets and vanity units. They are timeless and add a nice warm touch to spaces. If hardwood not in your budget then you you can opt for wood finished laminates as well. They mimic the look of real wood and are comparatively cheap and easy to maintain. You can go with white marble flooring and walls. Bring in space saving storage so you can keep your bathroom tidy. This bathroom here is minimalistic in style and the smart storage options make it an excellent choice if you live in a small apartment.

Wooden accent in the bathroom is 2023 trend design lends a warm look.
A simple and elegant bathroom design with wooden accents
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We hope your search for “small bathroom trends 2023”, “bathroom tile trends 2023” ends here. These designs can be incorporated even in your small bathroom space. They are trendy and match your taste and preference.

If our designs have inspired you to revamp your bathroom then do book an appointment with our designers. They will help you recreate the same in your bathroom at home. Our designs are trendy and space-saving as well. So book an appointment now or walk up to our experience centres for a closer look at these designs. To know more about the design trends for 2023, check our blog section now!

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