Top 9 Bathroom Tile Design Trends 2024: All You Need To Know

by Noopur Lidbide | January 16, 2024 | 7 mins read

Latest bathroom tile trends in 2021

Stay on top of the bathroom tile trends for 2024

Bathroom design is finally getting its much-needed due and attention in recent years. Your bathroom tiles are exposed to various forces like water and heat on a more than regular basis, which makes them tricky to maintain and trickier to get right.

Bathroom tiles can be divided into floor tiles and wall tiles, and both are equally important in designing a stunning bathroom. We’ve compiled a list of the top nine bathroom tile trends of 2024 to help you pick out tiles and styles that are in vogue. Take a look!

Bathroom tiles can be divided into floor tiles and wall tiles, and both are equally important in designing a stunning bathroom. We’ve compiled a list of the top nine bathroom tile design trends of 2024 to help you pick out tiles and styles that are in vogue. Take a look! Now that you know how the bathroom tile trends of 2024 are different from the bathroom tile trends of 2023.

Graphic Patterned Bathroom Tiles Are Hot Among Latest Bathroom Tile Trends

There’s nothing uninteresting about a graphic patterned tile for the bathroom. Modern homeowners lean more and more towards bathroom tiles that add a dash of fun to their bathroom space. You can opt for bold and striking designs or go for stunning motifs to add a personalised touch to your bathroom. Here we have added floral patterned graphic tiles to lend an artistic vibe to this space.  The wood panelling on the vanity area lends a sense of warmth and adds definition to the bathroom interiors. You can add a handleless vanity unit and a mirror with led backlight to accentuate the look of your bathroom and create space for your personal care essentials.

Bathroom tiles in a graphic pattern with bold and striking design are the latest bathroom tiles trend.
Graphic tiles give your bathroom a distinct character

Matte-Finish Bathroom Tiles In Earthy Colours Are Among Bathroom Tile Trends 2024

Glossy tiles are no longer the conventional choice as per the latest bathroom tile trends. Matte tiles give a more earthy look to your bathroom and are easier to clean and maintain than glossy tiles. These are also anti-skid bathroom tiles, making them one of the top choices with homeowners and interior designers. If your bathroom doesn’t have much natural light flowing in, you must consider suitable lighting options with dark-coloured tiles like these. The floating vanity unit in white and the marble countertop creates a stunning contrast against the dark walls. Add a large mirror on the wall to make the bathroom look spacious and bright.

Bathroom tiles trends, bathroom tiles in a matte finish gives an earthy look easier to clean and maintain than glossy tiles.
Matte is the new glossy with bathroom tile designs

Subway Bathroom Tiles Are Great For Modern Pads

Subway tiles have a classic sophistication, and these timeless tiles can make their way into bathroom tiles trends for years to come. These are an excellent option for the bathroom of a bachelor pad or studio apartment. If white walls seem too monotonous for you, try adding a pop of colour with laminates as we see in this image here. The blue borders on tiles along with powder blue laminate used on the vanity unit and light fixtures cut the monotony of white. A pop of colour also brings in a cheerful vibe to the entire space.

The minimalist bathroom has subway tiles in white colour is the bathroom tile trends in 2021.
Subway tiles come in a great variety of colours and sizes

Bathroom Floor With A Wooden Finish Are The Latest Bathroom Tile Trends

Not the most conventional option for bathroom tiling for homes, wooden flooring has a quiet charm that cannot be replicated. We think that this particular bathroom tiles trend is perfect for homeowners who are sticklers about keeping the bathroom space dry and spotlessly clean at all times. The wooden floor tiles match with the wooden walls panelling and the false ceiling seamlessly blending a sense of warmth to the entire bathroom.

Latest bathroom tile trends for 2021, the bathroom floor tiles in wooden finish looks quite a charm.
Bathroom flooring looks at its classiest best with wooden flooring
Do you want a dream home with interiors that last a lifetime

Keep Your Bathroom Elegant With Marble Tiling

The elegance of marble is unmatched, and it can transcend from the floors in the rest of your house to your bathroom floors as well. Marble speaks of luxury, and in 2024 tile trends for bathrooms are softer hues of marble. The unique designs on each different marble slab make it quite a personalised tiling option for the bathroom. You can use black laminate for the vanity unit along with a black marble backsplash to create a striking contrast and take the beauty of your bathroom up by several notches.

The latest bathroom tile trends on the wall and floor is the trending tile for the bathroom.
A bathroom with marble tiling is a forever trend

Keep The Bathroom Flooring Functional And Interesting With Mosaic Tiles

Beautiful mosaic tiles for the bathroom give the space an exotic appeal and are considered to be among the top bathroom tile trends of 2024. These speckled tiles come in beautiful colours that you can mix and match to create stunning tile designs. The texture of these tiles not only adds character to the bathroom but with flooring, it also ensures that the space remains skid-proof.

Bathroom tile 2021 trend, The bathroom has mosaic tiles that give the space an exotic appeal.
Mosaic bathroom tiles and designs come in various colours and combinations

Neutrals And Whites Are Always In

Whether you think of white as playing it safe or as a forever trend for bathroom tiles, the colour and its multitude of options are here to stay. From elegant and expensive marble to affordable vitrified tiles, whites and neutrals are always going to remain a trending choice for bathroom tiles. You can opt for a light wood cabinet to lend warmth to your bathroom and cut the monotony of neutral colour tones.

Bathroom with tiles in neutral and white colour is the 2021 bathroom tile trend lends an elegant look.
Homeowners tend to prefer neutral colour palettes, especially whites, for bathroom tiles

Hexagonal Tiles Are Among The Latest Bathroom Tile Trends

Bathroom tiles in distinct geometric shapes are the new cool. These hexagonal tiles come in various sizes and colours and can splendidly transform the look of your bathroom. The large mirror and a floating wall mounted vanity to elevate the functionality for your bathroom without compromising on the floor space. The bathtub adds luxe to your bathroom and helps you enjoy a rejuvenating bath after a long day of work.

Bathroom tiles trends, A bathroom with tiles in distinct geometric shapes transforms the look of the area.
Geometric shapes have found their way into the bathroom tile design guide for 2024

Patterned Bathroom Tiles In Honed Finishes

These stunning bathroom tiles have their quiet charm. You can use muted tile finishes like these for the floor, walls as well as bathroom backsplash. The pink tiles lend a chic look while the black accents add a bold touch to the space making this the perfect bathroom tile colour combination. Add a frosted glass partition to separate the breathing area from the rest of your bathroom. This will help to keep your bathroom dry and clean.

The bathroom has pink pattern tiles in a honed finish is the bathroom tile design trends for 2021.
Matte tiles in beautiful prints are trending and for a good reason!

Apart from these, large bathroom tiles, metallic tiles and dimensional tiles have made it to the latest bathroom tile trends 2024. Here are a few things to consider and remember  while choosing bathroom tiles:

  1. Cost-effectiveness: Bathroom tiles are usually for the long haul, so your remodel does not always have to be on a budget if the tile is worth it.
  2. You can balance the floor and wall tiling in bathrooms by using different shapes, sizes and colours.
  3. Bathroom tiles must necessarily be anti-skid. Any option that you choose should fulfil this essential requirement.
  4. The style that you pick should strike a balance with the functionality too. Are the tiles stunning but extremely difficult to maintain? Then they’re a big no-no!
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Which one of these bathroom tile designs is your personal favourite?

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