Better Together: 8 Best Colour Combinations For Home

by Noopur Lidbide | January 16, 2024 | 5 mins read

Best colour combinations for home

Some usual and unusual colour combinations for your home, all of which are really cool!

They say marriages are made in heaven. If you have the right partner, the ‘couple’ is stronger than the individuals by miles. This applies to colours too. The right colour combination resembles a glue that holds your style, your furniture, your decor and your entire space in perfect harmony. Choosing a unique colour combination for your home can be tricky. Let us help make it easy for you. Here are eight best colour combinations for home — creative ideas that will make your space look absolutely stunning!

Aqua And Dusty Pink As Best Colour Combinations For Home

Contrasting colours, both aqua and dusty pink are not over the top individually. The colour aqua serves as a bright yet balanced background for the living room. The cool hues of aqua are complemented by the warm tones of dusty pink. Even though the colours in this combination are contrasting, they are balanced with the help of the otherwise neutral palette in the rest of the room.

Living room in aqua and pink are best colour combination for home
Aqua and dusty pink make for a surprisingly soothing colour combination
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Cherry Red And Grey As Best Colour Combinations For Home

Cherry red and grey make for one of the best colour combinations for home when you are going for a luxurious look. Cherry red is largely used for the furnishings in this modern apartment and the use of rich materials adds a luxurious appeal to it. With a colour like cherry red, you need something that accepts the dominance of the bold colour instead of challenging it — something that the colour grey provides with ease.

Living cum dining area in cherry red and grey is latest colour combination for home
This colour combination adds grandeur even to smaller spaces

Green And Brown As Best Colour Combinations For Home

These colours are classic, having taken inspiration from the best. The warmth of the brown of the wood and the soothing green of the leaves is one of the best colour combinations for home that you know is flawless on account of nature using it liberally. The textural elements for the green wall, the brown flooring, the furniture and decor help add character to this natural colour scheme.

A Green and brown living room is the best colour combination for home
Taking inspiration straight from nature, this colour combination is a winner

Green And Tangerine As Best Colour Combinations For Home

Tangerine is quite a bright colour and can be splendidly used to make a bold statement. Reminiscent of orchards of citrus fruits, the deep green and tangerine make for a modern, chic-looking space. The combination of these bright and bold colours is balanced by the soothing neutral grey.

Room coloured in green and tangerine is the latest colour combination for home
Unusual colour combinations for the home look great when used in moderation

Mint And Green As Best Colour Combinations For Home

‘Fresh’ is the word to describe what is in our opinion one of the best colour combinations for home. The various shades of green, particularly mint, add extremely soothing vibes to this modern living room. If you are in a dilemma about using different hues of the same colour for your house, let this colour combination be a guiding light in getting the job done well.

Two colour combinations for home- living room in mint and green combination gives a bold look
Would you have thought that varying shades of green could look this beautiful?

Pistachio And Grey As Best Colour Combinations For Home

Grey along with pistachio make for a very sophisticated colour combination, well-suited for a bedroom. The blue-grey hue of the wall is enhanced by the pistachio hue of the bed linen. You can always incorporate a colour combination in elements like decor or furnishings — this allows you to keep your options open whenever you wish to change how your space looks.

Home colour combination for bedroom with pistachio and grey lends a sleek look.
Pistachio is a sought-after colour for modern homes and it pairs well with grey
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Teal And Grey As Best Colour Combinations For Home

If you are wondering how to choose a colour combination for home when most of the palette comprises neutral colours, you might want to consider an option like this one. The minimal use of teal in combination with grey has the effect of adding luxury and sophistication to this living room.

Two colour combinations for home living cum dining area in teal and grey
A bright pop of teal is exactly what grey walls need

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Pastel Yellow And Blue As Best Colour Combinations For Home

This latest colour combination for home is as basic as it can get, but also is beautiful. The dining room is primarily pastel yellow, comprising an elegant yellow wallpaper, dainty chequered curtains and upholstered chairs with yellow backs. The chequered blue for the dining table chairs and the subtle hint of the colour in the wallpaper design make this one of the best colour combinations for home.

Dining room in pastel yellow and blue is a beautiful colour combination for home with a chandelier
These elementary colours can work wonders when put together

With these different colour combinations that work well together, you can see that they support each other, challenge each other or complement each other. The best colour combinations for home are the ones that take into account the overall look that you are trying to achieve with the design. You can adjust proportions, add supporting colours or introduce different textures for better and versatile results. While we are on great colour combinations, you might want to check out these Colour Combinations For Living Room.

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