The Qarpentri Advantage: Modular Home Interiors With Unmatched Style And Quality

by Nikita Keshwani | January 16, 2024 | 8 mins read

Qarpentri modular interiors exceed local carpenters in style & quality

Move over from average looking traditional furniture because it’s time to deck up your home with modular furniture by Qarpentri.

Finding the right furniture for your home can be a daunting task, especially when you want modular furniture pieces that accommodate all your specific needs. Most people turn to local carpenters for their home interior needs, but unfortunately, the experience is not always pleasant. Many of us have been left frustrated when carpenters promise the world but fail to deliver even a decent product. 

Whether it is low-quality plywood that falls apart after a short period of time or the constant delays in timelines and ever-increasing budgets — the experience can hardly ever count as pleasant. And to top it all, the end result is often a far cry from what you had in mind. Even if you get exactly what you had asked for, there is no warranty on the modular furniture and you will be left chasing them for every small issue.

Introducing Qarpentri

Qarpentri by DesignCafe is India’s first D2C brand of modular furniture that offers stylish and functional made-to-measure furniture at revolutionary prices. Qarpentri makes finding perfect home interior solutions quick and effortless for every Indian homeowner. In addition to this, the price points ensure you get the best quality at great value for money. With modular kitchens starting at Rs. 49,999, and home interior packages starting at 73,199, our products are the most affordable in the market.

Convenience Delivered

It can be painful to invest in furniture that doesn’t fit your space or accommodates all your storage needs. This is why Qarpentri offers factory-made modular furniture units that are designed to fit your space and delivered directly to your home. This means on-spot design and measurements along with quick and mess-free installations.

Quality Guaranteed

Unlike carpenters, or even local and online furniture stores, Qarpentri comes with a 5-year warranty on all its modular furniture. How is Qarpentri able to offer this? Because of its Certified DC Gold plywood manufactured in-house from eucalyptus core. Since all the products are made in the Qarpentri factory and dispatched only after a stringent quality check, you can rest assured about their quality and longevity. No carpenter can give this assurance of durability or even provide any proof of quality.

Are you looking for a modular kitchen on a budget?

What Goes Inside A Qarpentri Product?

Here’s how Qarpentri outshines the competition and sets itself apart from local carpenters:

1. High-Quality

Every Qarpentri product you order is made from superior quality certified plywood and branded hardware and accessories sourced from the best manufacturers. The plywood is pressure cooker tested to ensure the high strength and longevity of furniture. Qarpentri modular furniture is made from eucalyptus plywood which is naturally resistant to termites and borers. This positions Qarpentri way above all its competitors who offer white-labelled plywood furniture.

Qarpentri offers better products than local carpenters in Bangalore
Enliven your space with Qarpentri’s modular furniture

2. Warranty

This is one of the most important aspects to consider when you are comparing whether to work with a carpenter or Qarpentri. A carpenter gives you a verbal commitment of service and warranty for a maximum of 1 year. Whereas with Qarpentri, you get a 5-year warranty certificate along with a dedicated maintenance team. So help is just a call away. Although with Qarpentri’s record, you may hardly need help (wink)!

No warranty from local carpenter near you? qarpentri offers 5yrs for home interiors
Enjoy a 5-year warranty on your modular kitchen

3. Quality Check

When you work with a local modular kitchen carpenter or a wardrobe carpenter, you can never be too sure of the end product. Furthermore, you have to perform an in-depth quality check after receiving your modular furniture. Since you may be unaware of how exactly to verify quality, it is possible to miss out on many inconsistencies. But with Qarpentri’s 51 stringent quality checks that are monitored by the Head of Operations, you can sit back and relax as you are buying a brand that will last for years to come.

51 quality checks for Qarpentri, not for local modular kitchen or wardrobe carpenters
Assured quality checks at every step of production

4. Affordable Prices

The furniture market is highly cluttered with a broken supply chain that rewards middlemen or distributors. When you buy a modular furniture unit, you indirectly pay for the contractor, the retailer and the distributor. The margins involved at each stage make the price points very hefty. Qarpentri removes all the middlemen to make products available directly at factory prices. This makes buying from Qarpentri 25% cheaper than your average contractor. The best part? All prices are inclusive of delivery and installation!

Qarpentri home interiors 25% cheaper than local contractors nearby
Save 25% on your modular home interiors with Qaprentri

5. Made-To-Measure

One of the biggest reasons why Qarpentri is way ahead in the game is that it doesn’t offer you a standard-size product. You get a free on-site consultation post which your Qarpentri modular furniture is made to measure and will fit your wall sizes as required. This means each piece of furniture is an exact fit for your space. So there will be no awkward gaps or missing units making it look like the furniture doesn’t do justice to the space. Here’s an example of how we turn your civil kitchen into a highly functional, attractive, and made-to-measure Qarpentri kitchen.

Transform your kitchen into a qarpentri-made modular kitchen, functional & attractive space
A civil kitchen turned into a Qarpentri kitchen
Can't find the right sized modular kitchen?

6. Quick Delivery

Today, getting modular furniture for your home takes nothing less than 2 months! Carpenters promise delivery in 30-40 days but often keep pushing the deadline and take up to 60 days. As far as other modular brands are concerned, you’ll find the delivery timelines to be around 45-60 days. But when it comes to Qarpentri, DesignCafe’s decades of experience in the home interiors industry has made it easy to manufacture exceptional modular furniture in half the time. Yes! Qarpentri comes with an assured 15-day delivery model. Now that’s lightning fast!

Qarpentri: 15-day delivery assured; carpenters: 30-40 days promised but delay
From factory to your home in just 15 days

7. Experience

Qarpentri relies heavily on the observations made by DesignCafe’s experts over years of working with thousands of customers. So every modular unit is designed with careful consideration of customer needs and pain points. Not just this, the experts at Qarpentri deep-dived into 100 homes across cities to understand what the average Indian consumer looks for to complete their homes. Based on this, Qarpentri’s catalogue was designed for civil kitchens, semi-modular kitchens and wardrobes as well, making it just as easy as to get a modular kitchen or wardrobe. This makes the modular furniture at Qarpentri highly relevant for all kinds of home interior requirements.

Qarpentri's modular furniture: designed for customer needs and pain points
Modern designs created after extensive research

8. Variety

Qarpentri, being driven by innovation, offers a wide range of stunning modular designs for your home interiors. This includes everything from wardrobes with multiple door options, to wardrobes with loft, functional modular kitchens, and smart storage units. Regardless of your family size or age group, you will find a large assortment of modular as well as semi-modular units to cater to all your needs. Available in a multitude of colours and designs, Qarpentri’s home interior solutions will leave you spoilt for choice.

Qarpentri has better modular designs and finishes than local interior carpenters
Get stunning options in a wide variety of finishes

9. Attention To Detail

At Qarpentri, a lot of thought goes into creating the most effective and well-researched units. There’s nothing in a Qarpentri product that will fail to be of benefit to the homeowner. For instance, Qarpentri modular kitchens come with a hob unit with 3 wire baskets. As you can see in this image, an orga tray has been added in the first drawer to help with keeping your cutlery, cooking ladles, and spoons well-organised. The second and third drawer help in neatly stacking plates, bowls, pots, and pans.

Efficient and organized qarpentri modular kitchens with a hob unit
Thoughtfully designed modular units for high utility
Check out our wardrobes with lofts in stunning colours

10. Attractive Packages

Qarpentri offers curated packages for 1BHK and 2BHK modular home interiors starting as low as Rs. 73,199 and Rs. 1,14,999. These packages not only include essential furniture options like modular kitchens and wardrobes but also offer valuable storage units for extra space. These storage units enhance the look and functionality of your home and offer additional storage space. You can choose from a diverse range of TV units, shoe racks, crockery units, and side units to complete the look of your home.

Factory made modular kitchen design by qarpentri
Get high value for money with Qarpentri packages

With all that Qarpentri offers, it’s hard to find a better way to reduce the cost of your home without compromising on the looks and functionality. So if your recent searches have been a wardrobe carpenter near me or a factory-made modular kitchen, Qarpentri’s modular furniture could just be what you need. Visit Qarpentri to see for yourself the collection it offers at rates that are 25% cheaper than the average contractor. The integrated technology enhances the customer experience by making it simple for customers to browse modular furniture options online and place an order for their homes.

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