Settling The Carpenter Vs Interior Designer Debate: Why Qarpentri And Not A Carpenter?

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 21, 2024 | 5 mins read

Qarpentri vs local carpenters - understanding the real differences

Your home deserves the best furniture! Here are the benefits of hiring an interior designer to help you choose wisely and live happily.

When thinking about buying furniture for your home, you may be wondering whether to hire a local carpenter or opt for a modular furniture brand. While carpenters may seem like an affordable option, there are several myths surrounding their work that may not always be true. In this blog, we will explore some of these myths and show you why opting for a modular furniture brand like Qarpentri is a better choice for your home.

Myth: Local Carpenters Near Me Are The Best Option For Furniture 

Reality: While local carpenters near you may seem like a convenient option, they may not always have the professional expertise or experience required for modular furniture. We at Qarpentri, on the other hand, have a team of professional designers who have studied customer pain points for over eight years through DesignCafe and added every modular unit thoughtfully after detailed research and observation. Moreover, our experts at Qarpentri did detailed research into 100 homes across cities to find the most essential sizes and features of modular furniture so we could give you home interiors that match your need and preference.

Why choosing qarpentri over carpenters near me for home interiors
Design your dream home with branded modular furniture
Check out our wardrobes with lofts in stunning colours

Myth: Interior Carpenters Near Me Offer The Same Quality As Qarpentri

Reality: While some interior carpenters may offer similar services, they may not always have the same level of expertise or quality of materials and finishes that we provide. We use high-quality plywood sourced from plantations in Kerala. These are pressure-tested and Certified DC Gold. Thus our services come with 5 years of warranty and require minimal maintenance.

Qarpentri offers higher quality materials and finishes compared to the local carpenters near you.
Modular furniture from Qarpentri has a 5-year warranty

Myth: Factory-Made Civil And Semi-Modular Kitchen Won’t Fit In My Home

Reality: The Qarpentri catalogue is built to suit the modular kitchen and wardrobe. All the units are made-to-measure and fit the wall sizes and requirements of your home. This helps in creating the perfect modular furniture that fits your space beautifully, improves your home’s functionality and helps elevate your lifestyle too. A carpenter also wants you to believe that fillers are unnecessary and waste spaces. But in reality, carpenters just leave the back of the panels and edges unfinished and hand-paint it to save cost. We use fillers as they are essential to align the edges of the units to the wall. So you get a perfect finish.

Custom modular kitchen, wardrobes by qarpentri, not available from carpenter in bangalore
Qarpentri products are made-to-measure for each client

Myth: Local Carpenters Are Cost-Effective Compared To Qarpentri

Reality: Local carpenters may seem like a cost-effective solution initially. But what you have to deal with is the hidden cost and the market price fluctuations of raw materials. So you end up paying unnecessary hidden costs which makes the end price way higher than what you had thought initially. But thanks to Qarpentri’s factory-to-home model, all our products are built in our own factory and delivered directly to your home. So there is no room for any additional expenses or price fluctuations.

Local carpenters are not always cost-effective compared to qarpentri
Say no to hidden costs with Qarpentri

Myth: You Should Compromise On Work Quality If You Can’t Wait

Reality: When thinking of opting for doing your home interiors, one of the crucial things is on-time delivery. All of us have the enthusiasm to enter our dream home as soon as possible. But when working with local carpenters, we have no say in the timeline. Moreover, we have to also compromise on the quality of work or finish in the worst situations. But with Qarpentri, you can rest assured that your home will be delivered in 15 days. And with all the expertise of designers and high-quality materials, there is no room for compromise when it comes to the quality of materials, finishes or designs.

Qarpentri delivers home interiors in 15 days, but not by local carpenters near bangalore
Get your modular furniture in just 15 days
Can't find the right sized modular kitchen?

Myth: With Branded Firms, The Delivered Products Will Not Match Your Expectations

Reality: At Qarpentri, we have worked on multiple options and a wide selection of products including everything from wardrobes with multiple door options, sliding door wardrobes, functional modular kitchens, and smart storage units so that you are spoiled with choice. We also give you a free on-site consultation to help you understand what your home will look like. Moreover, you can review the 3D, made exactly to the size, before confirmation so there is no mismatch between what you see and what you get.

Qarpentri offers customized solutions with 3d visuals consultations, not by a nearby contractors
You always get what you are promised at Qarpentri

In conclusion, while there are several myths surrounding the work of carpenters and branded furniture companies, opting for a modular furniture brand like Qarpentri offers several benefits, including professional expertise, high-quality materials, thoughtful designs, 5-year warranty and after-sales service, and time and cost efficiency. By choosing Qarpentri, you can ensure that your home is furnished to the highest standards and you get the best value for your money.

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