House Compound Wall Design: Choosing From Different Types And Materials

by Anugraha Venugopal | January 21, 2024 | 4 mins read

House Compound Wall Design

Compound wall materials and designs need careful consideration. We tell you all you need to know.

The compound wall design of a house is probably the last thing most Indian homeowners focus on. Well, it’s understandable given that we spend more time inside the house. However, the compound wall offers more than just privacy and protection. It’s what makes your home seem inviting from the outside. It can even offer a hint of what to expect inside. Ready to check out compound wall designs ranging from evergreen choices to new models? Here we go.

House Compound Wall Design With Bricks

Bricks continue to be used in modern compound wall designs as homeowners want to use more natural construction elements. Even in bricks, there are modern options such as exposed bricks, brick cladding and faux brick tiles. That means you have more control over the size and shape of the material which offers the first look for your home. And so, opting for bricks for your house compound wall design seems a natural and elegant choice. 

House compound wall design with bricks
A brick compound wall decorated with creeper plants

Concrete Compound Wall Design

The availability of low-cost precast compound walls in concrete and steel has made it a go-to choice for homeowners. Not only is the construction time reduced, but its installation can also be done quickly and easily. Its factory manufacture also makes it possible to create patterns on them. So you can get new models of compound wall designs made of concrete.

White compound wall design made of concrete
Compound wall design in precast concrete

Compound Wall With Metal Grills And Lights

Ornamental compound walls are also preferred by many homeowners. This could mean compound wall designs with grills, lights or both. Usually, brick or stone walls are preferred while cement plaster is also used. For the grills, the choice is stainless or mild steel grills. Besides the grill, the use of lights can also give your home a different look. You can use it as accent lights in the middle of the walls or as equidistant lights on the wall top or even as focus lights just near the main gate.

compound wall design with grills and lights also gives your home a different look
Ornamental compound wall with grills and lights
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Wooden Compound Wall Design

Opt for wooden or wood-like laminate panels for your house compound wall design if you’re looking for rustic tones to your home’s exterior. It can replace the structural wall or be used as cladding. The benefit of wood planks is that they can even be done as a fun DIY activity. With regular polishing and minimal maintenance, the wooden wall can last longer. Alternatively, treated wood planks can also be used.

Wooden compound wall offers rustic tones to your home’s exterior
A compound wall made of wood

PVC Fencing Compound Wall 

For those who have a garden in the front yard or backyard, a fabulous design for a compound wall gate would be to use PVC. The height of the fencing can be decided based on how much privacy you need. Even if you don’t have a full garden setup, creeper plants or wall pots on the compound fence can add some privacy. You can also consider making the gate taller than the overall fence for some extra effect.

PVC compound wall fencing in white colour
PVC design for the compound wall and gate

Stone Cladding Compound Wall

Cladding is a prominent option in modern compound wall designs. Reinforcing a regular concrete wall with stone cladding adds well to the aesthetics of the home. Stones help bring a charming effect to the home on the outside. And with cladding, you also have the flexibility to decide how it should be done — a full-on design like this one or just smaller panels of the area.

Stone cladding compound wall adds well to the home's aesthetics
Stone-cladding compound walls look charming

As seen here, there are many materials used for compound walls. And a combination of these also works in some cases. As the compound wall is your house’s link to the external world, you should seek suggestions from experts to decide which material would work best. And then comes the design for the compound wall — either for the front or the entire house. Apart from the ones shown here, check out our balcony safety grill designs as they can be extended to the compound wall design. Book your appointment here to talk to our expert team.

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