Eight Balcony Safety Grill Designs For Apartments For A Secure Outdoor Space

by Noopur Lidbide | February 24, 2024 | 5 mins read

balcony safety grill designs for your home

Safety first: Take your pick from our list of balcony safety grill designs

What makes the balcony an invaluable asset to a house, and why do we tend to look more into the design, comfort level and safety of this particular area of our homes? That would be because it is cherished by everyone in the family, no matter which age group. Balconies connect us to the outdoors, which is a vital human need for those living in apartments. These spaces are for you to relax, or for practising early morning meditation and yoga; to unwind with some tea or coffee while reading; or for catching up with your daily dose of social media.

Balconies can indeed be multipurpose. As a part of the house that is accessed by people of all age groups, it is crucial that the balcony grill is given due attention during the process of designing. No matter the purpose and the user of your balcony, it needs a well-built and safe grill design. Check out these cool balcony safety grill designs for apartments.

Enclosed Balconies And Big Spaces

In such large balconies, you can use the grill design to give the look of an extended room. A fully enclosed space and solid filled grill panels ensure excellent safety. This is one of the most helpful and safe designs if you have children in your house — you will have one less thing to worry about! An additional benefit of such a safety grill design is the reduction in outside noise and disturbance.

Modern balcony safety grill designed with fully enclosed space and solid filled grill panels ensure excellent safety.
Safety grills like these create an additional room on the balcony

Classic Two-Feet Wall With A Single Safety Bar

Stunning balcony safety grill design photos look classic and the design ensures maximum safety. The simple, no-frills grill design helps in making the balcony appear like a seamless extension of the attached living room. The design appears very minimalistic, a quality that goes with every kind of home and person. It gives a frame-like outside view, and allows for sufficient ventilation.

Beautiful house balcony safety grill designed with two feet wall with a single bar looks minimal but maximum safe.
Classic safety bars are always a good idea
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Traditional Royal Pillars As Part of Balcony Safety Grill Design

This variety of balcony safety grill design never fails to charm. It does not look like a partition, but mere protective fencing. Additionally, you can just rest your foot casually in between the pillars when you are catching a break — something we all do subconsciously! The design will work especially if you live in suburban areas or homes with large balconies. You don’t have to go with a stereotypical design  — you can always explore more pillar design options!

Safety balcony grill designed with traditional pillar protection looks charming.
Traditional pillar protection looks extremely appealing in large balconies

Wooden And Artsy

For medium-size spaces and terrace-like exclusive types of the balcony, a design like this seems apt. You can have a dedicated lobby, and then a beautiful space of your own. As always, wood and plants go great together! The heightened grill/panel ensures privacy. The modern balcony safety grill design is optimised to provide you with some much required alone time with family.

Apartment balcony safety grill designed with high wooden is excellent for ensuring privacy and safety.
High wooden safety grills are great for ensuring privacy

Not-So-Messy Mesh

Mesh grills are useful in many ways — they provide safety and security, and the mesh works great for hanging decor on the balcony. The design, though applicable to any room, would be more suited for a bedroom balcony if you plan on the exact same swinging chair and colourful plants theme. Another alternative is to have a regular metal safety grill for your balcony and attach a mesh or a net separately for an additional layer of security.

Small balcony with mesh grills provides safety and security is the balcony safety grill designs for apartment.
Mesh grills are great for balconies with houses that have children and pets

Petite Spaces And Metal Safety Grills

With just enough space for a chair and a small coffee table, you don’t want to feel any more trapped. For such spaces, a balcony safety grill design that is perfect is the usual and highly apt metal grill with horizontal bars across. You can also add a glass panel to the metal grill — it not only gives an additional layer of security but also helps in making a petite home balcony look spacious.

Small modern balcony safety grill designed in metal with horizontal bars across making a petite balcony look spacious.
Metal safety grills come in various cool designs

The Classic Metal Grill

Similar to the previous metal safety grill, this design is useful for small spaces and homeowners who wish to maximise such spaces. The metallic grill enhances those otherwise plain walls. This design leaves space for a lot of experimentation: you could use various types of bars for grills, or hang some plants or lanterns on it — or keep it simple to enjoy an unobstructed view!

Small balcony safety grill designed in classic metal enhances the look of space and safety.
Classic metal grills are among the most preferred modern balcony safety grill design options
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Exquisite Balcony Safety Grill Design With Intricate Detailing

Patterns on safety grills never fail to impress! The beautiful patterns even create beautiful shadows on the floor of the balcony. The elegant design of the safety grill makes the balcony look modern and sophisticated, and opens up various possibilities for designing the rest of the space.

Minimalistic modern balcony safety grill designed in a pattern looks stylish and sophisticated.
Safety grills that make pretty-looking balconies

You can always experiment with balcony safety grill designs, but don’t forget to primarily focus on the safety aspect of the grills!

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