2023 Home Decor Colour Trends For Your Home

by Nikita Raikwar | February 23, 2024 | 5 mins read

Home Decor Colour Trends For Your Home

Want to rejuvenate your space with the perfect 2023 colour? Let us introduce you to some of the hottest colour trends in 2023 coming your way!

Our homes are all about personality and style, with functionality and aesthetics at the core. They strongly reflect our choices, our taste and how we express ourselves. While some may want to add pops of colours and pastels across their homes, other individuals would love a gentle caress of neutral timeless tones. No matter what colour and tones you gravitate towards, these latest interior colour trends for 2023 are all you need to kickstart that home interiors project.

Without further ado, let’s look into our home decor colour trends for 2023.

Knocking Out Dull Grey As A Trending Living Room Colour

With dull grey joining the colour trends bandwagon, Tasneem Arsiwala, studio manager from our Thane Experience Centre, states, “2023 will see a hearty blend of dark and bold colours. You’ll see a lot of it come to play in terms of dark fabrics, wallpapers and prints.” Seeking inspiration from Tasneem’s colour theory, this living room features a strikingly beautiful blue accent chair that pairs flawlessly with the dull grey sleeper sofa set. 

Dull grey trending colour for living room
A dash of dull grey with blue in the living room

A Gentle Sea Green Home Decor Colour Trend For Your Kitchen

Tasneem also suggests how sea green and/or bluish green hues will take the spotlight as a trending interior design colour in 2023. Her idea of bluish greens reminds us of this lovely L-shaped kitchen with a dual tone of natural wood laminate that pairs beautifully with the bluish-green finish of the base kitchen cabinets. Don’t you agree?

Sea green colour trend for kitchen
Stunning and trending bluish-green kitchen cabinets
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Chiming In With Rustic Browns And Brown Ochre For Your Bedroom

We can all agree that rustic home interior designs are a class apart. Bringing the style back this year in 2023 are two stunning colours recommended by Tasneem and Jessica Fernandis, studio head of our MGDC Experience Centre. Both our top designers recommend two famous shades of brown, namely, rustic brown and brown ochre. This beautiful bedroom plays with the industrial aesthetics that rustic brown offers as a trending wall colour for 2023. 

Rustic brown colour trends for your bedroom
Rustic brown pairs well with translucent whites

Warm Yellows For Curtains And Finishes

The latest interior colour trends don’t stop at just wall colours and furnishings, you can also give these trending colours a try in your home interiors by adding pops of them via drapes and curtains, as seen in the image, or simply with finishes and tables, like the drop-leaf table. Warm yellows will gleefully add to the trending wall colours of 2023 alongside a trending colour for key elements that make up a home. 

Warm yellow colour trends for curtains
Mustard yellows are like bright pops of joy

Neutral Tones As Trending Wall Colours For Your Home

Jessica says, “Neutral tones will pave way into 2023 whilst playing with colours in textures, fabrics and patterns.” The design expert also mentions that homeowners would happily embrace Viva Magenta, Pantone colour of the year in 2023, along with neutrals to create a play between neutrals and pops of vibrant tones. To conclude, neutral colours will blend into a colourful home to strike a balance between the two as a perennial colour trend of the year.

Color trends - Neutral tones for walls
A bedroom with different shades of neutral tones
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Vibrant Trending Wall Colours For A Wow Factor

While neutrals may win perennial love amongst homeowners, vibrant hues will also efficiently shape up Indian homes this year. As the latest home decor colour trends come to light, Indian apartments will find their way to pops of vibrant hues and multi-coloured interior designs. A geometric play between muted yellows, blues and pinks, the living room featured in this image, is a classic example of seeing vibrant colours come to life.

Vibrant colour trends for walls
Embrace pops of vibrant tones in 2023

Softer Shades Of White With Pops Of Bold

And while neutral tones and vibrant colours have their own fanbase, a new-age aesthetic for trending wall colours will take shape in 2023, bringing in an amalgamation of vibrant colours and softer shades of white. As shown in the image, this living room has a playful stance thanks to the pops of blue that bring life to the space. Modern homes in India will see a rise of dual-toned interior designs in 2023 and we are here for it!

Color trends -softer shades of white with pops of bold
Dual-tone interior designs will trend in 2023

This brings us to an end of our 2023 home decor colour trends, but there’s going to be more. Keep your eyes on our blogs to see more of these interior design and home decor trends coming your way, courtesy of your favourite interior solutions partner, DesignCafe. 

Remember, interior colour trends shall come and go, but your home is going to stay with you for the years to come. And it’s imperative that you choose the right interior design partner too. You can start your home interior solutions journey with us by booking a free consultation today!

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