6 Practical TV Unit Decor Ideas For Your Home

by Noopur Lidbide | January 19, 2024 | 4 mins read

TV unit decor ideas for your home

 TVs are a living room staple in almost every home that you can imagine. The comfort and warmth of laying out on the couch with your loved ones, snacking, chatting and catching up on your favourite dinner time TV series is an experience that we all love. As our television sets got sleeker and more sophisticated-looking over time, how we consume entertainment too changed. But the need to have an entertainment unit remains the same.

A typical TV unit holds television cords, gaming consoles, set-top box and other such equipment around your TV set. But TV units don’t just serve as mechanisms to take care of the tech side of things. They can be made good-looking too. Here are six doable TV unit decor ideas for your home.

Textured Background Wall For TV Unit Decor

One idea to keep the decor around your TV unit minimal is to add textures. The all-white TV unit acts as the perfect shield for wiring around the unit. The surface of this unit can be used to display minimal decor like books and plants — easy to change whenever you feel like it. The textured wall in the background, however, acts as a practical decor in itself. You can go for similar ideas if you don’t need to utilise the entire wall for shelving or cabinets.Minimal tv unit decoration with texture background and all-white TV unit acts as the shield for wiring around the unit. Don’t want too much clutter around the TV unit? Go for a textured backdrop

Jali-Pattern Inspired TV Wall Unit As Decor

Another fuss-free decor option, the background panel of the TV unit in itself acts as an intricate piece of decor, reducing the need to add much else to the mix. The TV unit is enveloped in a dark wooden frame which separates it from the rest of the décor and gives it its unique space. Vases, books and designer bowls keep the decor minimal and classy.

The tv unit background is decorated in a jali pattern and a dark wooden frame; that is how to decorate the TV unit. Use the backdrop of your TV unit as decor for maximum advantage

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TV Unit Decor To Strike The Perfect Balance

This modern TV unit is all things beautiful. The decor is an integral part of ensuring that the thoughtful design is aesthetically soothing. Small planters with easy-to-maintain indoor plants and your books collection are sufficient to offer a good visual balance.

Small indoor plants are the best decorative item for tv units and bring a natural vibe to the area. A sleek TV unit should be complemented with decor that fits and balances the design

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Go For A Vintage Vibe With This TV Unit And Its Decor

The ultimate goal with living room decor, especially around the TV unit, is that you should feel comfortable when it’s time to unwind. To transform your home into your perfect oasis, you can introduce your personal style into the décor. If a classic, antique style vibe is what you are going for, it can very well reflect in your TV decor. Add a collection of embossed book covers and artefacts such as a globe, vase and collections from your travel to add personalisation to the decor.

Modern tv with vintage home decor tv unit with globe and vase items brings a modern yet vintage feel. Modern TV with a vintage unit is an excellent inspiration for decor

Soothing Decor Elements To Go With The TV Unit Design

If you prefer sticking to traditional materials for the living room, wood can really shine through. This beautiful modern TV unit has a conventional vibe due to the use of warm and natural wooden textures.  Considering the colours around the TV unit, the decor is mostly in white or muted colour palettes, thus retaining the soothing effect of the unit. A warm lampshade is just the right kind of addition.

The living room has a Tv unit made from natural wooden textures is the best interior decoration for the TV unit. If your TV unit is in comforting colours, retain the feels with the decor

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Keep The Decor Subtle To Let The TV Unit Design Shine Through

You have to determine what will be the eye-catching factor of your TV unit decor — the one attention-grabbing thing. When the TV unit design is your standout feature, you can keep it minimal with decor. This TV unit uses dark hues, and solid textures — intelligent lighting and understated decor help ensure that the TV unit design takes centre stage.

Decor zone tv unit with wooden panelling, lighting and solid texture ensures the eye-catching decor. Complement a standout TV unit with understated decor

The critical components of TV unit decoration items typically comprise the TV, background wall and storage unit or shelves. Ensure you keep the arrangement and flow of these components in mind while creating a mood board for your TV unit decor. As much as a visually appealing TV unit is, it also makes sense to keep the set manageable from a maintenance point of view — cleaning and dusting exposed elements can become quite a task. Our advice would be to keep it stylish but avoid clutter!

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