Top 10 Trendy Kitchen Cabinet Colour Schemes Of 2021

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 19, 2024 | 6 mins read

kitchen cabinet color trends 2021

Want to know what kitchen cabinet colours are in trend this 2021? We have the solution for you. Here are the top ten colour schemes that are trendy, peppy and beautiful. It’s time for your kitchen to be in trend just like you.

Kitchen is a place where your love for food comes alive, a place where you enjoy cooking for your family, entertain your guests and be what you love to be. With a whole year of staying at home and living through the pandemic, we are sure your kitchen has become one of your favourite corners, it has provided you with a space to connect to your culinary skills, cook a meal for your loved ones and recreate your favourite dish that you missed enjoining while dining out. So now that we are in 2021, it’s time to give your kitchen a new makeover and the best way to start is to know about the trending colour schemes of 2021. Now that you know how the kitchen colour trends 2022 are different from the kitchen colour trends 2021.

Read along to know about kitchen cabinet colours trends 2021

An Rustic Look With A Distressed Finish

With urban dwellers, rustic kitchens have been an all-time favourite. It is close to nature, earthy and unsettled just the way this young generation is. So if you are one of the young, energetic people and want to make your home a reflection of your personality, a rustic style kitchen is the best for you. To bring in the rustic look to your kitchen try a classic wood finish kitchen, it adds warmth to your kitchen while helping you create this look. To add to the beauty you can try adding a brick cladding accent wall as well.

L-shaped industrial kitchen cabinet color trend in 2021 with classic wood finish lends a rustic look.
A trendy industrial kitchen with a brick cladding accent wall

Chocolate Or Cappuccino What’s Your Favourite?

These shades add a class to your kitchen interiors. They are subtle, classy and timeless. So if you are looking to add a bold statement to your kitchen try colours like coffee, cappuccino or a mix of both. These colours will add a refreshing yet warm vibe to your entire home interiors.

U-shaped kitchen cabinet colour trend 2021 in cappuccino with glossy finish adds a refreshing yet warm vibe.
Add a refreshing look to your kitchen with this colour scheme
Looking to transform your kitchen this season

Pantone Colour Of 2021, The World Endorses It

Kitchen cabinet colour trends of 2021 are incomplete without mentioning Pantone’ colour for 2021. If you love following trends and want to add a bit of sunshine to your kitchen, try yellow and grey kitchen cabinets. Yellow brings in vibrancy to your kitchen while grey cabinets help cut the brightness of yellow and adds a mellow tone to your kitchen ambience.

2021 kitchen cabinet color trend with breakfast counter in Yellow and grey is the year's Pantone colour.
Trendy colours for a trendy kitchen

Teal And Grey For An Elegant Look

Want something classy for your kitchen, try teal and grey. Both these colours have a calming effect and this combination looks extremely elegant. So if you are a fan of edgy elegant looking kitchen cabinets, teal and grey is a perfect choice.

L-shaped kitchen cabinet color trend in 2021 in teal and grey combination looks extremely elegant.
Lend your kitchen a chic look with teak and grey as a colour scheme

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Sea Green With White And Walnut

This is an intense and lively colour combination. The combination of sea green and walnut creates a perfect atmosphere for wine and dine. The glass-front cabinets with white borders cut the monotony of solid colours perfectly. In totality, the three contrasting colours along with proper lighting and modern appliances makes this kitchen a modern, functional and trendy kitchen of 2021.

L-shaped kitchen cabinet colour trend in sea green and walnut combination creates a calm atmosphere with breakfast counter.
Kitchen cabinet colours that calm your mind

A Maroon With Grey Kitchen

If you love red but think it is too vibrant for you, try this combination of maroon and grey, it is chic and elegant at the same time. They blend beautifully and complement each other perfectly. And if you want your kitchen to be hot and bold then you can try some fierce shades of red as well.

And just so you know Shangrila and grey are our designer’s favourite picks.

Maroon and grey combination of kitchen cabinet colour trend in 2021 lends a bold look.
Go bold and fierce with this bold pairing
Can't find the right sized modular kitchen?

Turquoise, Yellow And White

Turquoise brings a joyous vibe to your kitchen. This colour combination is young, vibrant and quirky. The yellow adds a vibrance while white tones down the bold colours. If you like experimenting with colours, these colour cabinets will definitely catch your eye.

One-wall kitchen cabinet color trend in turquoise and yellow combination lends a vibrant vibe to the area.
A kitchen with a happy vibe

Multiple Shades Of Grey

While vibrant colours, dual colour cabinets and contrasting schemes dominate kitchen cabinet colour trends 2021, we cannot deny the earthy colours can never leave the stage. If monotones feel too boring, try multiple shades of grey as they will add layer and depth to your kitchen and bring warmth to the space. Be creative with the floor, backsplash and lighting to add extra drama to your kitchen interiors making them trendy yet vintage simultaneously.

U-shaped kitchen cabinet in multiple grey-coloured shades looks sleek and is the 2021 kitchen cabinet color trend.
Make your kitchen look sleek and elegant with grey

A Peppy Kitchen In Pink And Blue

Pastel colours are a popular choice among young urban dwellers. They are soothing to the eye and makes your kitchen look spacious and chic. Pink and blue cabinets amalgamated beautifully and lends a youthful vibe. So if you are wondering what colour kitchen cabinets are trending now? You cannot miss pink and blue combinations at any cost.

Small parallel kitchen cabinet color trend in 2021 in pink and blue combination looks spacious and chic.
Bring out the fun element in you with these peppy colours

An Elegant  Kitchen In Teal And White

Looking for kitchen colour trends with white cabinets? Let’s tell you a secret, white is the colour for you. But all-white kitchen cabinets can look a little monotonous and difficult to maintain. Try combining it with wooden laminated cabinets or some neutral colours. Here we bring to you a combination of the two most trending colours of 2021; teal and white. Both these colours have a soothing vibe and complement each other beautifully. 

2021 kitchen cabinet colour trend with wooden laminate in teal and white combination lends the soothing vibe.
Cabinet colours that are soothing to your eyes and suits your style

Hope this inspires you to bring colour to your kitchen and make it one of the vibrant centre of attraction. If you feel too overwhelmed or spoilt with choice just walk into one of our experience centres near you. Our designers will walk you through the designs in detail and help you choose the best kitchen style that suits your home interiors and budget seamlessly. For more such inspiring blogs, do check our blog section.

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