Kitchen Colour Trends 2022 | 7 Ways To Transform Your Cooking Haven

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 18, 2024 | 6 mins read

Kitchen color trends for 2022

Kitchen colour trends 2022 show us how to transform our cooking havens instantly!

Predictions for kitchen colour trends in 2022 show people are looking for soothing and natural colour palettes in their cooking havens. Yes! As 2022 becomes a year of sustainability and conscious designs, we will see a lot of soul-soothing tones in our home interiors. 

According to our design insights, wellness will be a driving factor in home interiors. Colours that exhibit natural and sustainable setups will be dominant. However, we will also see a lot of vibrant shades, especially in backsplash designs. And this goes for kitchen design too. 

Colours have always been a source of setting the ambience in our interiors. Hence, this year, we will be using colours that align with the year’s overall design trends. While the white kitchen trend will continue to be essential because of its simplicity, we bring you some out of the box kitchen colour trends in 2022 for you. 

1. Olive Green Is One Of The Popular Kitchen Colour Trends In 2022

Since 2022 is a year of naturalness, green will certainly rule the trending kitchen paint colours. However, olive green will be a top favourite shade out of the different green colours. The colour’s subtle tone is exquisitely soothing. Besides, it is also a very urban colour tone. Thus, you can add olive green to your kitchen cabinets, walls, lighting and add a splash of a natural feel to your cooking setup.

Olive green is one of the popular kitchen color trends 2022 adds a soothing appeal to space
An olive green kitchen design with a soothing appeal

2. Pink Terracotta Is Definitely A Yes For Kitchen Colour Trends In 2022

When you think of earthy and natural colours, terracotta pink can be an excellent choice. It is an earthy yet modern tone. Second, it adds a natural feel to the interiors. So couple it up with white and wooden colours to create a trendy kitchen design. You can also add biophilic elements to give the pink terracotta interiors an exciting twist.

Cabinet in a pink terracotta kitchen color trend adds a natural feel to the interiors
A bright kitchen design with pink terracotta cabinets
Have you ever seen a smartly designed kitchen

3. Navy Blue Is An Interesting Choice From The Trending Cabinet Colours

Blues are turning out to be an excellent colour for kitchen interiors. Although we love every shade of blue, you can try out the deeper shades for your kitchen. Amongst others, navy blue will be one of the popular trending cabinet colours this year. It is incredibly appealing and dependable for different design themes. You can go with a modern, traditional, as well as vintage theme with navy blue. Moreover, the colour looks superb with metallic accents and wooden flooring, which will be trending in 2022.

Navy blue is a trending cabinet color that looks superb with metallic accents and wooden flooring
A navy blue and wooden kitchen design for 2022

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4. Earthy Brown Is The Hottest Kitchen Colour Trends In 2022

Since kitchen colour trends in 2022 are all about organic, earthy brown can be a great kitchen colour for the year. You can go with plain brown cabinets or wall paints to utilise the colour in your kitchen interiors. Or, you can go for a textured, earthy brown design as shown. The colour will instantly add a raw appeal to the kitchen design, letting you feel connected to nature while staying in.

Earthy brown is the hottest kitchen colour trend in 2022 that adds a raw appeal to the kitchen design
A modern kitchen design with textured brown cabinets

5. A Pop Of Yellow Is Always A Good Idea For Kitchens

Yes, vibrant colours and pops of vibrant colours will continue to trend in 2022. If you think the other kitchen colour trends 2022 are too subtle for you, add a pinch of vibrant shade to your kitchen. So you can use a lively colour as an accent element in your interiors. For example, a pop of yellow in a turquoise kitchen can look amazing. Instead of the cabinets, you can also use the yellow pop in your backsplash. See it for yourself.

A pop of yellow is the 2022 kitchen color trend that lends a vibrant look to the space
A turquoise kitchen with a pop of yellow design

6. Get An Upbeat Design With Yellow And Orange Kitchen Colour Trends In 2022

You can also go all bright with a mix of yellow and orange colours. Such a colour combination exhibits a lively ambience to cook, chill and spend some family time. But remember, use the colours wisely; otherwise, the kitchen may end up being too loud and overwhelming. A tip would be to use the lighter shades of the two colours and balance it with some white in between.

Yellow and orange are the new kitchen colour trends combination
A bright yellow and orange kitchen colour combination

7. A Very Peri Kitchen Colour Will Trend Too

Since Pantone announced its Colour Of The Year 2022: Very Peri, the colour has become a hot favourite with designers. So in the list of kitchen colour trends 2022, Very Peri will definitely have a spot. Use it in your kitchen walls or wallpapers to create a positive interior setup. You can also use Very Peri as the colour for your cabinets since colourful cabinets are totally trending this year.

Very peri trending cabinet colour design in the kitchen creates a positive interior setup
A Very Peri Pantone colour of the year kitchen design

FAQs On Kitchen Colour Trends 2022 

1. Are white kitchens out in 2022?

White kitchen has been a favourite for years now. However, 2022 will see many earthy tones and white shades for kitchen design. You can use white in a combination of bright and neutral shades to make your cooking haven look trendy. 

2. What is the most fashionable colour for kitchens?

Since 2022 will be a year of sustainable designs, green will be a favourite colour in the kitchen. You can use interesting shades like olive green and emerald green.

3. What colour cabinets never go out of style?

Usually, white is the universal kitchen cabinet colour for both modern and traditional designs. However, 2022 will see a lot of blues and greens as trending cabinet colours. 

4. What are the new colours for kitchens in 2022?

  • Terracotta
  • Teal
  • Pastel shades
  • Blue
  • Pink

Now that you know the kitchen colour trends for 2022, go ahead and design your cooking haven. Remember, your kitchen is a reflection of your lifestyle. So design it as per your choice while, of course, following the trends. Until then, happy cooking! If you want some help personalising your kitchen as per kitchen trends 2022, reach out to us.

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