Here Is How Home Interior Design Trends Are Changing Courtesy Corona

by Shreya and Devna | January 18, 2024 | 5 mins read

How coronavirus will affect home interior design trends

The novel virus corona has changed the way we live. Your home is going to and will reflect the same. Presenting changing interior design trends after COVID-19 so you can stay home and stay safe.

COVID 19 is a pandemic that the world was not prepared for. Starting from China spreading across the globe like wildfire this novel virus came and changed the paradigm and world economy.  With everyone trapped inside their homes in a massive lockdown to control  the spread of corona we are all living differently, and using our home in ways never imagined. 

This COVID 19 comes without an expiry date, and hence we need to find measures to safeguard ourselves and our loved ones as we stay at home and work from home. So are you guys ready?

Grow Your Own Home Garden Plants

COVID 19 has caused fear among every one of us. Even the slightest bit of must needed grocery shopping freaks us out. We are not in a position to trust the produce available at our local supermarkets. But don’t fear we at Design Cafe have a solution for you! It’s time to kick start and look forward to home garden plants. Why not grow your own herbs to season your pasta just right?  Consider a terrace garden or if you live in a small sized apartment, how about a small garden in your balcony? You can also plant the aromatic herbs like basil, mint, rosemary in tiny pots in your kitchen right above your sink or near the window. Vegetation at home will aid in healthier air and a trustworthy supply of your own greens.

Home garden plants are part of home interior design trends after coronavirus/covid-19
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Colours And Moods Go Hand In Hand!

Colours do have an effect on our moods. And with the break out of COVID 19 it’s important we give importance to our mental health as well. You might want to be well known for characteristics like positivity, security and have a cheerful effect on your mind. Green is also a good choice of colour as it brings in a soothing effect. If the idea of painting the entire room with a warm colour sounds scary to the minimalist fan inside you, consider painting the main wall of your living room or your bedroom to make it a statement wall!

Will see big changes in home interiors paint colors and moods after coronavirus

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Loft Storage To Keep Your Room Clutter-Free!

Quarantine has made families come together and make room for more people. More people means loft storage is a must. I mean just imagine the number of clothes that you would be hovering around your home without loft storage. A clutter-free, clean and organised space is the need of the hour. And the only way to achieve this is by tucking away all the things you won’t be needing for a while, think of all that big-international luggage and winter wear! You can box-up your lofts with cabinets and shutters to blend with your overall decor and colour scheme. You can also opt for a full-length wardrobe with loft storage as shown in this image and use it to make the most of your space. Cabinets and shutters will not only conceal your stuff, they are also easy to access. So, once the pandemic bids a goodbye and you’re planning your holidays again, getting your things out of the lofts will be a lot easier!

Changing home interiors storage trends after covid-19 by opting for a full-length wardrobe with loft storage

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Upcycled Materials And Low Maintenance Finishes

Covid-19 or coronavirus has taken a toll on each one of us. Fear of touching surfaces and practising social distancing is the new normal for us. Amidst this pandemic and intense lockdown, the safest spot in this whole wide world is in the laps of your home. So how do we ensure that our homes are secure and free of viruses and germs? The answer is to sanitise your furniture pieces regularly! However, not every material and finish is water-resistant or can handle the strong sanitisers. The interior design trends are witnessing a massive rise in the demand of furniture pieces made of upcycled materials. An excellent example of the same is a pallet bed. Most domestic pallet beds are not treated with chemicals, making them extremely safe. Another significant change is in terms of finishes. It is advised to use finishes that require less maintenance and can handle the regular cleaning without chipping off. Some of these low maintenance finishes are laminates, acrylic and lacquer because of their smooth surfaces and stain-resistant quality. They are easy to sanitise and clean them regularly.

Upcycled materials and low maintenance finishes are more important after coronavirus

Cubicle Shaped Study Table For Efficient Work From Home

Now that most of us are working from home for months now, we all know that work from is no different than work from bed! The world is expecting an extended lockdown, and that hints extended work from home too. The cubicle is now making a comeback thanks to corona. A perfect study table or a workstation is a must in these conditions. A cubical shaped study unit is an excellent design trend for people working from home to get the office feel and be more productive. A compact unit designed within your bedroom or study area with a cubicle shaped table, a comfortable settee and ample storage option with the perfect lighting is meant to make you more active and productive at your work. Another great thing about this trend is it can be customised as per your profession, taste and preferences.

A cubical shaped study unit is an excellent home design trend for people working from home

We at Design cafe encourage all our amazing readers to clean your homes and keep them clutter-free regularly!

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Also, rest assured that each of us are adhering to the safety guidelines. So don’t hesitate to reach out to us to get tips on how to design your dream home even during this pandemic.

Stay Home, Stay Safe!

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