Transform Your Home With 5 Trendy Vinyl Wall Decals

by Nikita Raikwar | February 27, 2024 | 4 mins read

Vinyl wall decal ideas for your home

A comprehensive guide to vinyl wall decals- enhance your home with these easy-to-use decals. 

Looking to spruce up your room without a major overhaul? Look no further than vinyl wall stickers. 

It’s no surprise that vinyl wall decals remain a popular decor choice because they offer the quickest way to transform a room’s look and feel without significant investment or permanent changes. Changing a room’s wall paint requires time and effort, while wallpaper is more of a permanent option. 

Vinyl wall art decals, on the other hand, are an easy upgrade that can easily become a DIY project. They’re particularly popular with renters who want to add a personal touch to their space without violating rental agreements. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about vinyl wall stickers for bedrooms or any room in your home.

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Which Is The Best Design For Modern Vinyl Wall Art Decals?

Vinyl wall art is an effortless way to transform your walls and offers the added benefit of an endless array of designs. There are abundant choices regarding shapes, sizes, and designs. You can easily find pre-made decals on the market or opt for custom vinyl wall decals that align with your unique interests and hobbies, personalising your living space even more.

Modern vinyl wall art decals to transform your walls
There are tons of designs to choose from or you can get a custom-made design

Are Vinyl Wall Decals Quotes A Good Idea?

You can choose from various vinyl wall art options, including geometric shapes, abstract and floral designs, logos, and typography inspired by pop culture. Among the most popular options are vinyl wall decal quotes. If you have a favourite quote or motivational words you want to showcase on your walls, these are an ideal choice.

Vinyl wall dacals with a quote on it for inspiration
Give your space a dose of inspiration with vinyl wall decals quotes

Which Is The Best Room For Decorative Vinyl Wall Decals?

Vinyl wall decals are friendly with any smooth surface. While they may have a ‘wall’ in the name, you can also apply them to the ceiling. Some people may apply them on glass, tiles, windows or mirrors. They look great in any room of the house, be it the living room, bedroom, kitchen or even bathroom—any space you want to personalise or elevate with a touch of design.

Decorative vinyl wall decals which adds character to the space
Add character to an empty walls with decorative wall decals
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How To Pick The Right Space For Modern Vinyl Wall Art Decals?

Blank walls offer a great opportunity to showcase decals but don’t limit yourself to empty spaces. Consider using the walls around your existing furniture and light fixtures as well. Before you start shopping or ordering your vinyl wall decals, deciding where you want to apply them is important. This decision will help you determine the kind of design you should choose. 

For instance, if you plan to apply the decal above a piece of furniture, you can select a design that looks like it’s emanating from the object. This allows the vinyl wall decals to blend in seamlessly with the rest of the room.

Vinyl wall art decal which blends well with the room
Place your vinyl wall decals strategically

How To Apply Wall Vinyl Decals?

Vinyl wall stickers differ from regular stickers as they require a transfer process to apply them onto the surface of your choice. The three components of a  decal are the backing paper, the design, and transfer layer. You can make it a DIY project for a weekend or afternoon, but it requires patience and precision. Before applying, clean the surface thoroughly to remove any dust or debris for optimal adhesion.

Modern vinyl wall art decals in geometric designs to add fun element
Modern vinyl wall art decals in geometric designs add an element of fun

Many people wonder if they are removable or reusable. The good news is that they are removable, which is one of the reasons they are so popular in home decor especially as vinyl wall decals for bathrooms . If you encounter any difficulties removing them, you can use a hairdryer in a low-temperature setting to soften the adhesive. However, not all are reusable, but you can have them custom-made according to your preferences.

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