All You Need To Know About Vinyl Wall Decals For Your Home

by Henna Achhpal | July 21, 2021 | 5 mins read

Vinyl wall decal ideas for your home

Vinyl wall decals can instantly transform any wall in your home from drab to fab

Feel like giving your room a makeover without making any major changes? Vinyl wall decals are the decor solution you’re looking for. It’s exactly for this reason that vinyl wall decals continue to remain a popular decor choice. They are the quickest way to modify the look and feel of a room without making any major investments or permanent changes. Changing the wall paint of a room takes a lot of time and usually requires homeowners to not occupy the space while the work is going on. Wallpaper too is a more permanent change. Compared to these, vinyl wall decals are a quick upgrade that can easily turn into a DIY project for you. Since it’s not a permanent change, they are also popular with renters to personalise the space without attracting their landlord’s ire. This is a guide on everything you need to know about vinyl wall decals.

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Which Is The Best Design For Modern Vinyl Wall Art Decals?

Apart from being a quick and easy way to modify a wall, the other advantage of vinyl wall decals is the countless designs in which they are available. The sky is actually the limit when it comes to vinyl wall decals. They are available in whatever shape, size and design you can imagine. You can either buy ready-made designs that are available in the market or place an order for customised vinyl wall decals to better reflect your interests and hobbies.

The bedroom has a modern vinyl wall art decal inspired by sport to reflect interests and hobbies.
There are tons of designs to choose from or you can get a custom-made design

Are Vinyl Wall Decals Quotes A Good Idea?

The design library of vinyl wall decals is endless. You will find geometric shapes, abstract and floral designs, logos and typography from pop culture. Vinyl wall decals quotes are some of the most popular choices. If you have a favourite quote or some motivational words that you would like to display on your wall, vinyl wall decals quotes are your best bet.

A bedroom with vinyl wall decal quotes turns a space into inspiration and is your best bet.
Give your space a dose of inspiration with vinyl wall decals quotes

Which Is The Best Room For Decorative Vinyl Wall Decals?

Vinyl wall decals are friendly with any smooth surface. While they may have ‘wall’ in the name, you can also apply them to the ceiling. Some people may apply them on glass, tiles, windows or mirrors. As for where in the house you should apply the vinyl wall decals, that’s entirely up to you. They look great in any room of the house, be it the living room, bedroom, kitchen or even bathroom. Any space that you would like to personalise or elevate with a touch of design.

A large vinyl wall decal in the living cum dining area adds character and looks great in any room.
Add character to an empty wall in a large living room with decorative vinyl wall decals
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How To Pick The Right Space For Modern Vinyl Wall Art Decals?

A blank wall is an inviting canvas for vinyl wall decals. You can also use the empty space on walls around your existing furniture and light fixtures. Before you go shopping or ordering your vinyl wall decals, make sure you have decided where you will apply it since that will play into determining the kind of design you should get. For example, if you’re going to apply it above a piece of furniture, you can get a design that looks like it’s shooting out of the object. It’s a great way for the vinyl wall decals to blend in with the rest of the room.

The bedroom has a white tree vinyl wall decal and blends well with the rest of the room.
Strategically position the vinyl wall decals to blend in with the rest of the decor

How To Apply Wall Vinyl Decals?

Unlike stickers that you simply peel and stick, vinyl wall decals are transferred to the surface you want to apply them on. To familiarise you with vinyl wall decals, it has three parts – a backing paper, the vinyl itself with the design and a transfer layer. Applying vinyl wall decals can be a fun DIY project that you can engage in on a free afternoon or weekend. All you need is some patience and steady hands. Make sure you clean the surface well before applying to ensure there is no dust or debris on the wall.

Vinyl wall art decal in a geometric design in the bedroom lends an aesthetic look and adds fun.
Modern vinyl wall art decals in geometric designs add an element of fun

Questions like: “Are vinyl wall decals removable?” and “Are vinyl wall decals reusable?” are some of the other frequently asked questions. Vinyl wall decals are certainly removable – it’s one of the features that make them so popular and favoured for home decor. They are easy to remove and in case you face some difficulty, you can simply use a hairdryer on a low temperature setting to melt the adhesive slightly which will make it easier to remove. Not all vinyl decals are reusable but you can get them custom-made to be reusable.

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