7 Stimulating Tribal Decor Ideas For Your Home

by Noopur Lidbide | February 23, 2024 | 5 mins read

Tribal room decor for your home

Ethnic decor pieces bring a sense of character to any space that they occupy

Tribal art and craft coming from indigenous communities from all over the world are extremely beautiful and thought-provoking. The intricate detailing, philosophy behind their creations, and the sheer expertise passed down generations make their handicrafts unique.
These native art and craft pieces have always been an inspiration for designers. The tribal decor has traditionally been a part of Indian households too. In modern homes, it’s the age of revisiting old classics. Here are seven beautiful tribal room decor options for your ethnic-inspired home decor.

Hang Vibrant Portraits Of Tribals In The Living Room

First of all, we love modern homes that retain the traditional Indian touch in their designs. This spacious living room is reminiscent of the lounging spaces of ancestral bungalows. Large tribal portraits for decor help bring in the native charm to your home. The side tables or stools and the fabric and furnishing in this living room are equally vibrant and beautiful and help tie everything together.

The living room has tribal decorated large portraits and stools that help bring in the native charm to the home.
Tribal portraits help infuse character into a space
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Design An Ethnic Style Living Room In Monochrome

Get the charm of monochrome, add to that the intricate ethnic prints and detailing, and this living room ticks the right boxes with tribal room decor. The intricate detailing on the furniture can be hand-painted or done with the help of decals.

Tribal decor idea, a living room decorated in monochrome and intricate detailing wooden furniture in paint adds charm.
Prints are a way of adding decor to seemingly minimal spaces

Bohemian Tribal Decor In Brown Is Very Modern Yet Rooted

This cosy room can very well be utilised for creative brainstorming sessions. The brown chair and pouffe remain modern, whereas the woven rug and boho vase decor add a quintessentially tribal design appeal to the space. The singular colour scheme makes this space look mystical!

Room with bohemian tribal decorated brown chair, pouffe and boho vase add a quintessentially tribal appeal to space.
Weaves and textures play a large part in conveying the tribal tone in a space

Carved Wooden Artefacts Represent The Skills And Expertise Of Age-Old Artisans

As one of the most naturally available resources to indigenous people worldwide, carved wooden artefacts are a natural extension of their skills. Wooden elements are the easiest to include in modern home designs. With artisanal decors like the mirror and side table, any space can get transformed into a tribal decor wonderland.

A room decorated with carved wooden artefacts is the best tribal home decor and blends very well with rest of the interior.
Wooden artefacts are easily sourceable and blend in with a modern home design well

A Modern Version Of Masks Makes For Classy Tribal Decor

The lounging room or lobby in your home can carry interesting and quirky tribal decor with ease. Tribal masks are a large part of the culture and traditions of tribes, and the decor inspired by these stunning masks looks rather sophisticated and charming. A space like this requires little else to complete the beautiful ambience.

Modern tribal decorated mask in the lounging room wall gives a stunning look and is beautiful.
Masks are gorgeous elements of tribal art and look great as home decor

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African Tribal Decor Looks Great In A Bedroom

Here is a splendid example of keeping a modern space minimal, clean and classy, even with decor that is pretty vibrant in itself. The black and white colour theme provides the right kind of base for this African-inspired bedroom decor. The curated collectables, artwork on the wall and the printed furnishings make this bedroom look thoughtfully collected. You can also add the occasional streak of a bold colour like red to make this space look even more interesting. 

The bedroom has an African tribal decor artwork on the wall in monochrome lends a clean and classy look.
The monochrome colour palette for this bedroom has the right vibe for tribal decor

Aztec Prints And Pretty Weaves Seem At Home In This Living Room

This minimal living room has the perfect elements that make it so wonderfully tribal art inspired. The rug, cushion covers, abstract art, collectables, woven decor and brass serveware are decor items spread across this charming space without anything seeming out of place. The minimal colour scheme helps to tie up all the different decor pieces seamlessly.

Tribal home decor is something that the cool kids are doing, and you should try it out for a bedroom in your home too. Tribal decor for the bedroom can be a pretty set-up for your teenager. We love ethnic decor for the house because there are innumerable options, permutations, and combinations that can go into selecting the tribal decor items of your choice.

The stories behind the rich culture and tradition that indigenous people follow are fascinating, to say the least. By adding decor inspired by their handiwork, it includes a piece of their history in your home. The materials, carvings, designs, prints and weaves are raw and earthen, which infuses life into a standard modern home.

The living room has tribal decor items like abstract art, cushion, collectables, and brass serveware look splendid.
Bohemian tribal decor can be uncomplicated and pretty easy to get right

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