Best Paint Colors For Dark Rooms

by Shreya Bilagi | February 27, 2024 | 5 mins read

Paint for dark room to make it brighter

Have a dark room and are wondering how you can make it seem, brighter, lighter and more spacious? Then check out this new blog on paint for dark rooms 

A bedroom whether big or small is a bedroom after all, But if you’re worried about your bedroom looking small and want to somehow make it look bigger and more spacious? Well don’t worry we at DesignCafe have an easy fix to this and it’s got to do with a twist in the paint colours you use. So if you are ready to find out more about this simple solution then read our latest blog on the block on best paint colours for dark rooms.

Beautiful Beige Paint Colour For A Dark Room

This beautiful beige paint is a perfect paint for a dark room. When light is not playing its game and your room’s windows are not so big or the trees and bushes keep the natural light away you need to make sure you paint your room in a neutral tone so it looks bigger and more spacious. This beautiful beige coloured room is simplistic yet elegant in its approach. This master bedroom is equipped with a king-size bed and fabric headboard. Frosty white floor to ceiling curtains adds to the beauty of this master bedroom. 

This beautiful beige paint is a perfect & room looks much more significant than it is best neutral paint for darkroom
A beautiful beige painted master bedroom with flowing curtains and a false ceiling with focus lights
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An Amazing Airforce Blue Paint Colour

If you’re a fan of blue then this is one of the best neutral paint colours for a dark room that you can use. Blue is loved by many but if you have a dark room you must be careful about the kind of blue paint you choose for the bedroom. You wouldn’t want a dark room to look darker. This stunning light airforce blue is a perfect fit for your bedroom when the light is not doing its job, the paint shall. This light airforce blue paint is sure to give your bedroom a subtle makeover that will allow the bedroom to look much more spacious. 

A light airforce blue painted bedroom is perfect & look much more spacious is darkroom paint ideas.
A light airforce blue painted bedroom with a rich cushioned headboard with buttons and console tables with drawers at either side of the bed

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A Youthful Yellow Paint Colour

Let’s talk about the colour of mustard yellow. Well, who would have thought this would be one of the best paint colours for dark rooms. Well, it is, But why? Because whatever little light that you get into your room bounces off this colour so the room looks much bigger than it actually is. This bedroom painted in mustard yellow is equipped with a queen-size and paintings in black white which bring an edgy look to this bedroom.

A bedroom painted in mustard yellow & room looks much more significant than it is the best paint for a darkroom.
A bedroom painted in mustard yellow with a dressing table with a full-size mirror and drawers

A Peppy, Pretty Pastel Pink Paint Colour

Have a room that doesn’t have too much access to natural light? Why fear DesignCafe is here. We have a solution for you and that is light reflecting paint for dark rooms. This pretty pink colour is perfect for a room that doesn’t have proper access to natural light as whatever light through it reflects off the painted wall making your room seem larger than usual. Is smart it not? This master bedroom painted in light pink has a quirky and fun touch to it with its interior decor. 

This master bedroom painted in light pink has a quirky and fun touch is light reflecting paint for dark rooms.
A pretty pink themed bedroom with open rustic shelf, white stools and a wooden partition

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small space, big style we've got designs for tiny bedroom

Why Not Some White

A frosty white scheme never goes out of fashion. This painting idea for a darkroom is one of the most common one around. If your bedroom is small and doesn’t have enough natural sunlight coming through, you can always trick the eye. An all-white room will make it seem more spacious by painting it all white. This white bedroom has a rustic vibe to it with a wooden cot and side tables.  

Master bedroom brings a rustic vibe with the best white paint for dark rooms that never goes out of fashion.
A master bedroom painted all in white with white bedding wear and white pendant light.

FAQs on paint colors for dark rooms

Here are a few questions that our clients ask us:

Q1: What is the best paint colour for a dark room?

A: Any neutral colours light or pastel colours tend to be the best paint options you can choose for your bedroom.

Q2: How do you make a dark room look brighter?

A: Use bold colours if you want your room to look brighter. E.g mustard yellow.

Q3: How can I lighten a dark room without paint?

A: Using art or mirrors is the key to lighten a dark space. You can choose to have large mirrors or a small one and hang up pieces of decor or paintings.

This is what we at Design Cafe think are the best paint colours for dark rooms. We hope you enjoyed this read. Let us know what you think! Send us an email. Can’t wait to hear from you! 

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