For A Warm Welcome: 8 Beautiful Hallway Wallpaper Ideas For Your Home

by Noopur Lidbide | February 22, 2024 | 4 mins read

Stylish wallpaper design for hall

The entrance to your abode must set the premise for the beauty that lies in store. These eight pretty hallway wallpaper ideas for your home will have you welcome your guests in style!

Every home comes with a hallway – it could be a small portion of a wall, a passage or an entire room! Decorating such spaces can be a tricky business as they must serve the dual purpose of having the right ambience as you pass through it as well as an identity of its own. Wallpapers are a great design option for hallway decoration. Let us walk you through eight ways hallway wallpaper can help you make a grand first impression!

Pretty Floral Hallway Wallpaper

Bigger homes with beautiful, old-fashioned staircases at the entrance provides ample setup for designing and decorating the hallway. As not much can be done with the wall, a pretty floral hallway wallpaper adds so much vibrancy to the entire space! With the wallpaper in place, the hallway design needs little else.

Hall stairs landing wallpaper ideas, a pretty floral hallway wallpaper adds so much vibrancy to the entire space.

A Combination Of Hallway Wallpaper

The vintage-style entrance to this house is large and spacious. A single wallpaper wouldn’t have made as much of an impact as using two different hallway wallpapers has. The cabinet, mirror, bench and rug are the perfect accompaniments to the two different types of wallpapers used here.

The vintage-styled entrance with two different wallpaper for hall wall is elegant.
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A Quirky Hallway Wallpaper Print

With a bold print like this one, a little bit of wallpaper is enough to create maximum impact. The quirky wallpaper adds an interesting and fun vibe to the hallway. It is great to make a splash at the entrance having less space.

Quirky hallway wallpaper adds an exciting and fun vibe to the hallway with a sofa.

Striped Hallway Wallpaper

In a small apartment, the hallway can be as small as a portion of the wall at the entrance. That doesn’t mean you cannot make it look interesting. The modern, striped wallpaper along with the empty frame and small table is all the decor needed to ensure that your hallway is an instant conversation starter.

The striped wall paper design for hall with the empty frame and a small table is the perfect decor

Vintage Hallway Wallpaper

A charming entrance like this one deserves a charming wallpaper. In keeping up with the overall decor of this space the wallpaper design used in this hall is minimal and classy. The wallpaper is also used to demarcate between the entrance of the house and staircase that leads to the upper floors.

Vintage luxury hallway wallpaper designed in minimal and classy looks charming.

Keep It Bright And White

The entrance to this house provides a narrow hallway that opens up near the entrances to the other rooms. While there is plenty of space to accommodate a small bench and additional storage near the entrance the patterned white wallpaper adds a much needed brightness to this space. The design also works beautifully with the patterned flooring. The combination adds character to the interior design of this home.

Patterned white wallpaper for hall room adds a much-needed brightness to this narrow hallway

Keeping It Cool

If this funky wallpaper doesn’t make you feel excited about stepping inside this house, we don’t know what else will! The cool wallpaper design for the hallway balances the subtle modern design. It serves as a promising teaser for the design to be expected once you are through the hallway.

Hallway wallpaper in funky style balances the subtle modern design with the storage cabinet unit.
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Classic Wallpaper For The Hallway

Minimalism at its best, this classic wallpaper design does all the right things for space. Accompanied by a simple bench for guests to sit or wait at the creamy white wallpaper with subtle patterns is all things beautiful for your home’s entrance.

Classic creamy white wallpaper design for hall with a simple bench looks minimalist

If you hadn’t thought of designing what may seem a relatively small portion of your house before, well, think again! Plain and boring walls are such a passe, especially when the addition of a simple wallpaper can do so much for a little space! Choose the hallway wallpaper design that you think will set the tone for the rest of your home – classic, vintage, quirky, modern, traditional and so on! So, which one will it be?

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