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How To Plan A Socially Distanced New Year’s Eve Party 2021

beautiful new year decoration at home

It is possible to celebrate in style despite the pandemic — we show you how

In 2020, a year without precedence, we saw how people struggled to fit into a world scarred by the Covid-19 pandemic. The year witnessed sweeping changes in the way we work and spend our days, even as thousands of people fell to the coronavirus. The year also ensured that our homes turned into our workplaces, classrooms, recreation spots, entertainment hubs and an occasional party zone. 

As the year draws to a close, many of us would like to see it off in style with festive new year decoration. But restrictions on venues and guidelines on social distancing mean welcoming the new year while partying hard is definitely out of the question. 

The good news is that it’s still possible to celebrate New Year’s Eve responsibly with fun new year decoration. The trick is to have a small gathering at home with a limited number of guests to reduce the chances of spreading the deadly virus. You can even ask your guests to get a Covid-19 test done a few days before the house party. 

Move the party to your backyard festooned with new year decoration. However, if that’s not possible, choose a room that is well ventilated. This will reduce the chances of the virus spreading.  

Also, make sure that your guests are wearing their masks during the party. Masks, as we all know, reduce the risk of spreading and contracting the coronavirus. 

It will also be a good idea to place bottles of hand sanitiser at various locations in the room along with your new year decoration. Keep extra masks at hand to give to those of your guests who may have forgotten to get theirs. 

We also recommend that you ensure social distancing during the party by marking spots for guests to stand or sit. Ensure that the people at the party are seated at least six feet apart while they are eating, appreciating the new year decoration or watching the countdown to 2021.

In case you were wondering what changes you should make to your home as part of new year party decoration, we have your back. In this blog post, we have detailed the layout of prominent hangout spots in your house. Plan where your guests should be beforehand to ensure social distancing and a safe party. 

The living room, all brightened up with new year party decorations, can be the hotspot for your party. Furniture and new year party decorations can be arranged in a way that five-six people can easily be accommodated.

The Lobby Decked Up With New Year Decoration

The lobby — done up with new year decoration at home — is where you will receive your guests. It’s a good place to keep extra masks and hand sanitiser handy so that your friends and family coming to the party can easily take precautions before even entering the crowded area. You can add party hats to get everyone in a jovial mood. You can do up the lobby decor with new year decoration so that your guests feel welcome and comfortable. Hooks are great for hanging coats of those coming to the party. A lobby is a perfect place to set the mood of the party. 

Lobby new year decoration 2020 images, keep masks and hand sanitiser for safety and add party hats to get everyone in a cheerful mood.
Give a warm welcome to your party guests by doing up your lobby with funky decor

The Backyard As A New Year’s Eve Party Spot

The backyard can be the perfect setting for your New Year’s Eve bash. It is also a safer place to host a party as there won’t be an issue with ventilation and can be where you implement your new year party decoration ideas. May we suggest a barbeque for the party. The grill can be at one corner so guests can go and pick up snacks without crowding the space and maintaining a safe distance from each other. You can have your guests seated around a table stacked with food at the centre of the backyard from where guests can serve themselves.

Near the seating area we can have a bar unit. The bar countertop might have beverages, finger snacks and disposable plates and glasses for guests. To keep the backyard clean, a dustbin can be placed in the corner. Guests can help clear up by throwing used disposable glasses and plates in the bin.

The backyard can be decorated with fairy lights and lanterns for an attractive new year decoration. A banner welcoming the new year can be placed where guests can see.

New year party decorations, backyard with barbeque and small bar unit at home is a safer and fantastic spot.
The backyard of a house can be a fantastic spot for a party and will be safer too

Dinner Table Adorned With New Year Party Decoration 2021

The question of how to seat your guests at the dinner table assumes significance in a pandemic year. It is advisable to use a long table to serve your guests. This way, they can be seated comfortably and at a distance from each other, where they can appreciate the new year party decorations. You can make floral arrangements at the dinner table as an iconic new year decoration for your party. As more new year party decorations, you can have a banner, balloons, streamers and other items. 

Dining room new year party decoration,  a long table, banner, balloons and streamers are perfect during the pandemic.
A long table is perfect for dinner during a pandemic year

A Home Bar In The Balcony

In case you don’t have a backyard, you can set up a home bar in the balcony and bedeck it with happy new year decorations. This is a brilliant way to avoid crowding in the living room. The bar, in addition to being stocked with every kind of alcohol, can have four bar stools placed at a distance from each other. The bar countertop can have containers of hand sanitiser to enable easy access for friends and family attending your party. The balcony can have origami stars, scented candles and lanterns as new year party decorations.

Balcony with bar unit and counter are the new year party decoration ideas for safer celebration at home.
Take the party to your balcony and set up a home bar there

To ensure that your party is a success, you can do a ‘rehearsal’. Call some of your friends over and ask them to be where the guests will be seated. Man the home bar and see if you need to make any changes to your plan. This is how you can ensure a bash to remember. 

Go with our suggestions for a New Year’s Eve party and let us know how it went. Tell us what you liked the most in the comments below. Here’s wishing you a happy and safe 2021!

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