What Color Curtains Go With Green Walls

by Noopur Lidbide | February 22, 2024 | 6 mins read

what color curtains with green walls

Your guide to pairing curtain colours with green walls

In a scene from Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the wife decides on her own accord to buy new curtains. She brings home dull-coloured, unfashionable curtains that have nothing to do with the rest of the furniture and walls of the house. This then prompts her to plan all the changes she would do to the house. And when the husband says that he doesn’t like them, she just says coldly: “You’ll get used to them!”

Well, we don’t want pointless arguments and cold wars in the house and definitely don’t want to mess up with the curtains we choose! It is even more difficult to know what colour curtains go with green walls! Green is a color that looks absolutely beautiful, but when it comes to choosing appropriate furniture and decor that goes with it, things get hard. So, here are some suggestions which might help you know which curtains to select for a room with green walls.

A Burnt Shade For Pistachio Walls

Pistachio is a symbolic pastel colour and is among the lighter hues of green. Colours like light brown, matte tan, and wheatish tones look good in curtains with such walls. The room is already filled with light due to the walls, so the darkness of the curtains is complementary. Opaque and solid materials for the curtains are better for such colours.

Living room with brown curtain against pistachio coloured walls look good; that is colour curtains go with green walls
Darker curtain colours go well with pastel-green walls
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Wooden Pull-Cord Blinders For Bright Green Walls

You can simply install these classic single blinders as curtains for a space with green walls. With these blinders, you can let the green have its pride of place instead of the curtains playing along with the wind! The wooden colour of the blinders tones down the brightness of the green. The warmth of wood goes along with different shades of green shades pretty well.

Kitchen island's wooden single blinders curtain complements with green wall
These classic blinders look great with bright greens

Lines And Lime

The walls are in two tones, so the curtains can be so too. The fresh-colored walls and the stripes make the space look playful. The lime shade of green is neither too dark nor too bright. The dark and light curtain stripes don’t seem out of place. Here, the stripes are alternating black and white. You may even use browns or blues — colors that do not throw the overall aesthetic off-balance.

Black and white curtain against the green wall aesthetic this color curtains go with light green walls.
Stripes keep the freshness of these bright green walls alive!
how to choose the right curtain for your home infographic

White Curtains To Balance The Brightness

Almost all the elements in this room are in white and a single wall is painted with a bold color like bright green. The fresh tint needs almost nothing else to present a striking look. White curtains keep the brightness of the room in check and are one of the most doable options for curtain colours.

White curtain for living room with green wall and white wall brings freshness and looks striking.
White curtains along green walls are a no-brainer!

Neutral-Colored Curtains For Living Room With Green Walls

The wall is a dark shade of green and the rest of the room is in complementary color palettes. As the room is heavy on green- and blue-coloured elements, the curtains have to be neutral to balance things out. The curtains are white and grey; the former is to let the light scatter into the room, while the latter is to stabilize the two extremes.

White and grey coloured curtains matching with green wall in the living room look playful.
Whites and greys pair perfectly with green walls
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Textured Green Walls And Neutral Curtain Colors

Again, a bold dark shade such as green has to be complemented with shades that reflect light. In such a case, try and choose curtains that won’t completely obstruct the light coming into the room. The solid grey curtains paired with the sheer white ones strike a good balance between giving a bit of privacy and letting in some light.

A big window with a solid grey curtain in the living room is the curtain to go with the green wall.
Neutral tones work best with green walls

Green Walls And Pastel Curtains

Doesn’t this space look fun and bright with the standout colour combination? The green walls and pastel curtain colour combination is great for fun and bright spaces such as children’s playrooms. With the use of the right textures and shades of these colors, this makes for a winning combination.

Pastel curtain for living room with green walls brings fun and bright to the area.
Curtains in a pastel contrast with green look strikingly beautiful!

Gray Curtains For Living Room With Green Walls

The colour scheme of this room is meant to be calming. When the walls are painted with such earthly colours as olive green and pearl white, the curtain should follow in the same footsteps. Don’t go with any darker shades; you may, however, choose the ones inclining more towards grey for the curtains. The room will always look bright and nicely balanced.

White and green walls with grey curtain in the living room meant to be calming.
Muted tones of both green and grey look stunning together

Curtains usually play the dual role of both obstructing and permitting the light in. The choice gets slightly easier when the walls are dark. You can play safe with curtain colours or go for bolder options and make a cool statement either way!

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FAQs On Curtains To Go With Green Walls

1. What are some curtain colour options to enhance the vibrancy of lime green walls?
To enhance the vibrancy of lime green walls, consider curtain colours like white, cream, or light yellow for a fresh and lively ambience.

2. Are there any curtain colours that provide a contrasting and dramatic effect with emerald green walls?
To achieve a contrasting and dramatic effect with emerald green walls, opt for curtain colours like deep purple, navy blue, or charcoal grey to create a striking visual impact.

3. Can you recommend curtain colours that create a harmonious and balanced look with sage green walls?
Choose curtain colours in soft neutrals like beige, tan, or light grey for a serene and calming atmosphere that compliments sage green walls.

4. Can you recommend curtain colours that create a bold and energetic atmosphere with bright green walls?
To achieve a bold and energetic atmosphere with bright green walls, go for curtain colours like vibrant orange, electric blue, or sunny yellow to create a lively and dynamic space.

5. What are some curtain colour choices that complement the earthy tones of moss-green walls?
To complement the earthy tones of moss green walls, consider curtain colours in natural hues like brown, rust, or olive green to enhance the cosy and organic feel of the room.

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