Our Ideas For Bedroom Wall Lamps For Your Home

by Shreya Bilagi | February 26, 2024 | 4 mins read

bedroom wall lamps ideas for your home

Are you searching for the perfect bedside wall lamps for your bedroom? If your answer is yes, we are here to help. Read our latest blog post on “bedroom wall lamp ideas for your home” to know more

For all those of you who love to read before bedtime and need an extra bit of light, well, we at DesignCafe have a one-stop solution which can make your bedtime experience a better one. Read our latest blog post, which is all about bedroom wall lamp ideas. You must now take out some time and take a pick: one where the light will last throughout the night. Make a choice that you won’t regret. Read more to know more! 

Bedroom Wall Lamps That Resemble The Moon

If the moon has always fascinated you and made you drift off into a land of imagination, then these bedroom lamps will make you smile. These bedroom wall lamps resemble a full moon — isn’t that just beautiful? With these bedroom wall lamps, you can have access to sombre lighting on either side of your bed. This bedroom has an accent wall in navy blue with streaks of gold and headboard made from suede in deep lavender. A pretty armchair in frosty blue is placed near the window where you can sit and read. A king-size bed awaits you and your books.

Bedroom wall lamp lights on either side resemble a full moon
A master bedroom with lamps that resemble a full moon on either side
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Simple Yet Elegant Bedside Wall Lamps

Want to tuck yourself in your king-size bed and curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and your favourite book? Well, these bedside wall lamps have got your back! They will readily provide all the light that you need. This master bedroom looks like a paradise with white bedding and a high headboard which goes up to the ceiling. You can now feel all royal with this bedroom ambience. The ceiling and flooring both are in pure white which go very well with the bedding and flawless white curtains.

Wall mounted lamps for bedroom above the high headboard are simple yet elegant
A bed with clear white bedding and a high headboard with lamps attached

A Night Lamp For A Bedroom Wall

Need some light to do your work at night? Too much light in the night can get in your partner’s way while you have to work, and they have to catch up on sleep. Don’t let the light be the reason for a fight. Make a smart choice and invest in some night lamps for the bedroom wall. This king-size bedroom has a gorgeous accent wall made from wood, and two very pretty metallic wall-mounted bedside lamps in dome shapes. You can turn the bedside lamps on and work through the night without disturbing anyone. These lights emit enough light, so you can work on your laptop or even write a report.

Bedside wall lamps for bedroom in dome-shaped and metallic finish
A bedroom with dome-shaped wall-mounted bedside lamps

A Wall-Mounted Bedside Lamp For Bedroom

Love Netflix and chilling, but does darkness freak you out? Well, we have a solution: Why not install some wall-mounted bedside lamps? These wall-mounted bedside lamps work wonders. They are not too bright and just give the right amount of light that will keep your room lit up. This bedroom is perfect for those of you who love a hint of yellow here and there and have a fun personality. This bedroom has a weatherboard bed in light timber and white and yellow bedding which match the room’s interiors. A bright yellow armchair rests by the door where you can curl up and read your favourite magazine or book. 

Bedroom wall lamp design in white that will keep the room lit up
A bedroom with two white wall lamps and bright yellow armchair

A Victorian-Style Bedside Lamp

Love a Victorian-style bedroom? Then these bed wall lamps will add to the Victorian decor. This master bedroom has two-toned walls in both dark and light grey. A chandelier hangs from the ceiling and pretty lampshades in white stay put on either side of the bed on the wall. If you love to knit at night or simply read a book, then these lampshades will give you all the light you need.

Wall mounted lamps for bedroom with the Victorian interior
A large master bedroom with Victorian interiors
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If you have enjoyed this read on “bedroom wall lamp ideas for your home”, let us know by reaching out to us through our website. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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