Stay Grounded With These Exquisite Wooden Tiles Designs

by Anugraha Venugopal | February 26, 2024 | 4 mins read

Wood tiles design ideas for your home

Looking for a design of wooden tiles that can bring an earthy vibe into your home? Enjoy these!

Wooden tiles are a design being widely used in this day and age. It’s one of the simplest ways to implement a long-lasting biophilic design that reinforces a connection with the natural environment. With an earthy finish that’s available in various styles, wooden tiles offer the flexibility to choose different designs for different spaces. For instance, the dimensions for the floor tiles can be different from that for an accent wall, or a false ceiling. Similarly, the texture of the kitchen floor can vary from that of the bedroom floor or wall. So, when designing your home, pick aesthetic wooden tiles depending on the vibe you want to set in every space. Our design ideas here should give you a headstart. Enjoy exploring them:

Wooden Tiles Design For A Rustic Bedroom

Imagine walking into a room with varying textures and shades of wood! That’s what we love about this bedroom. While the flooring is wood-based, we love the design of the wooden tiles for the bedroom wall. Limiting the wall tiles to one wall allows the other wooden elements to also remain in focus, like the panelling on the corner. Also, remember to add decor like the sputnik chandelier to give an elegant touch to the space.

Wooden tiles design for bedroom floor and a wall enhances the place
Wooden tiles design that enhances the bedroom

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Wooden Floor Tiles For The Kitchen

This space-optimized modular kitchen takes on an earthy look all around with the floor tiles, the storage organizers and the brick-style backsplash. Many Indian kitchens prefer natural-looking wooden-textured tiles as they give the kitchen a stylish look and are durable for daily use. Spillages may not spoil the appearance as it does on a white floor, making maintenance relatively easier.

Wooden floor tiles design in parallel kitchen gives a stylish look
Natural-looking wooden floor tiles for the kitchen
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Wooden Wall Tiles Design With Marble For The Living Room

Jazz up the monochrome look of wooden wall tiles with this spectacular design! Before we talk about the walls, the room also uses a generous amount of wood in other ways — a false ceiling, a TV unit with a backsplash and a centre table. Yet, the mix of marble tiles and wooden tiles on the wall grabs everyone’s attention and turns the ambience magnificent. Now that’s how to use wooden tiles with other materials for a showstopping accent wall in the living room!

Wooden wall tiles design for living room with marble lend elegant contrast
Wooden wall tiles with marble for an elegant contrast

Go Rustic From Floor To Ceiling With Wooden Tiles

If your home follows an open space concept, then give it an overall rustic edge with a combination of wooden elements as seen here. A wooden ceiling with planks and wooden tiles for the floor together evoke a warm countryside vibe. Contrast it with glass doors and make the space further inviting. We love how the thoughtfully-designed space swings between vintage and modern. The spotlights and the leatherette sofa turn the floor with wooden tiles into an elegant stage. Here are more ideas for wooden floor tiles.

Wood tiles design for ceiling and floor evoke a warm countryside vibe
Wood on the floor and ceiling makes a great pair

Scandinavian Accent Wall Design With Wooden Tiles  

This Scandinavian design with white walls, wooden elements, minimal decor and modern space-saving furniture is similar to the first design discussed. However, it stands out in the way the wooden wall blends into the TV unit. The tiles, that form the backsplash here, can act as an accent wall if not for the floating TV unit. Extending the wooden touch to the storage options helps retain the overall look. In some cases, even the doors are customised with stylish wooden panel door designs.

Wooden tiles design for wall blends into the TV unit
A Scandinavian-style accent wall with wooden tiles

Now that you’ve seen the possibilities, don’t you agree that wooden tiles are truly versatile? The rustic look makes any space charming regardless of how the tiles are used! They also remind us subtly to stay grounded and calm. Who wouldn’t want that reminder every day? So, what do you think about wooden tiles in your house? We’re happy to help if you need some more design options. Book your appointment now to discuss the endless possibilities!

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