9 Vintage Bedroom Ideas That Will Take You To The Golden Retro Years

by Mehnaz Farooque | February 26, 2024 | 7 mins read

Best vintage bedroom ideas for your home

Recreate the warmth and elegance of the good old years with vintage bedroom design 

It’s often said that “Vintage is Preloved ” and it has stayed with us. We agree that modern interior solutions are our go-to design ideas. But we cannot deny the timelessness of vintage designs. Be it the frilled bed covers, the floral wallpapered rooms or the gorgeous wall mouldings – vintage designs are fabulous in every way. However, they might have become rare as people get acquainted with contemporary designs. But today, we thought of revisiting some vintage bedroom ideas to reignite the love for antiqueness. Here we have hand-picked some of the best vintage bedrooms that can be totally recreated to design your own fantasy sleep quarter.

Without further ado, let’s unravel these classic beauties one by one. And while you browse through our list of vintage bedrooms, watch out for the one with the dreamy canopy style bed design (it’s one of our favourites!). 

A Bold Solid Wood Vintage Bedroom Design For The Old Souls

Heavy furniture is one of the main characteristics of a vintage bedroom design. And this bedroom depicts an exact replica of a classic wooden bed with a curved headboard and footboard. The curved design adds a very sumptuous appeal. The rest of the bedroom has old-style nightstands with old fashioned decorative handles on the drawers. It also has a wooden padded footstool. The overall design idea of this vintage bedroom is to keep the interiors simple, while the bold decorative furniture steals the show.

A vintage bedroom with a classic wooden bed with a curved headboard adds a great appeal to the vintage bedroom design
A vintage bedroom design with a sumptuous decorative bed

The Niceness Of A ’90s Vintage Bedroom Design Is Ought To Catch Your Eye

This is a classic ’90s vintage bedroom design that recreates the good old vibes. The bedroom comes with a sturdy wooden bed with a headboard and footboard. Two old fashioned wooden nightstands accompany the bed with classic lampshades. The bedroom’s ornate carpet further accentuates the vintage appeal. But what strikes out as the eye-catcher is the vintage foldable jaali room partition. It recreates the whole old school bedroom design vibe!

Vintage bedroom designed with a sturdy wooden bed and folding jaali partition recreates the good old vibes
A vintage bedroom design with an old fashioned folding jaali partition
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A Vintage Bedroom Design With Traditional Hand Printed Decor

This vintage bedroom enlightens the subtlety of yesteryears with a simple bedroom design and a wooden bed. However, the bed has modern modular features such as storage drawers on the sides. The bed is decorated with hand-printed linens that add an old school touch. The bed sits on a decorative carpet while hand-printed curtains adorn the windows to maintain the vintage bedroom design. Overall, this bedroom strikes a fine balance between vintage designs and modern elements.

The vintage bedroom features a bed decorated with hand-printed linens that add a vintage retro touch
Vintage bedroom ideas with modern features fit for current times

Vivacious Vintage Bedroom Ideas For Your Master Sleep Quarter

Vintage bedroom ideas can be great for master bedrooms. This way, you can create a distinct master bedroom that will be the highlight of your home interiors. This is one such vintage bedroom design. It has an old-fashioned wooden bed with an extended wooden headboard. The bed has a vintage cushioned footstool that completes the look. There are old-style wooden nightstands on either side of the bed. The bedroom’s wooden flooring adds a cosy appeal to the room. This is accentuated by the antique decorative table lamps. The old shuttered windows above the bed accents the rustic vibe. The master bedroom also has a sitting area with a retro sofa set.

The vintage master bedroom has retro furniture, and a wooden bed with a headboard is the best vintage retro bedroom idea
A cosy vintage bedroom design for the master bedroom with a retro sitting area

Bring A Vintage Vibe With This Fairytale Bedroom With Frill Bed Spread

This gorgeous bedroom has a fairy vintage appeal – something you would come across in periodic movies. The wooden and upholstered bed features a padded headboard with a vintage curve design. The bed is decorated with a retro frill bedspread (which was super cool back then) in stripes. The velvet padded footstool with cabriole legs adds to the vintage feel of the bedroom. The rest of the bedroom follows the classic wall moulding design with vintage wall lights. The bedroom also has the old style floor paper with decorative carpets and rugs.

Vintage bedroom design with a fairytale and upholstered bed accents the rustic vibe is the vintage bedroom idea
A vintage bedroom design with a fairytale interior setup

A Vintage Bedroom With Blonde Wooden Furniture That Highlight The Interiors

Oh, how much we loved the old cane furniture! They were simple, lightweight and comfortable. And this vintage bedroom explores the old school furniture designs. The bed is a blonde wooden platform bed that comes with a cane jaali headboard. The bed is dressed with simple Khaadi linens that accentuate the earthy tone of the room. The bedroom also has a quiet sitting corner with a classic cane upholstered chair and a rattan ottoman. The bedroom’s artistic and natural material decorations add a distinct organic appeal.

Vintage bedroom with blonde wooden bed comes with a cane jaali headboard is vintage bedroom furniture
A vintage bedroom with blonde furniture and natural decorations
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A Dreamy Canopy Style Bed For A ’90s Vintage Bedroom Idea

Canopy beds were a big hit in the ’90s. And why not! The glamorous canopy set up around the poster bed was straight out of movie scenes. So, if you are looking for vintage bedroom ideas, go with this one! The bedroom has a rustic brick cladding design with wooden flooring. The bedroom ceiling comes with exposed wooden shafts that accent the rustic appeal. And right at the centre of the room, there is a gorgeous wooden poster bed decorated with cosy linens and comforters. The warm lighting of the bedroom adds to the vintage setup.

Vintage bedroom design style comes with a canopy bed and exposed brick wall that accent the rustic appeal
A romantic vintage bedroom setup with a dreamy canopy style bed

A Sophisticated Vintage Bedroom Design With Old Fashioned Printed Wallpaper

Printed wallpapers were always a favourite in yesteryear interior design. Especially the floral decorative wallpapers, as shown in the picture. The bedroom here has the classic ornate wallpaper that acts as the accent wall design in the room. The wooden bed has a comfortable mattress setup with decorative hand-printed linens. These accentuate the room’s retro appeal. The bedroom accent wall is decorated with antique gold finish wall lamps mounted to the wall. This bedroom has a cosy, homely vibe that will surely let you have your restful sleep.

The vintage bedroom has a vintage style bedroom wallpaper on the wall and a hand-printed mattress accentuate retro appeal
A vintage bedroom design with retro decorative wallpaper

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The Good Old White Vintage Bedroom Ideas With Tufted Headboard Design

This bedroom is a classic example of royal bedroom designs that were popular in the early centuries. The tufted white framed headboard adds lavishness to the bedroom. It is coupled with a beige cushioned footstool with decorative legs. The wall behind the bed features a white wall moulding design that is ageless. The decorative legged nightstands, the old-fashioned table lamps and the gorgeous gold-crystal chandelier, all highlight the room’s vintage appeal.

All white vintage bedroom with a tufted white framed headboard adds lavishness to the bedroom
A classic white vintage bedroom design with wall moulding and tufted headboard

Vintage bedroom ideas are a bold and powerful move to incline your home interiors towards a more classic style. However, if you want us to guide you into the perfect vintage bedroom set up, reach out to us and let us show you how to design the retro style! You can have this bedroom set up with the right kind of vintage furniture design, along with a couple of old fashioned lights as shown in our pictures.

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