Pick The Right Curtains For Yellow Walls With These Expert Tips

by Humera Nishat | January 18, 2024 | 5 mins read

Choose the right curtains for yellow walls in your home interior

Pair yellow walls with the right curtains to liven up your space

If you’ve painted your walls yellow, kudos to you for taking the bold step! Yellow walls give your home a fresh look. Some might think that yellow is a pale colour, but that is not true. Coupled with the right interiors, yellow can be too bright, it will radiate like sunshine, especially during the day. Pairing yellow walls with the right curtains can be tricky if you are doing up your interiors yourself. But, if you know just the right coloured curtains for yellow walls, you’re sorted. We’re here to help you with that. There’s a lot you can do under a budget. So, don’t worry about burning a hole in your pocket. Choose curtain color for light yellow walls very carefully to give your living space the perfect aesthetic appeal. Here are five expert picked curtain colours to choose from

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Embrace Minimalism With Pastel Shades of Pink

Sometimes less is more. That is the trick of minimalism. Minimalistic designs like this one can be perfect for you if you are passionate at heart but yet like to embrace the simple. The yellow wall will make a bold statement while soft pastel shades of pink for curtains create a soft and supple look. You can experiment a little more with the colour palette by choosing lavender, lime green, sky blue, or peach. If this look is too simple for you, you can try adding some gold accents like a photo frame or plants with gold pots or tubs.

Pastel pink curtains for yellow walls that embrace minimalism
This interior design style is for those who want to go bold and make a statement. Soft colored curtains will make a statement when paired with bright yellow

White Or Grey Curtains For Yellow Walls In Your Living Room

Even though both white and yellow are pale colours they go together well together. Most modern hotel rooms and high-end salons go for the white and yellow combination. Choose teal or shades of blue and green curtains for pale yellow walls and your room will diffuse upmarket and exclusive vibes. This aesthetic is perfect if you are looking to build a home studio or a home office. It is professional looking, speaks business, and your clients will love the bright yellow energy. It makes guests feel at ease.

White or grey curtains for yellow walls in your living room for a classy and professional look
For a classy and professional look, install a bright and peppy couch to balance the yellow walls. Silk curtains and those in rich colors like blue and teal will give your living room space a sophisticated and stylish touch.

Grey And Beige With Yellow For Hotel Room Vibes

If you like the look and feel of five-star hotel rooms this pairing is perfect for you. This is a  good option for the living room or spaces in your home where you chill and unwind, especially if there’s a TV unit there. The beige and grey contrast the yellow, and tones it down for a modern look. Add white accents in the room like a lampshade, a grey couch with white cushions, tea mugs and pots will complement the yellow. So, beige and grey curtains for yellow walls in living rooms are a great bet.

Grey and beige curtain for yellow walls which gives the feel of five-star hotel
Pairing bright yellow walls with grey and beige toned curtain drapes give modern hotel room feel. Decorate the seating area with white accents for some urban style.

Enhancing Yellow With Sheer White Curtains And A Touch of Nature

If you are a nature lover who wants the smell of fresh plants to linger in your bedroom then go for this look. Sheer white or white organza curtains for pale yellow walls will make your green plants stand out so your room looks like it straight out of a movie. If you want the green, white and yellow look, then make sure that your room is painted pale yellow and not bright. Pick egg-white curtains made of organza material to give your room a rich and luxurious feeling. If you think that the white curtains for yellow walls are too pale for you, add silver or gold accents in your room.

Sheer white curtains for yellow walls for adding a touch of nature to the space
If you want a touch of beautiful nature in your bedroom the yellow and green combination is perfect for you. Bright green contrasts the pale yellow and creates a stunning amalgamation of primary colours.

Bright Red Or Bold Printed Curtains For Yellow Walls

Red curtains are usually picked by the young crowd. Bright red creates a perfect balance of hue with the yellow, juxtaposing simplicity and vibrancy. Put a bright yellow lamp in your room to complement this look and your room will make you feel young at heart or super young if you’re young already! Red curtains for yellow walls in the living room are also perfect if you are a newly-wed couple as this aesthetic radiates love, passion, and warmth.

Bold red or printed curtains for yellow walls in your living room to add warmth
Pairing bright red curtains and brick red accents with a pale or bright yellow wall gives it a young look. If you want your bedroom to look bright and feel cosy, this one’s for you.
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No matter what shade of yellow you paint your wall, there are all kinds of curtains for yellow walls. Go for the one your heart calls out to and that makes you feel at home. Pairing bright and contrasting colours will give your living space a homely feeling. It will bring in warmth and sunshine and make you feel at ease.

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