Beautiful Mid-Century Modern Interior Designs For Your Home

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 24, 2024 | 6 mins read

If clean look and abundant natural elements excite you, mid-century modern interior design is best for your home interiors. Read to know more.

Mid-century modern interiors speak of the legacy, heritage, and authenticity without compromising its timeless beauty and simplicity

Mid-century modern design, also known to be the epitome of simplicity and functionality, was curated by Bauhaus designers who migrated to America from Germany after World War II.

The unique characteristics of Mid-century modern design are in its simplicity, clean lines, organic curves, muted colours and extensive use of wood and other natural elements making it relevant in present times as well. Created during a turbulent time of history, this design speaks of legacy, history and amalgamation of cultures. Here we bring to you different ways to incorporate this timeless beauty of mid-century modern design into your home.

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Mid-Century Modern Interior Design Bedroom

Mid-century modern interiors are all about muted colours, clean lines, natural wood, and an abundance of natural light. If you want to incorporate this design into your bedroom try looking for some tapered leg furniture. These furniture pieces are signature of mid-century modern interior design style. They give an uncluttered look and make your bedroom look spacious and airy. Minimal furniture, white colour walls and a window to let in natural light and fresh air completes the look of this serene mid-century modern bedroom.

Mid-century modern interior design for bedroom in white colour with minimal furniture looks spacious and airy.
A simple and suave mid century modern bedroom design that lends a serene vibe

Mid-century Modern Living Room With An Accent Chair

Mid-century modern design is synonymous with aesthetically clean and subtle designs. Earthy tones with striking colours like blue, red, and yellow create a bold statement and make a space look vibrant. So try playing with these colours without giving too much importance to dazzling ornamentation. You can add a wooden armchair in blue and a lovely vase to invite some pretty colours in your living room while keeping the simplicity intact.

Mid-century modern interior design living room in white colour with blue accent armchair look aesthetically clean design.
A simple mid-century modern living room with a blue accent armchair

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Add A Pop Of Yellow To Your Mid-century Modern Living Room

If you think that Mid-century modern design ideas are just earthy and muted colours, you are absolutely wrong. This design is all about striking the right balance without overdoing it, just like we see in this image here. Here the comfortable sofa set in yellow creates a beautiful contrast against a stylish wall cabinet in white. You can opt for wooden flooring to bring in the earthy organic vibe to the space. You can add some frames on the wall to amp up space and bring some geometric patterns into your living room.

White living room style in mid-century modern interior design with a pop of yellow sofa brings vibrant look.
Bring in some vibrant hue with some colourful furniture pieces

Living Room With The Muted Colour Wall For A Calm And Serene Vibe

This cosy corner in your living room has every element that justifies a classic mid-century modern design. The comfortable armchair with tapered legs, herringbone wooden flooring, and abundant source of natural lights. This living room is designed with simple furniture and is an uncluttered space. A perfect place to read your favourite book while sipping on some hot coffee or gazing at the setting sun with a glass of wine after a tiring day. You can also use some macrame wall hangings and potted plants to decorate the space. This is an excellent way of creating a snug corner in your small apartment, even if you don’t have a balcony.

Mid-century modern home interior for white living room with simple furniture and is an uncluttered space.
Muted colours and clean lines give a magical touch to your entire space
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Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Design

Mid-century modern design is versatile and can be lent to any space of your home. Here is an excellent example of how you can incorporate it into your modular kitchen setup. Wood and white is a match made in heaven. The white gives a clean look and illuminates the space beautifully while the wooden cabinets bring in a warm earthy tone and cut the monotony beautifully. If solid wood cabinets are difficult to maintain try using laminates or wood finish lacquered glass to mimic the look of real wood. Try marbled flooring and a white countertop to add a tranquil vibe to your kitchen. If you want to take it up a notch, go with a traditional wooden dining table and chairs with taper legs. This will lend an authentic vintage vibe to the space. You can also add a sputnik chandelier to complete the entire look.

Mid-century modern interior design idea for kitchen cum dining area with wooden cabinets brings warm earthy feel.
Bring in a mid-century design vibe to your modular kitchen and make it look stunning

A Functional And Beautiful Mid-century Modern Living Room With An Open Kitchen

Aesthetic beauty with functionality is what a true mid-century modern design is all about. The living room with an open kitchen is a perfect example of both the qualities needed to breathe life into this timeless design. The white sofa, white walls and a beautiful rug on the floor lends a sense of comfort to the living room. The black two tyre round centre table cuts the monotony of light colours beautifully while providing ample space to display your indoor plants and small decor items. The sliding door to the balcony brings a lot of natural light making your room look spacious and bright and is space-saving. The open kitchen, designed in the same style, has ample space to store and showcase your kitchen essentials. The breakfast counter also has drawers and cabinets for extra storage. The tall chairs add to the mid-century modern design aesthetics and give you a space to enjoy your meals with friends and family while cooking your meals or to enjoy your favourite show.

White living cum open kitchen area in mid-century modern interior style with minimal furniture looks clean and chic.
A functional and aesthetically beautiful living room with an open kitchen

A Splash Of Green To Accentuate Your Mid-century Modern Living Room

Mid-century modern interior design is for every taste and preference. But if you appreciate practicality, vintage, simplicity suits your taste, you will fall in love with this design. You can always play with colours to personalise your living room if your heart desires, like the one in this picture. The green accent wall, small potted plants, cushions and drapes bring in a fresh vibe to the space. You can also place your favourite musical instruments or a bunch of books as a decor element and turn your area into a living cum hobby room.

Living room in mid-century modern interior style with the green wall colour and potted plants brings in a fresh vibe.
A touch of green to elevate the look of your mid-century modern living room

How To Give Touch Of Mid-century Modern Design To Your Bathroom

Want to add a touch of this vintage design to your bathroom as well? Try adding some wood to your bathroom interiors. A vanity unit with a smart storage facility and some open shelves on top to store your towels and other toiletries will play the trick. Straight lines, uncluttered space and simplistic design are all you need. This design works well with small bathroom spaces as well.

A small white bathroom in a mid-century modern interior design characteristic with a wooden shelve lends a vintage look.
A mid-century modern design is perfect for petite bathrooms

We hope this will inspire you to experiment with mid-century interior designs for your home. If you want our designers to design your home, just book an appointment, and we will turn your home into a quintessential mid-century home interior. And for more such interior ideas, check our blog section.

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