9 Iconic Bed Decoration Ideas To Recharge In Style

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 23, 2024 | 7 mins read

Bed decoration enhances the room’s overall look

“To have a beautiful and comfortable bed is the most important luxury in life.”

Have you been planning to decorate your bed? Perhaps you are thinking of ideas to DIY your new bed with some Instagram-able decor ideas. Well, you have come to the right place! Your bed is where you spend most of your bedroom time. It’s where you rest and reboot. Thus, it is the most important part of your home, one that you don’t want to go wrong with! After all, you don’t want to sleep on an uncomfortable bed among a heap of unwanted decorations. Therefore, we are here to help you with your bed decoration to create a peaceful abode where you can recharge. From flower bed decorations to stunning bed headboard designs — you will love these incredible bed decor ideas from our interior experts.

Create A Rustic Vibe With This Bed Decoration Idea

If you like antique furniture and vintage interior setups, this might be for you! This bed decor idea has a rustic appeal to it. A poster bed with a clay-earthy wooden finish brings an organic ambience to this bedroom. A thick cushioned rustic-style mattress makes the bed comfortable and enhances the vintage look. You can add some mid-century drama to the bed with a satin white or grey canopy bed decoration. Place vintage lamps and nightstands on either side of the bed to complete the look. This type of bed decoration is perfect for small and cosy bedrooms. 

Create a rustic vibe with this bed decoration idea where canopy bed decoration creates vintage charm
A canopy bed decoration creates vintage charm

Fairy Lights Are Perfect For Above The Bed Wall Decor

Fairy lights and bed decorations go hand in hand! Fairy light decorations in the bedroom can be a romantic addition to cosy things up. Fairy lights make home interiors look dreamy and beautiful. You can DIY with the popular copper string lights with photograph decoration on the wall behind your bed or wrap the light strings on your bed headboard. We decorated this bedroom with a simple string of classic light bulbs above the wooden finish bed’s wooden headboard. We kept the bed decor subtle with a set of grey satin big pillows and white small pillows, white blanket with a grey throw over it. Keep the light fixtures dim and warm yellow to create a cosy ambience.

Bed wall decor with fairy lights above the bed headboard sets a charming mood
Fairy lights set a charming mood in the bedroom
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A Floor To Ceiling Headboard Defines Luxurious Comfort

Want some ultra-luxurious feels for your bedroom? This one is the perfect lavish bed decoration idea for your home! You will need a full cushion double bed for this look. The floor to ceiling padded headboard is a dramatic bed decoration that also brings extra comfort and luxury to the bedroom. Use deep colour combinations for the bed cushions to avoid monotony. Add a sleek pendant light instead of conventional nightstand lamps to maintain the bedroom’s luxurious appeal. This type of bed decor would work great if your room has less height. 

Bedroom bed decoration with a floor-to-ceiling headboard defines luxurious comfort
Make a statement with a floor to ceiling headboard

Flower Bed Decoration Looks The Best With A Vintage-Style Poster Bed

Want to go floral with your bed decoration? Try this unique bed decoration idea for your home. This classic bedroom decor idea displays a period-style poster bed with a canopy and a matching bedspread. The bouquets of flowers cinching the canopy to the bed posts bring the old-style ‘country bedroom decor’ alive. Making this bed decoration even more romantic are the fairy lights in the canopy. Add some vases of flowers on the side tables and cabinets in the bedroom to complete the flower bed decoration theme. 

Decorating a poster bed with flowers can bring a charming old-country feel
Flowers are a timeless romantic bed decoration

Go For A Classic Colour Combination For Your Bed Decoration

Try this one if you want to play with colour combinations for your bed decorations! This bedroom setup features a royal blue velvet headboard cushion, complementing a white bedspread with blue and white matching pillows. You can also go the other way around and choose a white headboard bed and match it with blue bedspreads and pillows. We have kept the blue colour scheme constant in the nightstands to match the bed decor. You can go with pendant lights or opt for side lamps.

Blue and white colour combination bed decoration offers classic look
Blue and white is a classic colour combination
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Make The Most Of CNC Designs For Above The Bed Wall Decor

CNC cutting designs are all the rage in home decorations! So, if you want some of those fancy CNC cutting designs in your bedroom, here’s an ideal look you can go for. This bedroom highlights a jaali decoration with warm lights over the bed. You can include the jaali decoration to pep up your bed setup or use the jaali design in the side lamps or other design elements. The bed’s dark wood finish continues to the attached headboard wall. The bed also has an extended headboard that evolves into an L-shaped shelf to display artefacts.

CNC cutting above the bed decor with warm lights
Pair lavish bed wall decor with pendant lights

White And Biophilia Bed Decor Ideas Are Great For Small Bedrooms

Wondering what to do when there’s not enough space in your bedroom? You can go for a compact bed with storage and a head shelf for this bed decor look. These will keep things organised, making your small bedroom look spacious. You can introduce some twists to the bed decoration with biophilic elements. We have used small planters on the headboard and nightstands. The natural green and subtle white turn the bedroom into a perfect haven, creating an intensely serene ambience. Use light colour bed dressings such as white and peach to match this subtle biophilic look.

White and biophilia bed decor ideas are great for small bedrooms
Decorate small bedrooms with natural elements

Keep Things Simple And Cosy With Subtle Bed Decor Ideas

Is romance on your mind but want to keep things subtle? Then this bed decor idea is for you! It needs minimal accessories. Just warm the room with a soft glow from lamps or pendant lights over the bed and add some indoor plants to keep the place refreshing. The bed has a light finish wood with a padded cushion headboard in white. We have decorated it with a light floral bedsheet with pastel-toned lightweight quills. We have also used long drapes behind the bed to highlight the cosiness of the ambience. 

Cosy with subtle bed decor ideas where Less is more
Less is more in this bed decor idea

Try Natural Materials Like Jute Or Bamboo For Your Bed Decor Ideas

Natural materials are the new concrete! They are human-friendly, organic and often created by local vendors — hence you can contribute to the local economy. This bed decor idea uses natural materials as the highlight of the interiors. We have used a bed with a light wooden headboard that adds an organic feel to the bedroom. The bed’s lightwood finish blends well with the white and off-white bedspreads and white and grey pillow sets. You can also go for jute and bamboo items to enhance the room’s natural look. This type of bedroom decor will help you stay calm and connected to nature.

Try natural materials like jute or bamboo for your bed decor ideas lend a calm vibe to the space
Natural materials lend a calm vibe to the space

There you are — unique and simple bed decor ideas for your home. A helpful tip is to not overdo things. You don’t want your bedroom to get crowded with decorations. Just decide on a look or a theme and gradually decorate the room with the essential items. If you want to know more about home decor ideas, write to us and share your home interior dilemmas. We’re here for you!

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