Corner Bathroom Cabinet With Mirror — How To Get Storage In A Small Space

by Noopur Lidbide | January 23, 2024 | 4 mins read

Corner bathroom cabinet ideas for your bathroom

Bathroom storage can be tricky to get right, but it isn’t impossible

With small bathrooms comes the added responsibility of making sure that they deliver what the space demands. Most of the time, proper storage for your bathroom essentials is a concern with limited spaces and bathrooms that aren’t functionally designed. There’s always a way around it, though.

Two things in any bathroom, big or small, are a cabinet (or any kind of storage) and a mirror. These are better known together as vanity. With bathrooms that are oddly shaped or have limited space, or even for ones with ample space that is going to waste, you make good use of the available space and turn it into a corner bathroom cabinet with mirror for storage. Here are six simple designs to help you achieve that.

Tall Corner Bathroom Cabinet With An Adjacent Mirror

A small bathroom with a bathtub to boot is a complicated space to arrange storage in. This tall corner cabinet is designed to perfectly fit into the niche, right next to the large mirror above the wash basin. All your daily bathroom essentials, plus some extra bath linen, can easily fit into this compact tall cabinet.

Corner bathroom cabinet with large mirror
Difficult bathrooms need different storage solutions
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Corner Wash Basin With Cabinet For The Bathroom

Tricky bathroom corners are manageable with floating cabinets. This small bathroom already has a shower room to take up plenty of space. But you can still make most of the small leftover corner. A floating shelf is a nice, fuss-free way to include storage in a small bathroom. The mirror above the sink also has small shelves next to it for extra storage. The design also leaves you with enough space to have a wall-mounted hair dryer.

Bathroom corner cabinet in India with a wash basin
Didn’t think that you could fit a shower room and a cabinet in a small bathroom? Well, you can!

Compact Corner Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

A corner wash basin may not allow for proper storage underneath. You can install an overhead cabinet with mirrors on the cabinet doors. With installing cabinets in such close quarters, you must ensure that the cabinet shutters have ample free space to open and that they do not get in the way of the functionality of the bathroom space.

Bathroom corner wall cabinet with mirror doors
A corner mirror cabinet serves two essential purposes

Angled Bathroom Cabinet With Mirror And Glass Shelves

This is a good example of how a small bathroom space can have all the essential elements and manage to look stylish on top of that. The sleek white cabinet, perfectly fitted into the corner, provides for the necessary storage in the space. The mirror above the sink is also fitted on both sides of the angle to make room for additional display shelves. The bathroom manages to look elegant without seeming stuffy.

Angled corner bathroom cabinet with mirror and glass shelves
Corner bathroom cabinets can be sleek and stylish too

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Under-The-Sink Storage And Over-The-Sink Display

Not the most compact of spaces, this bathroom nevertheless makes good use of the available corner to get most essentials in space. The minimal under-the-sink cabinet hides the plumbing and provides for some storage, while the overhead shelves are great for displaying daily essentials. The right lighting also plays an important part in ensuring that this corner looks presentable.

Small corner bathroom cabinet storage under the sink and overhead shelves for displaying daily essentials
This bathroom makes perfect use of the available corner space
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You Don’t Have To Compromise On The Design With A Corner Bathroom Cabinet

We love this petite white corner cabinet under the wash basin for bathroom storage. The all-white design of the bathroom helps make the space look spacious and bright, and the overhead mirror helps create an illusion of even more space. Your toiletries can easily fit into this small cabinet to help keep your bathroom clutter-free and beautiful at all times.

White corner bathroom cabinet with mirror is wall-mounted for clutter-free look
This corner cabinet is in sync with the all-white design of the bathroom

The beauty and importance of a corner bathroom cabinet are that it is customised to fit into difficult corners and still serve the purpose of storage efficiently. Your bathroom needs to be clean and clutter-free at all times to ensure hygiene as well as an overall pleasant experience for a space that you use on a day-to-day basis.

You can pick between standing cabinets, wall-mounted cabinets, floating cabinets and shelves to get a custom-fit corner bathroom cabinet design for your home. Floating or wall-mounted options are usually a better solution for places with space constraints, as they keep the floor space clear and free of clutter. You can get in touch with the DesignCafe team to get custom design solutions that balance aesthetics and functionality for your homes.

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