Minimalistic Apartment Designs For Your Home

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 23, 2024 | 7 mins read

Minimalist Apartment Interior Designs By Design Cafe

Minimalist apartment designs that celebrate subtle, functional and simple interiors.

Minimalistic apartments are subtle, serene and everything neat and clutter-free. These homes mainly utilise the essence of simple living with a twist of modern, minimal furnishings. Though minimalist interior designs have been around since the early 20th century, they have become more prevalent in Indian home interiors in the last couple of years. This is why minimalistic apartment designs are becoming one of the most sought-after design themes for millennial homes. The style is more prominent now than ever, as people gravitate towards simple designs and clean lines.

Before we go into the details of some of our most-loved minimalistic apartment designs, here are some tips that can totally help you come up with your minimalist haven:

  • Choose your home’s colour palette suitably — go for neutral colours like white, ivory, cream, light grey, etc. 
  • Get only the most essential furniture pieces and do away with the unnecessary ones. 
  • Give importance to furniture fabric; go for subtle ones. However, you can select vibrant prints and bright colours for accent elements. 
  • Go for simple ceiling options with an emphasis on elegant lighting. Avoid bulky chandeliers and false ceiling designs. 
  • If you want to invest in wall art, select minimal and plain art pieces that go with the subtle flow of your interiors. 
  • You can tweak your minimalistic apartment design with small and light indoor plants.

Design Cafe has recently completed some attractive minimalistic apartment designs that follow the sensibilities of Indian urban designs with innovative modern facilities. So, today we bring you glimpses of some of Design Cafe’s favourite minimalistic apartments that come with simplistic designs with a touch of Indian traditional essences.

South Indian Minimalistic Apartment Design In Mumbai

This 2BHK minimal apartment home is an abode for a family of four who wanted their home to be simple, spacious and yet stunning. The family wanted a place that displayed their love for elegant interiors, emphasising the modern-Indian lifestyle. The apartment design follows a traditional minimalistic approach: neutral colour palette, clean design lines, and fine furnishings.

The open living room imbues a simple South Indian design that displays much dark wood furniture with modern aesthetics. As you can see, the minimalistic apartment living room has a simple wooden sofa with a rectangular wooden coffee table placed opposite a sleek wall-mounted TV unit with open shelves.

South indian minimalistic apartment 2bhk living room design in mumbai
The room beautifully complies with the rules of ‘less is more’ with subtle twists of modern and functional furniture pieces
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The living room is adjoined by an open dining area that also reveals the house’s simple interior set-up. The dining table is a traditional Indian wooden dining piece. To save more space, we have used a folding dining table instead of a regular one so that when not in use, the table can just take the minimum space.

South indian apartment interior design for dining room in mumbai
The dining area is marked with a simple pooja unit that adds a traditional touch to the place

The 2BHK minimalistic apartment has a lively minimalist bedroom design that plays with a classy beige colour palette. The room shows clean design lines and fuss-free furniture arrangements. The bed here is a king-sized wooden bed with a simple wooden headboard with no opulent designs. The bedroom has a wall-mounted closed shelf unit that saves space and utilises the interior set-up’s minimal design line.

2BHK minimalistic apartment bedroom design done design cafe by mumbai interior designers
The bedroom design uses chocolate brown curtains and a floral bed sheet to keep things a bit more warm and vibrant

A Contemporary Minimalistic Apartment In Goregaon

Here’s another minimalistic apartment design that portrays the bare essential treatment of modern minimalism. The apartment’s soothing and serene colour schemes don the most appropriate minimalist vibe to the place. The house’s interior set-up features many functional and cutting-edge furnishings with a balance of millennial aesthetics.

The minimal apartment living room flaunts a beautiful interplay of white and accent blue colours that brings a contemporary feel to the place. However, the wall trims in the living room add a classic ambience to the home — creating a balance between modernism and timelessness. Following the essence of minimalistic interiors, the living room has the bare essential furniture articles — a fabric sectional sofa with a chaise end in a royal blue fabric, complemented with an off-white upholstered armchair and a pair of sleek wooden top coffee tables.

Contemporary minimalistic apartment living room design in goregaon
The living room’s TV unit is a plain and elegant set-up that highlights the clean design lines
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The master bedroom is an example of the most subtle bedroom set-ups ever! The room’s soothing white colour scheme instantly adds a calming vibe to the place, making it ideal for resting. Like any minimalistic apartment design, the bedroom uses nominal furnishings to keep the room neat and airy. The bedroom also uses the popular grey and dark grey minimalist colour options to add dimension to the white palette of the room.

Master bedroom design for contemporary minimalistic apartment in goregaon
The wall trims on the bedroom walls create a seamless design theme across the house

The kitchen in this contemporary minimalistic apartment has an ergonomic style that keeps things essential but purposeful. The parallel-shaped kitchen has gorgeous colourful tiles with LED-lit backsplash that add vibrancy to the place. The lower cabinets have a light-wood finish and a handleless design that keeps things simple and uncluttered.

Parallel shaped kitchen designed by design cafe in contemporary minimalistic apartment
The overhead cabinets also have seamless design aesthetics that further accentuates the minimalism

A Modern Indian Minimalistic Apartment Design

Our last Design Cafe minimal home design brings another rendition of modern Indian minimalistic apartment design that reveals how minimalism can also be super stylish. The home uses neutral colour schemes of grey, white and cream to create subdued but comfortable home interiors. The house exhibits the use of limited but modern furnishings with a touch of elegant aesthetics.

The living room here is a spacious, elegant interior set-up that focuses on sleek and sexy designs. The open sitting area has a fabric sectional sofa that plays an accent colour factor in the room. The area also has a smart wall-mounted TV unit that takes the least possible space — keeping things clutter-free and organised.

Modern indian minimalistic apartment living room design by design cafe designers
The centre table in a rose gold design adds a hint of bling to the otherwise subtle set-up

Next to the house’s kitchen, the dining area is one of the most prominent features. Though minimal, the dining area imbues a vibrant and warm ambience with the correct use of furniture and accent wall design. The site has a sleek, dark walnut wood dining set-up that adds a traditional Indian touch to the place. The dining table matches the pooja unit design, creating a seamless design uniformity across the room. Next to the table, an innovative crockery unit is placed against a grey feature accent wall.

Dining area design for modern indian minimalistic apartment
The dining area design reminds us that minimalistic design doesn’t have to be plain and boring
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The minimalist kitchen follows a standard L-shaped layout with a minimal white colour scheme. The frosted glass front overhead cabinets and the handleless lower cabinets add an uncluttered design theme to the place.

Minimalist kitchen designed for modern indian homes
The kitchen’s white laminated cabinetry creates a seamless, minimalist theme that makes the cooking haven purposeful and efficient

Some Designer-Approved Tips For Minimalistic Apartment Designs

  1. Go for stunning light fixtures to keep the place clutter-free and minimal but interesting.
  2. Utilise accent colours to add dimensions to your minimalistic apartment and to kill the monotony.
  3. Going with strict minimalist interior themes may create cold and dull spaces; hence, add fabrics and proper lighting to add warmth to the place.
  4. Minimalism doesn’t mean spending less; you can design a luxurious minimalistic apartment with unique design elements like pendant lights, sleek furniture articles, etc. 
  5. Don’t shy away from integrating natural elements in your minimalistic apartment designs. Go for indoor plants to bring in an organic vibe.

As you can see, minimalistic apartment designs are impressionistic but straightforward. And the design theme requires a lot of attention to details with a balance of the right kind of furniture and design aesthetics. So, go on, build your stunning yet straightforward haven. In case you need some help from our design experts, feel free to reach out to us.

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