Plush And Peppy: DIY Room Decor For Girls

by Mohita Adhvaryu | January 14, 2024 | 5 mins read

Beautiful DIY room decor for girls

No splurging needed for your girl’s room now

Be it for teen girls or the li’l ones, a bedroom is like their safe, dreamy space. It not only provides them comfort but also kindles their creativity, sense of the world and inspires them to grow up into women who are ready to break the glass ceilings. That’s why it is rather important to give some thought to the design of your girl’s room. After all, they do need some space to call their own and the more personalised it is, the better. Don’t you agree?

However, homeowners often feel that a girls’ room can dent their budget as it requires plush decor. What if the otherwise is possible? All thanks to trendy DIY decor ideas for girls’ rooms, you can design a mesmerising space for your daughters, nieces or even yourself without any stress or budget complications.

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What Are DIY Girl Room Decor Ideas?

This decor is quintessentially about doing it yourself. From fabrics to papers and various materials can be used to create decor and knickknacks that uplift the vibe of your room.

When it comes to DIY room decor for girls, you have various options to pick from! Opt for paper, fabric, embroidery or recycle the old knick knacks — the list is just endless. By choosing the right palette and textures for all of these materials, you can create an amazing DIY girls room in no time.

Curious about how to go about it? Let’s get you started with these ideas!

Photo Wall DIY Room Decor For Girls

Girls have a golden heart and their love for their BFFs and family knows no bounds. Celebrate this by stringing Polaroids of all those much-cherished moments and memories on walls or your girls’ room corner. You can also paint up a wardrobe and then stick up all the Polaroids to give a rather vivid focal point to your girls’ room! What do you think?

DIY room decor ideas for teenage girls with stringing polaroids wall and painting.
Photos and paint go really well for all types of girls’ room decor

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Cosy Tent DIY Room Decor For Girls

Pastel and cosy tent is a dream decor to have in every girls’ room. This DIY girls’ room decor idea is easily pulled off! You can stitch up your old fabrics for them or get a few customised ones and get them done.

DIY girl room decor idea with pastel and a cosy tent made from old fabrics is the best DIY girl room.
Tents not only look pretty but also inspire a young artist. Get them for the girls’ room

Wall Block DIY Room Decor For Girls

Whether your mood is on for Monday or you wish to wake up to happiness, to set up a beautiful reminder for them, you can put up beautiful DIY signage on your girls’ room wall. Use cardboard, extra wood chunks, cut them out in letters or any other shape you want, paint them all pastels and let them pep up your room. It is one of the best cheap ways to decorate a teenage girl’s bedroom as well.

Pink girly DIY room decor with block signages hang around the window lends a beautiful look.
Love neon signs? You will love DIY block signages for your girls’ room even more!
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Paintings DIY Room Decor For Girls

There’s a Frida Kahlo budding up in every young girl. You can nurture her spirit by giving wings to your or your girl’s imagination. Paint without any worries of the world, go modern, go abstract, go surreal, go contemporary and let it showcase your artistic expression. You can frame all of those art pieces then and transform your girls’ room into an art gallery.

White girl bedroom decorated with art pieces hung on the wall is a sleek DIY room decor for teen girls.
Showcase your artsy side by putting up all those paintings in the girls’ room

Paper Lights And Hanging DIY Room Decor For Girls

Go eco-friendly and sustainable, say bye to those plastic fairy lights. Instead, you can go ahead and still create amazing, warm lights with paper and proudly line them up on your bed or by the curtains. Paper lights are not difficult to create — take our word for it. Call your girl gang to help you out with all of them and you will cherish this DIY girls decor for years to come — we bet.

DIY girls room decorated with paper fairy lights hung around the bed creates warmth to the area.
Gone are the days of plastic fairy lights. Go all DIY with paper lights for your girls’ room!

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Fabric Art DIY Room Decor For Girls

Not so much of an embroidery fan? No worries. There’s still a lot that can be done with fabric. Check out Pinterest or take a lead from your grandma and stitch up cushions, fabric kites or flowers for the walls as part of your DIY room decor for teens. You can string them up as it is or also combine them with more paper accessories to complete the overall look. Choose colours like pinks or whites for this DIY girls’ room decor idea.

DIY room decor for teenage girls with fabric kites hanging on the wall looks soothing and artsy.
The good old fabric art makes a girls’ room all the more soothing and artsy

Paper Art DIY Room Decor For Girls

Remember the good ol’ paper pinwheels that everyone loved breezing through the wind? Take an origami route then and let your imagination flow for creating one-of-its-kind designs of birds, patterns, childhood nostalgia and place them by the wall. This idea is just apt for girly DIY room decor and it will never let you down. You can also create cool decals for your wall by checking out YouTube videos or buying their kits from a stationery store. Designs like that of trees and flowers will also look good when it comes to wallpaper art. Try them soon for your girls’ room?

Girl bedroom decorated with decal and paper flowers made from origami on a wall is the best room decor idea for girls DIY.
Make the most of decals and origami as paper decor for your girls’ room

Well, well, with so many gorgeous DIY room decor ideas for teenage girls all set to inspire you, tell us which ones are you excited to try out for your girl cave?

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